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Feedback on things

27 Jan

Word back about the gay vampire story sent to Lethe Press.
Got a response back in less than a day!
A no but for two very good, well explained reasons. Excellent feedback, thoroughly nice chap by the sound of it.

Oh. And I’ve also had an email from Google. I’m in a queue to be processed, apparently.
I wonder if that’s why it’s so damn difficult to submit a DMCA request then. They’ve got so many?

I had another email about something else but I’ll tell you more about that when a concrete date is sent to me.


Another sub sent out!

26 Jan

And another submission sent out into the ether.
Apparently someone’s doing a “gay vampire” anthology.
So I sent them “Dead Jealous”.

Always the case, isn’t it?
You think “No-one’ll want a story about gay vampires” so you self pub it.
Then the very next month someone wants it.

Such is life.
Lessons learned? Never pub anything in case someone wants that genre.