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The 12 Days Of RAF Christmas

29 Nov

On the 12th day of Christmas, the RAF gave to me:-

12 Fitters fitting,
11 riggers rigging,
10 mechs a-meching,
9 lineys waving,
8 firemen fighting,
7 scopies scoping,
6 rocks a-guarding,
4 calling commcen,
3 crap dets,
2 gash jobs
And a part that won’t fit on the jet!

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 48.

26 Nov

Just finished this weeks story.
Yes, I’m up late and can barely see through my left eye but I had to get it done.

1283 words, I had the idea in week 25. I just couldn’t work out the fine points.
I think it panned out okay in the end though.

Just 4 more weeks left, then we’re done!

Doctor Who joke

23 Nov

One day, a female American Whovian was walking down a street in her city when she saw the TARDIS, standing there off in the distance.
So she ran towards it, squeeing her brain out thinking “Brilliant! I’m going to meet The Doctor! I’m going to travel in the TARDIS and become a companion and everything! I might even meet the Daleks!”
As she ran down the block, she approached the TARDIS.
Which dematerialised just as she reached it.
“Fuck!”, she said. Because you would, wouldn’t you.
At her feet was a bit of paper which she picked up.
It read as follows:-
Under Obamacare you do not have enough points to see a doctor. Let alone The Doctor. Sorry.”

Inspired by Terry Pratchett.

23 Nov

Just knocked out a whole story, inspired by his Pterranceness.

2294 words, a fun little olde worlde piece of swords and knights and naughty liars.

Always fun when you’re laughing as you’re writing it. Most enjoyable.
Thanks for the inspiration Terry!

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 47.

19 Nov

All finished on this weeks story, 1186 words.
That came from watching a very slow, crappy film called Minotaur last night.

One week closer to the end! Bring it on!

Approaching the finish line!

16 Nov

As we are rapidly closing in on the end of 2014, I put a bit of work into getting all the weekly stories grouped together.
46 of them are all happily sitting side by side for the first time, unimpeded by the extras that I wrote between them.

I’ll make a start on reading & proofing in earnest today, hopefully get that done fairly quickly.
They’ve all been spell-checked but need to be read aloud to catch any outstanding mistakes I may have missed to date.
I don’t know what kind of word count they add up to yet, I may work that out along the way.
They may still yet need some fine tuning too, final touch-ups to perfect them.

At the end of last year I was quite nervous, scared even, about the scale of the resolution ahead of me.
So far, it’s turned out fairly well.  Saying that, I won’t be doing it again any time in the near future.

I’d like to write some authors notes for each story, the why’s and what’s and in-jokes.
This year was exactly the right time to do this, I’ve become a much better writer for it.

I have no resolution plans for next year at all. I may just go with the 1 story per month release as usual and nothing else.
I guess we’ll see.

Happy to be finishing a story

15 Nov

1902 words worth of story finished even though I’d lost the thread of the thing.
An okay end, I guess.

We’re now up to 154 stories written in total this year.