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Another one out to subs!

25 Oct

Just sent off “Smells Like Morphic Resonance” (which I only really wrote a day ago!) out to submission. Fingers crossed they like it.

One new story, just banged out

24 Oct

Wow. I just actually wrote something.

An entire story, start to finish.

I’d been mulling the idea over for a couple of days and decided to start getting it down in the 10 mins before Doctor Who started.

Once it finished, I came straight to the computer, typed up the paragraph or so I’d written down and just knocked out the rest without even trying.

I can say this, having written it.

It’s REALLY difficult to convey werewolves without actually mentioning them.

Also, I blame Terry Pratchett for the title.

I’m fairly sure Angua once mentioned morphic resonance.

Well I’m pleased. Almost 1800 words with little to no effort in one sitting.

Excellent News!

24 Oct

I didn’t get the chance to announce this when it happened, mostly because of computer issues but I’ve finally made my very first commercial sale!

The extremely nice Douglas Lain has accepted my story “Seeing Double” for his forthcoming war anthology entitled Deserts Of Fire.

No word on when it’ll be released but I’ll update you when I know more.

I can direct you to a couple of my latest appearances. My story “The Waiting Room” is now appearing in the anthology “Steps In Time” from Crimson Cloak. You can buy that on Smashwords (as well as other places!) with all money going to Alzheimers UK. I was okay with not getting paid writing for something that supported Terry Pratchett’s charity.

I also had a story published in Ealaín 11, themed “What If”. That’s called “Wipeout”, it’s an alternate WW2 story I wrote to make people think. It’s available to buy here :-

It’s not exactly expensive, considering how many stories and poems are inside too.

Guess Who’s Back?

19 Oct

Back again? Ray is back! Tell a friend!

Apparently all it took was for me to update Firefox to a newer version and it stopped bitching about trying to log me in.

I apologise for my extended absence. My old PC went bang (terminally) and it meant I’ve been using an even older Windows XP PC since then (April!).
Now I’m finally back I’ll be updating you on my writing on a regular basis.
We now return to your normal programming!