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Summing up Story A Day September

26 Sep

Just wanted to say I am now done with Story A Day September. It’s making me hate wanting to write, the complete reverse of what I wanted. I don’t think of it as a pleasurable thing now, just a chore I must get done before the end of the day.

Mentally, I’m not suited to writing like this.

I’ve struggled for ideas, I’ve struggled to start and struggled to finish.

I wrote 23 stories. Lots of them are very shit.

I wrote a total of 32018 words, an average of 1392 words per day.. Considering I won’t be doing the full month, that’s pretty decent.

My best was day 11 where I wrote 3190 words.
My worst was day 1 where I wrote 500 words.
Obviously this doesn’t include all the days where I wrote nothing.

What have I learned from trying this?
I’m not suited to writing every day. It’s embittered me and made me less creative. My ideal writing wheelhouse is once every 2 or 3 days.

What am I going to do with those 23 stories?
Yesterday’s is being deleted straight away. It wasn’t written for release or even to be read. It was written as a catharsis which didn’t work. But it’s still getting deleted. It simply didn’t do what I wanted from it.

As for the rest, I’ll keep them and see if they look better in a few months.

I won’t be attempting this exercise again.


How To Write A Book (poem)

20 Sep

How To Write A Book (poem) by Ray Daley

Spew some letters on a page, Spend some time to rearrange,
Worry lots, fret like heck, Learn how to use spellcheck.
Make it dark; make it lighter, maybe make it as a writer?


Heathen, a poem

15 Sep

Heathen, a poem (by Ray Daley)

I am heathen, hear me roar,
Please don’t knock upon my door?
I’m not strange, nor am I odd,
Don’t want to talk about your God.
I won’t hear anything you say,
Too busy wishing you’d go away.
I’m not bad, my heart is pure,
A heathen lives behind this door.


What’s currently in submission #7

15 Sep
As the last one was at the end of August, I thought I’d update you.
What’s currently out in submission?
The Concentration Camp (subbed to Persistant Visions)
Even Stevens (subbed to AE)
Junkie (subbed to Blind Spot)
An Improper State Of Mind [subbed to Mind Candy]
Rumpelstiltskin; The Early Years (subbed to Timeless Tales)
A Head Of Steam (subbed to Edge Onlines Fantastic Trains)
The Girl On Platform Two (Subbed to Gallery of Curiosities)
Summerland (subbed to Occult Detective Quarterly)
I Want Candy [subbed to Gathering Storm]

That’s 9 stories out there right now.