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Yay! New story finished!

31 May

1959 words from part of a line I didn’t hear Matt Smith say the end of.

Whatever he said, it almost certainly was not “Tomorrow, There Will Be A Bear”.
Because that’s the title. 1959 words, a decent ending, 2 Shakespeare quotes.

It’s absolutely KILLER. I love it.
Considering all I had were the words “Tomorrow there will be…”, I’m majorly impressed that I created that out of it.

Really like it, really proud.
That one will stand the test of time.

I don’t even know which episode of Doctor Who that was.
It was a Clara one, they came out of the TARDIS, it was on the Thames Embankment.
Clara was collecting money in the fez and the Doctor said “Tomorrow there will be…”

If anyone knows the name of the episode and what else he said, can they let me know?
(A quick Google says it was “The Bells of Saint John”. All I need to know now is what he actually said?)


Having found the episode, The Doctor says Doctor said “Tomorrow, an camel“.
So I totally misheard the line.

It made for an excellent story source though.

One story, as promised!

30 May

The Next Best Thing
By Ray Daley

The ship bristled with weapons covering almost every inch of the exterior. When it entered our atmosphere they certainly weren’t coming to have a picnic.

We watched them, patiently waiting to see what they wanted.

Then came the message. “Send us Duran Duran.” Just that. Nothing else.

Apparently they were 80’s New Wave music fans.

So we got in touch with the members of Duran Duran.

The call went out to Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor, John Taylor and Andy Taylor. Did the aliens want them all, or just one, or just a few?

We sent a message back to the aliens. “We’re trying to find Duran Duran now. How did you learn of them?”

They had picked up our television transmissions. It turned out they didn’t actually want the group at all. They’d seen and misheard the movie Barbarella and assumed that Duran Duran lived on Earth.

As our greatest scientist he was the best person for them to kidnap. We wondered if we could give them one of Duran Duran and perhaps get away with the deception without having to explain he didn’t really exist and they’d just been watching a movie.

We asked Simon Le Bon to go with them. His answer was “Fuck off”. He seemed like such a nice man too!

Nick Rhodes asked if there was any eye shadow in it. When we said no he told us to get stuffed.

We actually offered them Roger Taylor. He was annoyed because they thought ‘Isn’t he’s in Queen?’

The aliens were aware of the two other band members but not who they were so they didn’t really want them.

So we decided to ask if they wanted to have the next best thing after Duran Duran. We offered them David Sylvian. The aliens were totally overjoyed and took him right away before we changed our minds.

Luckily we didn’t have to go with our back-up plan and offer them Gary Numan.

Which was a shame, he was really looking forward to meeting aliens.


More writing?

29 May

Just finished a short I thought up whilst watching this weeks Dual Survival.
729 words, not a great ending. Not a great story either but it was a decent enough idea executed as well as I could manage.

I wasn’t expecting to be able to write anything today with the men outside repairing our front porch, so banging loudly right by my window. Super distracting.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 22.

28 May

Just literally finished doing this weeks story after almost 3 hours of writing.

Managed 3660 words, and I was even fairly happy with the ending too!

Not bad considering the idea it came from was only about 7 or 8 lines long.
Quite happy. Now I’ve got the rest of the week to do nothing.

I’m probably going to write up the Duran Duran idea though as it’s garnered a bit of interest on twitter.
I’m having a break for at least 2 hours, then we’ll see about more writing. Or not.

This Note (flashfic)

27 May

This Note, A Flash Fiction story by Ray Daley.

This note you now read was written by my own hand.
Three days after I cut it off.

By the time you read this I will be dead, by my own hand.
It is in a box.

Do not open the box that comes with this note.
Destroy it now, I beg of you.

Save yourself, save the world. Before it’s too late.


New story written!

24 May

Considering all I had was a title and a tiny outline of an idea with no middle or end, that wrote fairly easily. 1750 words, not a great ending but it can be worked on in the future at some point.

Good to have written something & finished too.
I came up with the ending on the fly, I literally pulled it out of nowhere.

It’s week 21. That was story #52.
I could stop now. If I wanted to.
But that’d defeat the point of the challenge.
It wasn’t to write 52 stories.
It was to write at least 1 a week for 52 weeks.
There’s more than half a year left yet.

I have no idea how many there will be by the last week of December.

Origins of Magic Words

22 May

After seeing a friend post about Abracadabra on Facebook, I looked into other magic words.

Apparently most “Magic” words have their origin in Religion.

Abracadbra in Hebrew may refer to the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit.
“Open, Sesame”. Sesame in Hebrew means open in the “name of heaven“.
“Hocus Pocus” is corrupted from the latin for “This Is My Body“.

The exception to the rule is “Presto” which is Italian for quickly.

And now you know. I love Wikipedia, me.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 21.

21 May

This weeks Bradbury Challenge story just finished, 2441 words.

Ending was a bit weak but hopefully I can work on that later.
It was an easy enough idea to write. At least it’s finished and I am done for another week.

I’ve got 2 more I typed up to do, I’ll get to them when ever.

Yay! Writing!

16 May

Just hammered out 2056 words in a little over an hour, despite feeling very tired and hungry.

Quite pleased as it was a fragment of an idea that just seemed to develop itself as I was in the toilet.
I get a lot of story ideas in the toilet. You’re there alone, it’s quiet.

It’s quite condusive to getting an idea or 56.

I always joke I should write an anthology called “Tales From The Neccesarrium”.

Anyway, I’m going to eat my dinner. Maybe have a snooze after that.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 20.

13 May

This weeks story has just been finished.
It was 1039 words, from a reddit prompt.

It might get a little longer with revision but not by much.
It was pretty easy to write, took about 50 minutes.

I’ve now got 49 stories in the Bradbury folder.
And it’s only the start of week 20.