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New ebook now available! (Yes, it’s early)

28 Feb or\
My #free March #ebook release is 3 hours early because my monitor is misbehaving so I wanted to make sure you got this months release online all okay.
If you like it, drop me a tweet @RayDaleyWriter


27 Feb

After more food and several drinks I have written quite a lot more on the new story today, it’s now 2534 words and showing no signs of gettng close to finished yet. There’s been a fair amount of set-up so I have to make sure the pay-off is worth all that investment for the reader.

I still have a headache, I just worked through it. And no, I didn’t sleep even though I wanted to.
I’ll probably go to bed early tonight though.

At least I managed to be productive for about an hour or so. Better than nothing.
Be thankful for the small things, sometimes that’s all you’ll get.

Good intentions, or not

27 Feb

Started this afternoon thinking I might try to finish the story I started late yesterday.

Now have a case of NFI (Not F***ing Interested). Headache isn’t helping.
I thought I’d feel more inclined towards writing once I had some hot food inside me.
That’s a no.
I’m going to make myself some Bovril (British hot beef flavoured drink) and then see how I feel about writing some more.

Frankly right now, all I want to do is sleep.
If I closed my eyes right now I’d be gone, bang, out in seconds.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 9.

26 Feb

This weeks story just finished, 770 words off an image I found posted on reddit.
At least I think it was on reddit.
It was cool enough for me to think ‘That’ll make a good story‘.
And it did.
Well done, past me. Nice going.
I would have been happier if I’d written more than 1000 words but you can’t have everything, can you?

Anyway, I’m done for the week.

I’ll chill out for a bit now I’ve eaten lunch.

The Release Reshuffle

25 Feb

I was going through my finalised releases for this year late last night and decided to move a few titles around from their original release dates.

I’ve now bumped a Military SF title up to next months release.
What was going to be next months release will now come out in April.
And the original April release has been pushed back to December.

Obviously I could have gone ahead and done these releases without saying I’d moved them around, you (by “you” I mean my wonderful readers) would have been blissfully unaware and without a care in the world, simply happy to have a new e-book by me to read. But I like to tell you what’s going on behind the scenes of my little writing & publishing world.

It may be a very small world. Population 1, in fact. Yours truly.
The reading world, however, is quite a bit larger.
I happen to know that on Feedbooks alone, 8383 people have downloaded my most popular book.
One of my erotica titles. ;-P
Oddly enough, the same title is my most downloaded on Smashwords too. 1083 people have taken it from there.

Anyway, now you know roughly what will be coming on Saturday.


24 Feb

I’ve been going over some stuff I wrote a few days ago, just to see if it worked or not.
It appears that the endings do hold up. I did some mild tweaking for improvement.

My editing process is never very intensive, I normally add, remove or change the odd word here or there.
Most of the time what you read when I release it is exactly what I wrote. It’s very rare that I edit or re-write.

I’m content with “Station Three“. The military stuff sounds good. It reads well.

But I’m STILL trying to type up my story from the 16th.
If I start and give up one more time I might just rip it to pieces.

A personal memory of war

24 Feb

23 years ago in 1991 at 4am, the land battle started for the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm.

And I was part of it. I was at war.

I was serving in the Royal Air Force, stationed at RAF High Wycombe and my job was within the Primary War Headquarters.
A pretty important place in military terms. As a clerk my job was to process signals and make sure they got to who needed them, some of that involved actually running around and delivering by hand for the really important stuff.

So while most of you were in your beds, enjoying your sleep, some of us were taking part in the biggest land battle since the end of the Second World War.

Remember that the next time you look at my picture. I’ve seen things. Things I’d rather forget.
One day I might. I hope. And on that day, for me the war really will be over. At last.

Another writing update

23 Feb

Just finished another short. 1200 words exactly.

I was watching an animated short called “Junk Head” and it gave me an idea.
Not sure how well it works or if the finish came across as I’d wanted.
Only a future read after several days of not looking at it will tell there.

At least it’s another finished story which is good. Sleep time now.

Health Update

21 Feb

I didn’t say much about my recent visit to The Eye Clinic before because I wasn’t very happy.

Had a pressure spike in the right eye, it may well be that I am one of those people who doesn’t react well to the new type of glaucoma laser surgery being used to treat the condition. The minion who saw me in lieu of the consultant said he wanted to think about giving me more laser surgery.

It’s been a little less than 10 months since I had it last time and it was one of the most painful procedures I’ve ever undergone. Right now I’m on drops in my right eye for the next two weeks and going back for another pressure test in late May.

I’ve had two consecutive bad days in terms of eye pain and headache too, went to bed really early last night because I felt so bad. Probably retiring early tonight too after I go do tonights meds shortly. This change in my condition is quite depressing. I hope I can stick to my writing resolution but right now next Wednesday feels like a million miles away.

Hopefully a good nights rest will improve my outlook.

Writing update

19 Feb

Knocked out a horror-type short of 1360 words about 10 minutes ago.

2 stories in a day. The idea came easily, it was tough to find a good end though. Hopefully what I got down works.