Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 5.

29 Jan

Finished not long after midnight having written 1183 words.

It was an idea from the 26th that I’d scribbled down to avoid forgetting it. I think it worked fairly well and conveyed everything I wanted it too.

Zero desire to write today but I’m going to try to knock out a few paragraphs on “Survival” to get it a bit closer to completion. It was good to see the prepper tag attracted some attention to the blog, I’d also like to thank the people who responded to yesterdays post on depression as well.

I think the only way to cope is to try to keep living, focus on something you love.

I’ve got my writing and my goal to complete The Bradbury Challenge at least once.

I think we forget the benefits of such simple things, like a good hot meal when hungry, a nice cold drink when thirsty, a refreshing hot shower.
Even some soothing or ambient music to distract the mind from the jumble of daily life. All things that can lift you both physically AND mentally. Douglas Adams used to swear by the hot bath to relieve his writing-related anxiety.

The one thing I’ve noticed amongst people who have depression is we all appear to be high functioning creative types.
Any way, I’ve achieved my goal for today (and this week). Hopefully I can get a bit more writing done later.
I think lunch beckons first. Then a hot shower, once there’s some more hot water. ;-P

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