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So this was April…

1 May

We’ve already reached the end of the fourth month of 2018.

So what’s happened so far?

SALES:- I’ve made 3 sales so far, to Third Flatiron; “The Doomsday Machine Retires” for their Monstrosities anthology and to WolfSinger Publications; “Muse” for their Cat Tails anthology. I haven’t been given permission to announce the third sale yet, I’ll tell you who it was to and the story when I am allowed.

SUBMISSIONS:- I’ve already submitted 103 stories this year.

REJECTIONS:- I’ve had 91 rejections so far.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS:- In the pipeline is the publications of “Uncle Ping’s Evening Farewell” from Insignia. Still no official date on this. I’m sorry I’ve not got more news on this. I’m just as anxious to see it come out as you are.

Third Flatiron released the “Monstrosities” anthology featuring “The Doomsday Machine Retires”:-

Cat Tails – War Zone from Wolfsinger (featuring my story “Muse”) is available to buy at Smashwords:-

I had a fairly successful Camp NaNoWriMo this month, I wrote over 40,000 words, 18 new stories, especially as I’d set my target at 30,000.

There are a few places opening to subs this month and I’m hoping to get a few more answers back before the end of the month too. Fingers crossed for more sales.


Summing up Camp NaNoWriMo April 2018

23 Apr

Let’s start on a high, shall we? It’s day 23. And I have a VALIDATED WIN!

Here’s the breakdown for stats purposes.

Official goal was 30,000. This remained unchanged for the entire time.

Day 01:- 1715 words written, 1715 total.
Day 02:- 2112 words written, 3827 total.
Day 03:- 3192 words written, 7019 total.
Day 04:- 2825 words written, 9844 total. 2 stories written today, 1390 & 1435 words.
Day 05:- 2474 words written, 12318 total.
Day 06:- 2784 words written, 15102 total. Just over half way to goal.
Day 07:- 3937 words written, 19039 total.
Day 08:- 2310 words written, 21349 total. Amost didn’t write at all today, felt so tired this afternoon. Couldn’t find any motivation. In the end, I just started and hoped to do at least 1000 words. I guess you never know what you can do unless you try.

Day 09:- 1806 words written, 23155 total.
Day 10:- 2974 words written, 26129 total.
Day 11:- 1582. words written, 27711 total.
Day 12:- 2351 words written, 30062 total. That’s a confirmed win on day 12!
Day 13:- 0 words written, 30062 total.
Day 14:- 0 words written, 30062 total.
Day 15:- 3270 words written, 33332 total.
Day 16:- 0 Words written, 33332 total.
Day 17:- 1902 words written, 35234 total.
Day 18:- 0 words written, 35234 total.
Day 19:- 0 words written, 35234 total. Official win on day 19! Fully validated WIN.
Day 20:- 0 words written, 35234 total.
Day 21:- 0 words written, 35234 total.
Day 22:- 0 words written, 35234 total.
Day 23:- 0 words written, 35234 total.
Day 24:- 0 words written, 35234 total.
Day 25:- 0 words written, 35234 total.
Day 26:- 993 words written, 36478 total.
Day 27:- 2150 words written, 38628 total.
Day 28:- 0 words written, 38628 total.
Day 29:- 0 words written, 38628 total.
Day 30:- 1800 words written, 40428 total.

I wrote 18 new stories in the last 30 days and surpassed my goal by over 10k.

I chose to leave my goal at 30,000 words after my disaster during Story A Day September where I totally failed to wrote 30k. I didn’t even write 30 stories. I was doing this purely to regain my confidence.

I am pleased to say that one of last year’s Camp stories has sold, I’m not allowed to say which one or who to (yet) but I will when I’ve been given permission.