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And that’s about it for this month!

29 Nov

Patient Review

My last free Doctor Who ebook for this month!
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Please be aware, next months (December) release will NOT be on the 1st of the month.
It will probably go out on the 6th.
There will be only ONE release next month.
This month was special, being the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary AND Armistice Day.

I will almost certainly NOT be doing this kind of weekly release again.


Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor Who!

24 Nov

This weeks FREE ebook to celebrate the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!
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“Should I write it down?”

16 Nov

An important question that all writers will eventually ask themselves.

The most important thing about the answer to this question is the context it is being asked in.

Why are you writing something down?

Is it because you aren’t sure if you’ll remember it later? YES, write it down!
Is it because you aren’t sure if it’s a good idea? Yes, write it down. It might be useful in the future.
Is it because you think it’ll develop as you write it? Yes, write it down. It might develop, eventually.

There is another important thing to remember apart from “Should I write it down?“.
Can I get it written down before I forget it all?” – Super important question.

Because if you can’t handwrite it down fast enough then just write out a rough framework that highlights the most important points in the idea.

Your single worst regret as a writer will be “I wish I’d written that down.”
You MIGHT remember it later, or in the morning. Chances are, you won’t.


This weeks new release now available!

15 Nov (url may not work, feedbooks currently having server issues again. Use Smashwords if it doesn’t)
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A Flash Fiction Update

13 Nov

Finally got word back from 365 Tomorrows, turns out they’d emailed me but I hadn’t received it.

“Miner” was rejected on 11th Oct (submitted on 1st Oct), never mind. I can only assume it was due to the content.
It was pretty much an experiment to write in a completely different way.

I’ve put it back into the flash folder for now, if I can’t improve it or find anywhere else to send it then I’ll probably post it here as a freebie for the blog & twitter followers.

I started on something last night too, an idea I had whilst proofing a book.

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it.

Thought for today, and pretty much every other day too

12 Nov
It’s November 12th.

Just because Rememberance & Veterans Day is over for another year, it doesn’t mean you have to forget veterans altogether. With bigger cuts each year, the ranks of veterans will grow.

You might have given your yesterday but we gave every day.

Remember a #veteran

The Hunger Games For Dogs, an adaptation by Ray Daley

11 Nov

The Hunger Games For Dogs, an adaptation by Ray Daley. (modified version)

Woof, woof, bark, bark, sniff, sniff, wag, wag, grrr, grrr, Katniss wins.

The End.

(Wed, 26 Dec 2012)

A Poem for Rememberance Day

11 Nov

The Price (c) Ray Daley 24/5/12

It cost the life of everyone who fought for what was right,
It took the band of brothers standing forth both day and night.

It cost the time to answer all our orders simply “Yes”.
Your freedom’s worth our sacrifices, that and nothing less.

Next time you question freedom and you wonder what it’s for,
We won it with our actions, our lives and nothing more.

The Veterans Dream by Ray Daley

10 Nov
When we sleep, we walk with our comrades in arms again,
The years do not fall heavy on them, like they have on us,
When they smile, it shines like the brightest star,
Until it guides us to them, reuniting us for one last parade.

Stand at ease, stand easy my friends.

This weeks free ebook (easier than last weeks!)

8 Nov

This weeks #free #ebook is written to remember Armistice Day, remember our troops! If you like it, tweet me @RayDaleyWriter