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January 2022 Submission Challenge Market List

23 Oct

If you’re new to my challenge, welcome. Otherwise, welcome back.

So what’s this all about?

3 times each year, I make a list of paying markets for short form genre fiction which covers science fiction, fantasy, horror and literary fiction.
I challenge you, as well as myself, to submit to as many of these markets as you can over the course of January 2022.
For me, the challenge is to sub to all of them. For you, it’s to sub to as many as you feel you can, or wish to see your work at.

There’s a decent mixture, pro markets, semi-pro, paying and token, but all these markets do pay something. We’ve had success before, most people who’ve previously taken part in past years have made sales, I myself made my 1st standalone pro sale from the event to Daily Science Fiction.

All you need are the stories, proofed and ready to be sent out. Of course, you need to read the guidelines for whichever markets you choose to submit your work to and format them accordingly.

So what’s this all for?

The event is about getting skills vital to becoming a better author. Learning the submission process, handling rejection, using feedback & flexibility being able to sub to a new market with almost no notice. These are all good skills which will serve you well as a jobbing writer in the submission trenches. I’m in the exact same position as you, trying to sell my work, competing with my peers, getting rejections and making a sale here and there. The only different between you and me, I’m the one creating these lists every few months, and you’re getting all that hard work done for you.

If you want to use these markets, please do. I encourage any short fic writers to take part, the most common thing I hear on Twitter is “Where can I find places to sell my work?” What I’ve done here is answer that question for you. All I ask is for support, that you acknowledge you used this list and to promote the challenge on social media if you think it’d interest writers you know.

If you also enjoy the process, I’d love to hear you blog about your experience after the fact.

Be aware, availability may change between now and January. The onus is on you to check they are still open. I will update this list between now & then, you can follow me on Twitter @RayDaleyWriter or get in touch with me to join our private Facebook group where we often share extra links not posted here.

So without any further ado, here is the list of markets. Confirmed open & paying by me, on this day 23rd October ’21. EDIT:- Minor changes have been made, some markets moved about. 23rd Nov ’21.
2nd EDIT:- Mythic removed as they have closed forever, Interzone moved. Compelling now confirmed as open/paying. The Overcast were removed, they are also closing forever. I’ve moved Infinite Worlds to that empty spot. 22nd Dec ’21


01 Fantasy Magazine (short & long form) OR Clarkesworld
02 Cosmic Root & Eldritch Shores
03 Seize The Press OR Compelling SF Compelling Science Fiction
04 Apex Magazine
05 Dark Recesses OR Micro Madness
06 Three-Lobed Burning Eye
07 Electric Spec
08 Rockets & Robots/Beware The Bugs/Paradoxical Pets OR Spring Into SciFi
09 Sci Phi Journal OR Daily Science Fiction
10 Asimov’s OR Apparition Lit
11 Penumbric
12 Infinite Worlds OR Dread Stone Press (Dose Of Dread) 1k flash, horror
13 Analog OR Cryptid Carnage
14 Cosmic Horror Monthly
15 Fractured Literary or Silver Blade
16 Welkin Lit OR Planet Scumm
17 Anotherealm
18 Strange Horizons (before 4pm GMT)
19 Interzone
20 Flash Fiction Online
21 F&SF
22 The Other Stories (Metamorphosis theme)
23 Mythaxis
24 Metaphorosis
25 Bards & Sages Quarterly OR The Society Of Misfit Toys (same link)
26 Not One Of Us
27 The Arcanist OR CRAFT Lit
28 The Future Fire
29 Newmyths
30 The Mesozoic Reader OR The Lorelei Signal
31 Escape Pod OR 34 Orchard

The Deadlands (Possibly Jan 20th?)
Bourbon Penn
The Dark Magazine
Tales from the Moonlit Path
Dread Machine
Dream Of Shadows
Amazing Stories
Nature: Futures
Mithila Review
Centropic Oracle
Chrome Baby
The Weird And Whatnot
Hexagon Magazine
Underland Arcana
The Colored Lens
No Sleep Podcast
James Gunn’s Ad Astra
Flash Frog
Wyldblood Magazine
SmokeLong Quarterly


NaNoWriMo 2021 Transparency Post

19 Oct

I’m rebelling (again), doing at least 15 short stories & aiming for between 20,000-25,000 words done.

I won’t be writing every day, it doesn’t really matter if I don’t make either the amount of stories or word count as I’ve already written more than 1 story a week for this year before it’s even over. Or this event has started.

The general idea is to get a bit of my Works In Progress/Abandoned Ideas pile down slightly as it’s starting to develop a life of its own.

Things which might happen:-I might only write 6 or so stories just to get me to an even number for the year. I might write nothing at all. I’ve selected 18 ideas, possibly leaving 2 slots open for stuff I come up with in the meantime & would like to write at least a dozen of them.

I’ve selected stuff which is all viable, some are already started (on paper) so would need typing up.

I’m not expecting to write 1667 words per story. It may be more, or less, it depends how the ideas feel as I write them. I have no clue if I’ll hit either target or what I’m doing if either of those things happen. The basic concept is to finish some stories & try to enjoy doing it. There’s no fail scenario, I have zero fucks to give at this point.

Have fun, go mad.

September 2021 Submission Challenge Summary

1 Oct

September 1st – Todays markets were Fantasy Magazine who were open for short & long form (as well as poetry) or On The Premises who had a Monster Theme. I sent Fantasy The Man Who Borrowed My Clock & A Selection Of Fools Grails. Surviving A Lock-in At The Bloodied Pheasant went to On The Premises. 3 solid stories, a strong start to the event.

I also subbed The Recently Declassified History Of South Bend Flight School to Uncanny. They were open, but the info there was very confusing. I looked a few times & was going to list them, so that sub was very much last minute.

I did get 1 rejection today but as it wasn’t challenge related, I’m not going to list it here.

That’s a total of 4 submissions made.

September 2nd – Todays markets were Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores (sent them Departure Date) or The Periodical, Forlorn who had a theme of Moonlighting, and I sent them I Hide Behind Cardboard Cliffs & Polystyrene Rocks.

I also applied for SFWA Associate membership under the hardship scheme. Got a couple of non-challenge related rejections. Sent out my novel to 2 places.

That’s a total of 6 submissions made.

September 3rd – Todays markets were Flash Fiction Online or Micro Madness. The Hard Hundred went to FFO as that was a 100 themed call, Today Will Never End to Micro Madness.

Made a late stage sub and sent Muse to Felis Futura anthology.

Was accepted as an Associate Member at SFWA. Also sold a story. 17th sale this yr.

That’s a total of 9 submissions made.

September 4th – Todays markets were Hexagon Magazine or Dark Moon Books. Sent Mission 334; Mannequin World to Hexagon, A Pale Imitation went to Horror Library Anthology (Dark Moon).

That’s a total of 11 submissions made.

September 5th – Todays markets were Underland Arcana who got Pick A Witch or Clarkesworld, I sent them To Have, And To Hold – a very tongue in cheek fantasy piece.

Also signed & returned my contract with Jolly Horror for Executive Dread.

That’s a total of 13 submissions made.

September 6th – Todays markets were Metaphorosis, I sent them Fairytales, And Lies or PseudoPod, I sent Death In Tunnel Three there. That wasn’t the story I had originally intended to send them, but it didn’t feel enough like horror so I swapped it for a later market. Also got a rejection from Clarkesworld.

That’s a total of 15 submissions made. 1 rejection.

September 7th – Todays markets were Analog, I sent them The War Machines or ParSec, Simon Says went there. Got a no from Metaphorosis on Fairytales, And Lies. Stupefying were supposed to be open today, sadly they are closed due to family illness.

That’s a total of 17 submissions made. 2 rejections.

September 8th – Todays markets were Titanic Terastructures, I sent a query there because that’s all they wanted. I also sent the same publisher another query for Grandpa’s Space Diner, so no actual submissions made there. My other market was Flash Point Science Fiction, I sent them Hush, Hush, The Princess Is Sleeping. I got a rejection from Hexagon, but they suggested a new imprint they are doing. I won’t be subbing there as the challenge is paying markets only & that wasn’t. I had thought Barrelhouse were open today but apparently I’m useless and managed to misread the date which is Sept 15th.

That’s a total of 18 submissions made. 3 rejections.

September 9th – Todays markets were Silver Blade, who I couldn’t sub to as I was published there in July & their rules say no subs within 12 months of a publication with them. The other market today was Compelling, who aren’t listed as open on Submission Grinder so I can’t log a sub there either. My queries to Jayhenge were accepted so I sent Dragon’s Tower to Titanic Terastructures and Call Back, Any Time! to Grandpa’s Space Diner. Also got a non-challenge related rejection.

That’s a total of 20 submissions made. 3 rejections.

September 10th – Todays markets were Escape Pod, who I didn’t realise were only open this month to stuff themed around Joy. As my writing is normally fairly dark & I generally don’t experince or write about joy, I was stuffed and couldn’t sub there – or so I thought. After a bit of digging I found Empty Chest & sent that to Escape Pod. The alternate market was Dream Of Shadows, I sent them My Trip Across The Border. I also managed to fuck up & sub to a market a day early, sending Mission 334; Mannequin World to Silence in the City tday, instead of tomorrow.

That’s a total of 23 submissions made. 3 rejections.

September 11th – Todays markets were Shoreline Of Infinity, I sent them Play The Hand Life Deals You. The alternate market was Silence in the City, I subbed there yesterday by mistake.

That’s a total of 24 submissions made. 3 rejections.

September 12th – Todays markets were F&SF I sent them Sixteen Tons. The alternate market was Dose Of Dread, sent them The Painted Beast At My Mother’s House.

That’s a total of 26 submissions made. 3 rejections.

September 13th – Todays markets were The Future Fire, I sent them Scenario Twelve. The alternate market was Fireside Fiction, I sent them Lemmy Goes To Mars. I also sent Observation Log; Day Shift to Clarkesworld, Cardboard Cliffs to James Gunn’s & Hyperboy; Trinity to the Gravity Award.

Rejections from Cosmic Roots on Departure Date, Dream of Shadows on My Trip Across The Border, Underland Arcana on Pick A Witch. The Periodical, Forlorn cancelled their call so Cardboard Cliffs was withdrawn, this was NOT a rejection.

That’s a total of 31 submissions made. 6 rejections.

September 14th – Todays markets were The Arcanist or From the Farther Trees. Both had closed early, so I had to scramble to get links for today. I bumped up Interzone, sent them Fluid State. Also took Underland Arcana up on their offer to sub again & sent them Playing For Time. A few hours later From The Farther Trees seems to be open again, I sent them Something Good To Eat for their Halloween theme.

Got 2 rejections but neither were challenge related.

That’s a total of 34 submissions made. 6 rejections.

September 15th – Todays markets were Lamplight (couldn’t sub here, it’s currently for people who haven’t made a pro sale yet), Nature:Futures (who I’ve given up trying with, I’ve sent them all my best work which got rejected) or Factor Four, who I’m bumping into tomorrow. Instead I subbed to Barrelhouse (sent them A Pale Imitation) & Nightmare, who I sent The Ghost Of A Chance. I also sent Guarding The Ultimate Weapon to Dreams & Nightmares.

Got 1 non-challenge rejection and another from Interzone on Fluid State. A couple of later day rejections from ParSec on Simon Says & from Uncanny on South Bend Flight School. And an ever later day rejection from Clarkesworld on Observation Log; Day Shift.

That’s a total of 37 submissions made. 10 rejections.

September 16th – Todays markets were Translunar Travelers Lounge who are currently only open to writers of colour until Sept 21st OR Nightmare Magazine, who I’d used a day early. I used Factor Four (sent them Edgar’s Spaceboot Shop) & Neo-opsis (sent them Junkie).

That’s a total of 39 submissions made. 10 rejections.

September 17th – Todays markets were Interzone (subbed them Distant Drums) or the Perpetual Motion Machine newsletter, who I sent Father, Are You Sleeping? I also subbed Where They Fear To Tread to Jersey Pines Ink.

1 non-challenge related submission received today also.

That’s a total of 42 submissions made. 10 rejections. I also reached & passed 365 subs to paying markets today, more than 1 a day for a year.

September 18th – Todays markets were Not One Of Us (Sent them Pick A Witch) or Frozen Wavelets, I sent Remembering Little Betty there.

Received 1 non-challenge rejection, also rejections from Factor Four on Edgar’s Spaceboot Shop & Horror Library Volume 7 On A Pale Imitation. No from Micro Madness on Today Will Never End. Also got a late rejection from F&SF on Sixteen Tons.

That’s a total of 44 submissions made. 14 rejections.

September 19th – Todays markets were Bards & Sages Quarterly (sent them Total Immersion) or The Society of Misfit Stories, who, after a bit of searching I sent The Ripples Of Time. Also got a rejection from Dreams & Nightmares on Guarding The Ultimate Weapon.

That’s a total of 46 submissions made. 15 rejections.

September 20th – Todays markets were Electric Spec (sent them One Night Stand) or Dark Moments, I sent them Season Of The Witch, I’d written that to order for them but it’ll fit any spooky/halloween drabble call if they don’t buy it. I also subbed to Starry Eyed Press, sent them Hot Dust.

Also finally got permission announce 2 outstanding sales.

That’s a total of 49 submissions made. 15 rejections.

September 21st – Todays markets were Strange Horizons who had closed to catch up on their subs backlog or Freeze Frame Fiction. I sent Welcome To The Death Machine Factory Tour there.

That’s a total of 50 submissions made. 15 rejections.

September 22nd – Todays markets were Brink (who were closed, they’d changed their dates since my last vistit) or Monstroddities. After a massive shake up I eventually sent them A Pale Imitation. I also subbed to CRAFT Literary, sending them Two Little Birds. Received a later day rejection from Interzone on Distant Drums. I don’t mind those, Andy is always quick and curteous, and he doesn’t mind me sending him several stories during a month. I’ll work out what he likes, one day, maybe.

That’s a total of 52 submissions made. 16 rejections.

September 23rd – Todays markets were The Overcast (sent them The Bounty) or Three-Lobed Burning Eye, who I sent Madam Midnight Fucks Shit Up. A rejection from Neo-opsis on Junkie.

That’s a total of 54 submissions made. 17 rejections.

September 24th – Todays markets were No Sleep Podcast (I already had work there so chose not to send another, though I may still change my mind before the end of the month about that) or Samjoko Magazine who I sent The Boys From Boot. Fusion Fragment had reopened for 2 days only so I sent them Sixteen Tons. Translunar Travellers Lounge were also open for general subs so I sent them Bodge Job.

That’s a total of 57 submissions made. 17 rejections.

September 25th – Todays markets were The Common Tongue – I chose not to send them anything, nor will I be using them again as a market for myself in the future as they insist all stories are set within their own universe. I sent On Reflection to Mirror, Mirror, while it wasn’t written specifically for them, I think it fits their theme well.

Got a rejection from Samjoko on The Boys From Boot, and a later day rejection from The Future Fire on Scenario Twelve, also an evening rejection from Flash Fiction Online on The Hard Hundred.

That’s a total of 58 submissions made. 20 rejections.

September 26th – Todays markets were The Colored Lens or Dark Recesses. I chose to bump both markets down as I was struggling for 2nd markets later in the month. I subbed A Wizarding World to Tiny Tales Podcast & It’s Not Over Until the Echo Sings to Weird Horror Magazine.

Got a rejection from Monstroddities on A Pale Imitation.

That’s a total of 60 submissions made. 21 rejections.

September 27th – Todays markets were The Fuckening (sent them They Who Dare) or The Quiet Ones, who I didn’t have anything matching their “True Love Never Dies” theme which wasn’t already out to at least a couple of markets. In it’s place I sent Diversion To Fahla Bha’la to Dark Recesses. Received a rejection just before midnight from Freeze Frame Fiction on Welcome To The Death Machine Factory Tour.

That’s a total of 62 submissions made. 22 rejections.

September 28th – Todays markets were Daily Science Fiction, I sent them Viskar Says Koklyev, or Etherea Magazine – I sent them Observation Log; Day Shift. I also subbed Praise The Lord to On Spec.

That’s a total of 65 submissions made. 22 rejections.

September 29th – Todays markets were Swords & Sorceries Volume 3 – after a bit of looking I subbed Dragon Bait there or The Dread Machine who I hadn’t been able to confirm as open when I compiled the list. They were open but I chose to bump them to tomorrow if I need an extra market. Instead I chose to sub March Madness At The Murchison Mansion to Minds Eye and Scenario Twelve to Haven Speculative.

Rejections from Dose of Dread on The Painted Beast At My Mother’s House & from Fusion Fragment on Sixteen Tons. Also a couple of late day rejections from Electric Spec on One Night Stand & Three-Lobed Burning Eye on Madam Midnight Fucks Shit Up.

That’s a total of 68 submissions made. 26 rejections.

September 30th – Todays markets were Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, I sent them Dragon Bait or Clarkesworld, I sent them Border Guards. I also decided to sub to The Dread Machine (sent them Volunteer To Be A Martyr) & The Colored Lens, I sent Observation Log; Day Shift to them.

That’s a total of 74 submissions made. 26 rejections.
A new record high in terms of subs during the event. It’s now just a matter of waiting as answers come back from markets. I’ll either update this post as I get stuff back, or add info to next months round-up blog, which is sounds like a plan.

So This Was September 2021

1 Oct

I’ve made 397 new submissions. 321 rejections. 16 acceptances.


Letters From The Phased Photonic Travel Company sold to Utopia Science Fiction, Jan 14th 2021.
Rescue Me sold to Hireath Publishing, Jan 31st, 2021.
Philip K. Dick Does It sold to The Angry Noodle, Feb 23rd 2021. (1st non-fiction sale!)
Exactly The Wrong Shade Of Green sold to The Lorelei Signal, Mar 7th 2021.
Overground sold to COLP, Apr 5th 2021.
The Message sold to Stupefying Stories, Apr 28th 2021.
Fixing Broken Dreams sold to Stupefying Stories, May 23rd 2021.
For Sale; Used Time Machine. No Refunds! sold to Stupefying Stories, Jun 1st 2021.
The Witless Protection Scheme sold to Flash In A Flash, Jun 20th 2021.
Officer Down, Permanently sold to Sanitarium Magazine, Jul 2nd 2021.
Too Hot To Handle sold to Stupefying Stories. Jul 12th 2021.
Fair King, Fell Low sold to Silver Blade, Jul 15th 2021.
A Life Of Mystery sold to 34 Orchard, Jul 18th 2021.
Party Of Five sold to The Lorelei Signal, Jul 26th 2021.
The Office Girl sold to Executive Dread, Aug 22nd 2021.
Photo Sympathy sold to US/THEM, Sep 3rd 2021.

CAVEAT:-Be aware, I am now adding stubs for titles which have sold, but I’ve not yet received official permission to announce as sold yet. These are just an aide memoire for me, and my increasingly terrible short-term memory.

There are currently 84 stories out in submission:-


Lost Souls was released at Daily Science Fiction, Jan 27th 2021.
Grandmothers Shoes was released at Bards And Sages Quarterly, April issue, Mar 30th 2021.
Overground was released in COLP:Underground, May 23rd 2021.
Fixing Broken Dreams was released at Stupefying Stories, May 28th, 2021.
The Message was released at Stupefying Stories, June 4th, 2021.
For Sale: Used Time Machine. No Refunds! was released at Stupefying Stories, June 7th, 2021.
The Witless Protection Scheme was released at Flash In A Flash newsletter,June 25th, 2021.
Letters From the Phased Photonic Travel Company was released at Utopia Science Fiction, Vol 2, Issue 6, June 30th, 2021.
Fair King, Fell Low was released at Silver Blade Magazine, Issue 50 – Summer 2021, July 15th, 2021.
Exactly The Wrong Shade Of Green was released at The Lorelei Signal, July 4th, 2021.
Too Hot To Handle was released at Stupefying Stories, Jul 29th 2021.
Philip K. Dick Does It was released at The Angry Noodle, July 30th 2021.
Officer Down, Permanently was released at Sanitarium Issue #4, August 13th, 2021.


(This is a new segment, I’ll be adding tips for myself for future blogs.)
Add sales as stubs as soon as those are received. Temp entries until officially announced then replace with official info.
Add releases as soon as info is received to Shape Of Things To Come. This means I don’t forget over the month.
Add stubs to Shape Of Things To Come for unannounced sales.
Create entries for the Submission Challenge each day, as they come in or go out.


Party Of Five will be released at The Lorelei Signal, 2nd or 3rd October 2021. (DTBC)
Rescue Me will be released in Shelter of Daylight, October 2021. (DTBC)
Tuck & Roll will be released in Automobilia, 30th October 2021.
Photo Sympathy will be released in US/THEM. Oct/Nov 2021.(DTBC)
A Life Of Mystery (now renamed All Clued Out) will be released at 34 Orchard, 11th November 2021.
The Office Girl will be released in Executive Dread. (DTBC)
36 Hours In The Space Force will be released in Tales From The Space Force, 15th-19th December 2021. (DTBC)
Stranding Room will be released at Abyss & Apex, Jan 2022. (DTBC)

There’s some other stuff coming, I can’t officially talk about it yet. Just know it IS coming.

When I get more solid dates on the date to be confirmeds, I’ll announce them.


I wrote 4 new stories this month, a total of 6237 words. Nothing else to say right now, other than I’m glad the challenge is over. It felt like it dragged a bit towards the end of the month. I’m going have a break, probably not going to write for a few weeks. I’m not going to work on the January market list either. I need some dedicated me time which doesn’t involve writing or bring creative. I do have markets listed, I have no idea if I’ll sub to them or not.

This time last year I was at the end of the 1st month of the 365 day challenge. I’ve more than achieved 365 subs to paying markets in a year.