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Have another poem.

30 Jun
Science Fiction is infectious, William Gibsons’ a disease,
Reading books will surely cure us, Harry Harrison save us please!

Twitter ahoy!

29 Jun

Recently after doing some looking at how various search engines list my ebooks I discovered some nice people tweeting my titles and I’d like to take the opportunity here to thank them for the free publicity.

You can now find me on Twitter. @RayDaleyWriter

All my new ebook releases and flash fiction releases will be promoted there (as well as on my Facebook page, my Google + page and here too of course).

I’ve already sent 2 celeb tweets (to William Gibson & Danny Baker) & am following a boatload of people. If you have an account there then follow me and retweet my releases.


That’s my official twitter feed, it’s me (as it has the pic I use on all my accounts), follow and support please?


I’ve been checking my ebooks out on Google

23 Jun
Thanks to Google I now know my most pirated (and stolen) book is The Case Of The Invisible Man. I don’t see the logic in taking the worst possible format of a free book then posting it on all the file hosting sites.

Just get a decent version from here:-

or here

If you’re gonna take it & put it elsewhere, take ANY format but the PDF because that visually looks AWFUL and it makes me look like bad too as it puts hypens in words instead of doing auto word wrap or putting them on the next line.

Good News Everyone!

20 Jun

Apart from the fact that Futurama is back (and that was a blatant reference), I didn’t need to have any more laser surgery!
Apparently the new procedure does the entire eye in 1 sitting (explains why it hurts a lot more!) so I am all done for hopefully at least the next five years.

I am SUPER happy, back to the writing.

Up to stuff, here’s what

17 Jun

Had an idea yesterday whilst making tea which I later wrote up in bed, typed it up after lunch today.  It’s not finished but I think I know how it ends.

Made a couple of covers (for Dinner With Grandma & Echo Beach), I’ll probably type up my fragment from “The Secret Police Man” tomorrow.

May do nothing Wednesday, can’t do anything Thursday as I am getting lasered at the Hospital so I will most likely be resting Friday as well.

I think my next order of business will be to do covers for everything else that is currently finished which means 3 more stories will be moved from “probably finished” to the “definitely finished” pile.  2 of them are very short so if I release those I will do 1 at the start of the month and the other a week later so people don’t think I am short changing them with just flash length stuff.

The story that previously was entered into a Goodreads competition is long enough to stand as 1 monthly release. It’s as polished as it’s going to get too.Not really sure how best to represent that with a cover so it’ll probably be one of the last releases of the year.

Goodbye Iain Banks, RIP

10 Jun
I need to comment on the passing of author Iain M. Banks after his fight with cancer. I hope you enjoyed the final 2 monhs with your wife sir.

Our world is a little less bright without your writing.

Go in peace, you’re away The Crow Road now.

We’re back!

8 Jun

Now back online on the new and improved computer!
Few teething issues still (like it won’t let me log in to Google for some reason?) but most things seem to be working.

Possibly doing a new release tomorrow.    We’ll see.


7 Jun

I am currently not writing.  No motivation.
I did buy some supplies today, scored 2 nice 200 sheet A5 notepads & 3 rollerball pens all for £1 a piece.  It’s amazing what you can get for just a quid.

At least there’s no current shortage of something to write on or write with.

It’s just a matter of finding the urge to actually write.  This blog entry does not count.

Life update

4 Jun

Just thought I’d let you folks know I’ve received a definate date for my 2nd (and hopefully last) round of laser surgery on my eyes for my glaucoma later this month.

Laser is NOT a cure, there is NO cure.

Glaucoma is managed, it’s something once diagnosed that you live with as best as you can.  This is a new type of laser, I’d had all I could have of the old style ALT (Argon Laser Treatment) – you can only have that twice.

I don’t know if the new kind (SLT) gives the same expected results as the ALT did as that gave 5 years each time of good manageable life with little to no pain.  I can cope with 5 more yrs which would get me towards the end of the current decade, hopefully it’ll also mean I can start to look for work properly & hopefully get another job.

Being unemployed can be kind of depressing but living between pain & hospital treatments isn’t exactly shits and giggles either but it’s the lesser of 2 evils.

Don’t worry and start thinking “Oh no!  He’s going to abandon us all!  He’s going to stop writing!”  Nope.  Not going to happen.  Not in this lifetime at least.  I will continue to write as long as I am able to see.  And I will continue to release free ebooks for as long as I have money to pay my broadband bill.

I have numerous finished pieces that can be released and only 1 submission out with a website right now.  I am writing down ideas and partials all the time and have a backlog of the same to type up eventually.  When I get time to do them.

I am going to ask one thing of you, my blog readers.
I would like to know which of my ebooks or online flash stories you like the most.

Comments here please.

Even more recognition? Very nice!

3 Jun

After discovering yesterday that SF Signal had listed me for “Salary Man”, I decided to dig a bit deeper. Previously they’ve also listed me for my online flash short “Return From Red Zone”

and one of my actual ebooks, “The Angry Vagabonds”

Thanks folks!