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Novel update

28 Apr

Day 28.

6:28pm UK local time, I AM FINISHED!
I just wrote my first fucking novel!
Daily word count, 2425. Total word count, 54754.

Stick a fork in me folks, I am done.

Thanks to everyone for their words of support, I couldn’t have done it without you.

The end of the job

22 Apr

As of today, I am unemployed again.

I gave my notice today, on grounds of ill health. I’d been working tired, sick and hurt and it was effecting my ability to do the job.

Frankly I’d been hanging on to see if things got better. They didn’t.

I’m going to take the rest of this month to finish my novel, then I will start looking for something with less hours or part time. I won’t be taking another call-centre job, nor will I be working full-time again.

I simply can’t hack it any more. I tried my best, but it wasn’t good enough.

Of the work colleagues I told, all of them were surprised to hear me say I was done. Several of them said “But you were doing so well.
I really wasn’t. I’d been dragged over the coals about something a few days ago, and was facing an early probation assessment.

From the way my manager was talking, it sounded like they were looking at letting me go any way. So I chose to leave on my terms.

I gave the job all I had. It simply wasn’t to be.

How The Writing Process Works

17 Apr

Or how to write about stuff you don’t know or understand.

Read at least 4 or 5 articles about whatever it is you don’t know or understand. Read until you can explain the concept to yourself in simple terms.


Seek out someone who also has no knowledge of the concept you just taught yourself. Explain it to them in a way where they can now understand the basics. If they can explain it back to you & it sounds like what you just told them, you did it!


Actually having to explain the concept by way of the written word is a lot more difficult than being able to speak to someone about it. You can’t use jargon, you have to use plain terms than anyone can understand. Allow someone to read what you’ve written then ask them to explain back to you verbally. As above, if it sounds like what you told them, you did it!

Day 15 into writing the novel

15 Apr

So it’s day 15.

There’s a little under 21000 words left to reach novel length.
But the challenge isn’t JUST to write 50000 words in 30 days.
It’s to write a novel. It’s to FINISH a novel.

I’ve still got so much left to do.
I’ve got to delay the King & his guards for at least 3 days. 1k?
I’ve got to get the twins to the fifth shelter. 1-2k?
That’s at least another 14 days walk, for an adult.
I have to get the prex away from that whole area too. 1k?
Maybe one or two encounters.
I have to write about the coup. 2-3k?

Maybe about 6k tops there.
Still things to work out yet then.

I’m over half way, but I am FAR from the finish line.

Wish me luck.