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The State Of My Writing Address

20 Mar

COVID 19 exists. I do not believe I have it. I’ve had several different colds & flu strains. Yes, I am dying, but that is from a condition commonly known as LIFE. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, or are also a sufferer?

Nothing has changed for me. I was a shut-in before and I still am, going out when I absolutely have to, or I need chocolate. When writing calls open, I will respond if I have work which fits the market. I’ll continue to monitor & advertise up-coming calls. I’ll read/edit/proof my work & write when the muse takes me, which currently isn’t often.

If people want to interact with me, hey, the internet exists. Drop me a tweet @RayDaleyWriter
or leave a comment on my Facebook page

I’m happy to share my writing knowledge & experience, if you want to know about being rejected, I’m a fucking expert there. I can talk about acceptances, failed projects, publishing & what happens between being told yes & your story appearing online or in an anthology.

If for some crazy reason you want to know what it’s like to be a transvestite whilst actively serving in the UK military, I can talk about that too.

Those of us who are getting to get through this thing are the ones who make the most of the time & opportunities we’ve got between now & whatever normality is coming in the near to distant future. Right now, that shit is science fiction, so speak to a published science fiction writer.

I’m going to carry on with my life. Pretty much nothing has changed for me. If you need me, my markets, my experience or anything else, get in touch.


Strange Times, Indeed!

12 Mar

This month is shaping up to be an odd one, for sure.

There’s a ton of crazy shit going on around the world, most of the globe is gripped in the panic over the corona virus. Somehow though, my month is going well.

I’ve done final proofing for 3 stories due to be released.

Today I did proofs on Mushnik’s Guitar for Aphotic Realm’s Interstellar special. That has some nice art to go with my story.

Yesterday I proofed Bastard Space for Wordland 8; Time We Left. I’d forgotten a lot about that story, so it was nice to be reminded of it all again. I also sent Clarkesworld a pitch for a non-fiction article, I’ll let you know how that went if or when I hear back.

Signed contracts for The Shaming, due to appear in The Starship Logs, Volume 3: Nabu Carnevale.

I’ve written a new story, which went straight out to F&SF. I had to sub it fast, I wanted it to remain current and get that idea in before anyone else thought to try it.

I also got a like for my novel during #PitMad, so the first 50 pages of that has gone off to a publisher. They cover the region my story is aimed at so I really hope they like it and want to read the whole thing. Again, I’ll let you know if or when anything happens.

It’s a whole lot of stuff happening in a short amount of time, so I haven’t got time to worry about my future – it’s literally stacking up right in front of me.

I just wanted to have a quick catch-up, just to let folks know things are still going on. Currently it’s mostly prep for the May Submission Challenge, trying to find those last few markets & staking out spares as well.

Sure, I have a minor case of the sniffles but it’s no biggy.

The next thing due out is Mushnik’s Guitar, which will be released in Aphotic Realm’s Interstellar, mid March 2020.

Now you know as much as I do.

May 2020 Submission Challenge update

9 Mar

All markets have now been checked. All are paying & open during May as far as I have been able to ascertain.

The rules are simple:- Try to sub a story to the market I’ve listed on the day I list it to be used. If you don’t wish to sub on that day or to that market, you don’t have to. In an ideal world, you’ll sub to all 31 markets and have (at least) 31 stories out. If you only want to sub 1 story during the month, that is totally fine! You don’t even have to use these markets, as long as you use a PAYING MARKET!

The private Facebook group was renamed, if you want an invite, message me via FB.

Feel free to get in touch with me on twitter @RayDaleyWriter if you are interested in taking part!

01 – Kanstellation (themed)
02 – Abyss & Apex (Flash only!)
03 – F&SF
04 – Clarkesworld
05 – Strange Horizons
06 – Interzone
07 – Daily Science Fiction
08 – 3 Lobed Burning Eye
09 – Vestal Review
10 – The Arcanist
11 – Asimov’s
12 – Every Day Fiction
13 – AGNI
14 – Beneath Ceaseless Skies
15 – Cast Of Wonders (Banned books week)
16 – Sirius Science Fiction
17 – Ordinary Mortals Anthology
18 – The Drabblecast
19 – Electric Spec
20 – Metaphorosis
21 – Flash Fiction Online
22 – (Hybrid Ink) Future//Tense: Sex
23 – The Future Fire
24 – Not One Of Us
25 – Chrome Baby
26 – Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores
27 – Nature; Futures
28 – Amazing Stories
29 – Bards & Sages Quarterly
30 – The Dark Magazine (Dark Fantasy)
31 – Shoreline of Infinity –

All the above links are verified as PAYING & OPEN DURING MAY. Do not bump any links, most are open for short periods only (those which aren’t “always open” markets). If you struggle to find somewhere open, please use F&SF, Asimov’s, Interzone or Clarkesworld.

Be aware Clarkesworld have a 7 day cool off period so you have to wait once you’ve received a rejection/acceptance there. F&SF, Interzone & Asimov’s, you can send to as soon as you’ve heard back.

SPARES:- Weird Tales Magazine Subs end May 2nd Midnight PST
Cossmass Infinities (Until May 14th)
Write Ahead/The Future Looms
The Centropic Oracle (Currently Flash only)
Women of the Woods
Compelling Science Fiction
Andromeda Spaceways Magazine

Horror links:- Black Static
No Sleep Podcast
Occult Detective Magazine

So this was February 2020

1 Mar

I’ve made 100 new submissions. 72 rejections. 5 acceptances. 1 withdrawn, 0 not received.


36 Hours In The Space Force sold to B Cubed Press, Jan 20th 2020.
My Summer Holiday, By Billy Mesner (Aged 5) sold to Trouble Among the Stars, Jan 20th 2020.
Fillers was accepted by Again, Hazardous Imaginings, Feb 20th, 2020.
Mushnik’s Guitar sold to Aphotic Realm, Feb 21st, 2020.
The Shaming sold to Tell-Tale Press; Nebu Carnvale, 28th Feb, 2020.

There are currently 42 stories out in submission:-

_out in subs


A Tooth Fairy Dreams… Aether And Ichor issue 5. Jan 1st, 2020.
It Takes A Dragon. Flash Fiction Magazine. Jan 12th, 2020.
My Summer Holiday, By Billy Mesner (Aged 5). Trouble Among The Stars issue 5. February 5th, 2020.
Super Fake. Future Syndicate II. February 6th, 2020.


Mushnik’s Guitar will be released in Aphotic Realm, Interstellar, mid March 2020. (TBC)
Summer At Camp Long Drop will be released in Ghostlight, April 2020. (TBC)
Bastard Space will be released in Wordland 8 possibly around Easter/April 2020. (TBC)
The Shaming will be released in Tell-Tale Press; Nebu Carnvale, May 1st 2020.
Detecting Rogue Time Travellers (Practical Exam) will be released in Transmundane Press On Time anthology June 27th, 2020. (TBC)

When I get more solid dates on the to be confirmeds, I’ll announce them.


I’ve still got 15 stories left to hear back from the January Submission Challenge. There are also still 4 stories outstanding from the original September Challenge! I’ve earmarked May for the next Submission Challenge, plenty of participants reported sales and that makes me really happy.

Unless another call goes out & I get accepted, I won’t be involved in Jouth Volume 2. Frankly, I think it’s currently dead in the water & I have listed my stories as withdrawn.
Tuck & Roll in Automobilia is still on-going.
Fillers won’t be appearing in Again, Hazardous Imaginings. I was asked to do a full rewrite which I wasn’t prepared to do, especially after being told “yours is the best thus far and the most fitting for the anthology’s theme.”