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A new story from nowhere!

28 Jun

2369 words on dragons.

Well, kind of.

The idea was really easy to write, about 2hrs worth of work.
Ending isn’t SUPER strong but it’ll do.

Nice to have written something that long, so easily after not feeling the desire today.

Another story finished

27 Jun

Hammered out 850 words worth of story & I got to reference several pop culture icons.

Which was nice.

News from yesterday

27 Jun

It was late, I was tired, so I’m bringing you this update today.

I wrote two stories in close succession yesterday.

731 words about prisons with no real ending.
411 words about something else. That’s got an ending and everything. Which is nice.

I’m a bit miffed about not having an end for that prison one.
It started out as a decent enough idea, it just wasn’t going anywhere.
The current termination appears to be an ending. Just not a definative ending that I’m happy with.

But when am I ever truly happy with my endings.


Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 26.

25 Jun

FINALLY! Week 26! We made it half way!

This weeks story was just finished, 632 words.

Not bad considering I squeezed out 3 stories yesterday.
I didn’t expect to write anything today so I’m glad we’re already covered for this week.

Private, A Flash Fiction Story

24 Jun

Private, A Flash Fiction story by Ray Daley.

From my daze, I eventually hear him hollering. It’s the Captain.

“Private! Private!”

I walk over and fix him with that look of disinterest.

“It’s hardly private any more, is it sir? Not when you keep shouting it out loud like that. Can I go now?”

I just left him trying to work that out for himself.
He’s probably still there now.


A Day Off? No, Apparently

24 Jun

As tomorrow is the start of a new week in The Bradbury Challenge I decided to take today off and do NO writing at all, having written my longest story to date this week already.
Which is probably why I’ve now written two short stories today.
Never say never.

300 words on Pirates.
Then 1218 on, well, something different.

Both of those ideas came from 365 Tomorrows.
So a massive thanks and shout out to them.

Wrote a story about Magic!

23 Jun

1467 words about Magic, featuring my favourite magical performers Penn & Teller.
VERY tongue in cheek stuff.

Great fun to write.

A quick story, done

22 Jun

322 words knocked out on the subject of Milkmen.
A nice quirky short.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 25.

21 Jun

I just finished this weeks story after 3 days of working on it.

About 14 hours in total invested in writing that, 11227 words.
The longest single story I’ve EVER written to date.

And I didn’t even mean to.

I’m glad it’s finished though, that was HARD work.

Still working on it

21 Jun

I’ve written just over 1000 words so far today.

I’m taking a short break and will get back to it in about an hour to work towards my resolution.
I know the ending, I know how to wrap everything up.

I just need a bit of time to rest my brain.
I’ve been doing long days for yesterday and the day before.
I’ve already got well over 7 hours invested into this story.