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SFWA Short Story Market List 2022

29 Nov

Over the last 3 years I’ve compiled this list. It’s to help writers see which markets people were getting published in as they submitted their work for award consideration. This list was compiled on November 29th 2022. This is the link to last years list, which also has a link to the 1st year too:-

Here are the markets, I’ve tried to put them into alphabetical order. Several markets were referred to in different ways, hopefully all these are unique entries.

Abyss & Apex
Amazon kdp
Analog Magazine
Anathema Magazine
Apex Magazine
Apparition Lit
Arc Manor
Arsenal Pulp Press
Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine
Atthis Arts
Baffling Magazine
Black Cat Weekly Magazine (Wildside Press)
Black Ink
Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Blue Ridge Community and Technical College
British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) and HWS Press
Cast of Wonders
Cats Cast
Chris Kennedy Books
Clarkesworld Magazine
Cemetery Gates Media
Conjuring Worlds
Cossmass Infinities
Daily Science Fiction
Diabolical Plots
Escape Pod
Ember Journal
Essential Dreams Press
Etherea Magazine
ExPat Press
Factor Four Magazine
Fantasy Magazine
Fireside Fiction
FIYAH Literary Magazine
Fractured Lit
Fusion Fragment
HarperCollins Publishers
If There’s Anyone Left
khōréō magazine
Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast
Lightspeed Magazine
Luna Station Quarterly
Martian Magazine
Medusa Tales
Meerkat Press
Moss Puppy Mag
Nature Futures
Nightmare Magazine
Omenana Magazine
Passages North
Raw Dog Screaming Press
Seize the Press Magazine
Solarpunk Magazine
Something Scary Podcast
Space Fantasy Magazine
Speculatively Queer
Storyteller Series Podcast
Strange Horizons
Tales from the Moonlit Path
The Arcanist
The Dark
The Deadlands
The Dread Machine
The Future Fire
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF)
The Missouri Review
The Sunday Morning Transport
Translunar Travelers Lounge
Tree and Stone
Twelfth Planet Press
Uncanny Magazine
Underland Arcana
Utopia Science Fiction
Weird Horror Magazine
WordFire Press


January 2023 Submission Challenge

24 Nov

The rules are simple. Submit at least 1 story to a paying market during the month of January. If you wish to sub to more than 1, that is your choice. These are my selected markets, they should all be open, they are all paying. If you wish, you can sub a story every day. That’s my challenge, if you want to try it as well, feel free. This is a mixture of SF/Fantasy & Horror markets because I cover all those genres.

It’s been a lot harder compiling the list this time as so many markets have either shut completely or changed their sub schedules. I haven’t listed Daily Science because I can’t confirm if they are open or not. If you submit to one of the markets listed below, READ THE GUIDELINES! I will perform another check mid December to ensure all these places ARE still going to be open.

If you take part, do try to blog about it because I love hearing everyone’s experience trying the challenge. Pretty much everyone who ever took part has sold a story but I can’t guarentee success. Write good pieces, fit the right story to the right market & submit. I’ve made a pro sale (which counted towards becoming a Full SFWA Member) from this challenge so it does work.

The whole point of the challenge is to get you used to submitting, matching stories to markets & frequently having to do that with no warning that it’s not the market you expected. If you have questions, or want to take part you can get in touch with @RayDaleyWriter on Twitter or scream into the void because I don’t check Facebook as often these days.


01 – Fantasy Magazine (short & long form) OR The Fairy Tale Magazine
02 – Clarkesworld OR Cosmic Root & Eldritch Shores
03 – Flash Fiction Online OR Cosmic Horror Monthly
04 – F&SF OR Hexagon Magazine
05 – Interzone OR Planet Scumm
06 – Amazing Stories OR Tales from the Moonlit Path [Bloody Valentine theme]
07 – Analog OR Wyngraf
08 – Electric Spec
09 – Beneath Ceaseless Skies OR Sci Phi Journal
10 – Dose Of Dread OR Fusion Fragment
11 – Radon Journal
12 – Bourbon Penn
13 – Apex Magazine
14 – 34 Orchard
15 – The Dread Machine
16 – Horror Library (Dark Moon)
17 – Factor Four Magazine OR Dark Void Magazine
18 – Escape Pod
19 – The Future Fire
20 – Brilliant Flash Fiction
21 – Asimov’s
22 – James Gunn’s Ad Astra OR The Other Stories
23 – Strange Horizons (before 4pm GMT)
24 – Penumbric OR Metaphorosis
25 – Bards & Sages Quarterly OR The Arcanist
26 – Nature: Futures OR Not One Of Us
27 – Mythaxis
28 – Three-Lobed Burning Eye
29 – Dream Of Shadows OR Newmyths
30 – Anotherealm OR The Mesozoic Reader
31 – Dark Recesses


Aphotic Realm
Apparition Lit
Chrome Baby
Compelling Science Fiction
Flash Point SF
Infinite Worlds
Mithila Review
The Colored Lens
The Dark Magazine
The Lorelei Signal
The Periodical, Forlorn
Timeworn Lit
Underland Arcana

So This Was October 2022

1 Nov

I’ve made 297 submissions. 284 rejections. 17 acceptances. 1 story being held.

SALES & ACCEPTANCES:-Sidekicks was accepted by A Hero Of A Different Stripe, Oct 6th ’21. (Not included in the above total)
Bag Of Bones was accepted by 206 Word Stories, Feb 12th ’22
Madam Midnight Fucks Shit Up was sold to Synthetic Reality Magazine, Feb 15th ’22
Father, Are You Sleeping? was sold to Dark Recesses Press, Mar 5th ’22.
Dragon Bait was sold to Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Mar 20th ’22.
I Hide Behind Cardboard Cliffs And Polystyrene Rocks was sold to Fission, Apr 3rd ’22.
Dawn of Time Episode 1, Time Flies With Time Pies (Co-Author) was sold to Stupefying Stories, Apr 8th ’22.
Dawn of Time Episode 8, When things look dark…. was sold to Stupefying Stories, Apr 8th ’22.
A Fine Body was sold to The Lorelei Signal, May 9th ’22.
Ask For Slim was sold to HyphenPunk, May 17th ’22.
Total Immersion was sold to The Society of Misfit Stories, Jun 22nd ’22.
A Monster Under Every Bed was sold to It Came From Under The Bed, Jul 15th ’22.
The Age Of Chivalry was sold to The Lorelei Signal, Jul 17th ’22.
Unannounced sale to redacted market, Jul 23rd ’22.
Spun Yarn was sold to Bullet Points, Aug 8th ’22.
The Man Who Borrowed My Clock has been sold to The Colored Lens, Aug 24th ’22.
Breaking Down A Cursed Sandwich has been sold to Never Cheat a Witch, Aug 29th ’22.
The Dragon Readers has been sold to 99 Fleeting Fantasies, Sept 5th 22.
Unannounced sale to redacted market, Sept 16th 22.
Unannounced sale to redacted market, Oct 4th 22.
Idiots Of The Underworld was sold to Tales From The Moonlit Path, Oct 6th 22.

CAVEAT:-Be aware, I am now adding stubs for titles which have sold, but I’ve not yet received official permission to announce as sold yet. These are just an aide memoire for me, and my increasingly terrible short-term memory.

There are currently 35 stories out in submission:-


Stranding Room Only was released at Abyss & Apex, Jan 1st ’22.
Bag Of Bones was released at Bag of Bones – 206 Word Stories: A Horror Anthology, 26th Feb ’22. (POEM)
Father, Are You Sleeping? was released at Dark Recesses Press, 16th Mar ’22.
Dawn of Time Episode 1, Time Flies With Time Pies was released at Stupefying Stories, 8th April ’22. (Co-Author)
Call Back, Any Time! was released at Grandpa’s Deep-Space Diner, 20th Apr ’22.
Dragon Bait was released at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, May 2nd ’22.
Dawn of Time Episode 8, When things look dark… was released at Stupefying Stories, May 27th ’22.
Ask For Slim was released at HyphenPunk, Jun 15th ’22.
A Fine Body was released at The Lorelei Signal, Jul 3rd ’22.
The Age Of Chivalry was released at The Lorelei Signal, Oct 2nd ’22.
The Man Who Borrowed My Clock was released in The Colored Lens, Oct 8th ’22.
Breaking Down A Cursed Sandwich was released in Never Cheat a Witch, Oct 10th ’22.

LESSONS LEARNED:-(This is a new segment, I’ll be adding tips for myself for future blogs.)
Add sales as stubs as soon as those are received. Temp entries until announced then replace with official info.
Add releases when info is received to Shape Of Things To Come, so I don’t forget.
Add stubs to Shape Of Things To Come for unannounced sales.
Create entries for the Submission Challenge each day, as they come in or go out.
I removed the Stories On Hold section as I didn’t want any markets to feel pressure to buy stuff.
I moved the entry for Tuck & Roll because I’m tired of working around its constant delays.

Where They Fear To Tread will be released in Jersey Pine Ink’s Trees Anthology, Summer 2022. (DTBC)
I Hide Behind Cardboard Cliffs And Polystyrene Rocks will be released in Fission Vol #2, Nov ’22. (DTBC)
Madam Midnight Fucks Shit Up will be released in Synthetic Reality Magazine, Issue 9, Late ’22. (DTBC)
Unannounced sale to market, possibly late 2022. (DTBC)
Unannounced sale to market (not listed in sales yet, possibly late 2022. (DTBC)
A Monster Under Every Bed will be released in It Came From Under The Bed, Jan 1st 2023. (DTBC)
Sidekicks will be released in A Hero Of A Different Stripe, Feb 2023. (DTBC)
Total Immersion will be released in The Society of Misfit Stories, June 2023. (DTBC)
Spun Yarn will be released in Bullet Points, 2023. (DTBC).
The Dragon Readers will be released in 99 Fleeting Fantasies, (DTBC).
Tuck & Roll will be released. (DTBC).

There’s some other stuff coming, I can’t officially talk about it yet. Just know it IS coming.

When I get more solid dates on the date to be confirmeds, I’ll announce them.
Publication of Madam Midnight was pushed back due to illness of the Synthetic Reality Mag editor. That may be delayed by at least 2 months.
A few publications have been pushed back. Some stuff I can’t talk about because they aren’t announced yet.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS:-Just 1 story finished this month, 2638 words. Stuff has to be finished to count, so there were other things started but WIP. No plans for NaNoWriMo at all.