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New story now online!

28 May

Those lovely folks @ 365tomorrows have got me featured on their front page today!

What’s occuring?

25 May

With the amount of stuff currently finished there is no real need or impetus to write at the moment. I’m on hiatus until Wednesday then I will read “All The World – In Wax!” with a view to polish & proof.
I currently think the end needs improving.
We’ll see once I’ve read the whole thing as it stands.
Fairly sure what I want to do as a cover. Hopefully I can resolve it to the point of release for next month.

I must resist the urge to finish one of the “partials” sitting near the computer.

Here’s what is currently finished.

All The World In Wax,
Dinner With Grandma,
Echo Beach,
Something Borrowed Something Blew,
The Bomb,
The Ground Beneath My Feet,
The Last Day With My Friends (In the marble orchard),
The Realisation,
Visiting Hours and
Who Are The Victors.

Also finished are Welcome To Freedom and Miner. I have no idea what to do with them.
“Alan Rickman will NOT die” technically IS finished but needs work. I’m not happy with it.

10 titles finished, 1 needs proofing. The other 9 are ready to go.

I am looking at trying to finish some of my partials.
Everything will happen after Wednesday.

Unless an idea happens before that.


More finishing things!

23 May

I was doing some housekeeping on my notepads last night and found a couple of what I call “partials” or “incompletes” so I thought I’d have a go at writing one up today.

That was “The Bomb”, it had a start and a definate end but no middle which I managed to write today so the whole thing is done and dusted.  It was a quirky little thing which when I explained it to my mum made her laugh so I think people will like it when I decide what to do with it.

Currently it feels like it might go to one of the online sites.

The other possibility is as one of my monthly free ebook releases.
I guess we’ll see when the time comes.

If possible (if I can sort out the ending to my satisfaction) then next months free release will be my Ray Bradbury/Stephen King inspired story called “All The World – In Wax!”

I also finished reading The Terminal Man by Michael Crichton, quite a good book for its age!

Where do ideas come from & Finishing things.

22 May

When I do authors notes on a story (which for me is most of the time) I like to say where a story came from or what inspired it.  Ideas can literally come from anywhere.

EXAMPLE:- I’m on the bus, going to the Hospital and we go past an Asda.  I see a sign above it.
Or rather I don’t.  I mis-see it.  I only initially see what I later discover is 2/3’s of a whole sign.

It’s that quirky I think “That’s a story title right there.”


Completed All The World – In Wax! but it’ll need a look over to fix the end which I currently hate.
Also completed a few other pieces which are polished and proofed & all ready to be released.

New story available online!

15 May

Someone just made the front page of Linguistic Erosion ;-P

In memory of (and another give away offer)

11 May

Sadly special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen has passed away.

Another man whose name I am very proud to share.

He gave us many great films with his stop motion monsters.

Rest In Peace sir.


The title “World War None”

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t come up with an idea from it even though it seems like a killer title.

As before, if you decide to use it please let me know via here so I know someone had given it life.

Another freebie released

7 May
Smashwords — First One There Dies — A book by Ray Daley.

As promised due to the shortness of last weeks free release, here is my second freebie of the month. Enjoy!

Also available here:-

First One There Dies – Ray Daley | Feedbooks.

Never Apart Until Then. (A Flash Fiction short by Raymond Daley)

3 May

Never Apart Until Then. (A Flash Fiction short by Raymond Daley) (c) 18/10/12

We had run together but it hadn’t been fast enough. The last couple left.
And then the ray hit her. And she fell to the ground, her fingers wrenched from mine.

As she faded out of existence I was desperate to hang on to every last moment, hoping it wasn’t in fact the last moment.

As she started to fade I realised she was trying to say something I couldn’t quite hear or understand.

I spent the eternal agony of our final seconds together trying to comprehend.

And then she was gone.


And I had a true moment of clarity. I knew what she’d whispered.

“It’s okay,” she’d said. “You don’t exist.”


I’m giving it away!

2 May

Free! One idea, for a story.

I had the title “New York New Year” which in my head was about Americans being confused about early Chinese immigrants celebrating the New year at the “wrong time”, ie:- Chinese New Year.

If anyone fancies using the idea or title feel free, but let me know you have?

First release of the month

1 May

The first of this months free ebook releases “Moments In A Crowd”, there will be another next week as this one is so short.