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Productivity is ……….

11 Jul

telling two people you are halfway through a book (which I was) that you expect will take at least 3 days to finish before you can start beta-reading their books.

And then not only finishing that book (The Man In The High Castle by Phillip K. Dick which was terrible and had an awful ending) but also then reading both of their books (that’s over 80k words), proofing them and returning comments.

And still having time to watch a classic first season B&W Twilight Zone episode.

(Which was “To Serve Mankind”, very enjoyable)


Keeping busy and psychiatry

25 Feb

Submitted “The Mason Procedure” to Clarkesworld, should hear from them within the next 2 days.

Total finished “The Ground Beneath My Feet” including proofing. Got a beta reader ready for it.
Also wrote another micro flash piece which I was inspired towards during the proofing process.

I’ve noticed that the endings of my stories reflect my mood at the time of writing.
Upbeat endings reflect better moods.
Sombre endings reflect darker moods.