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Update on the update

15 Mar

I do this a bit, don’t I?

Right. Dieselpunk story is submitted. Hear back by 1st Aug 2014.
Story also submitted to Every Day Fiction. Hear back in a max of 90 days, that’s June 24th by my estimate.

Fingers crossed.

News update

13 Mar

New short submitted to Every Day Fiction.
Hear back in a max of 90 days.
I hope they like it.

Release schedule and what’s finished.

14 Sep

This is rumour control, here are the facts:-

There are 16 FULL and completed stories of various lengths (from flash upwards) which are ready to be released. These will either be ebook releases for next year or sent to one of the flash publishing sites such as 365 Tomorrows or Linguistic Erosion. I am looking to try sending to new places too.

As for this year, ALL the titles are complete and have been chosen for specific months.

The October release is done but needs a cover.

The November releases, because there are several are all complete but one may still need the ending modified. At it stands, it IS complete but is still subject to editing. One title has a cover, the remaining three still need covers. One is for Armistice Day, the rest are for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

The December release only needs a cover.

There are also 7 titles which have previously been published on Facebook which may be reused here on the blog.


Short update about writing

6 Aug
Typed up my short Mythbusters related story. Not sure what the fate of that one is yet.
Heard back from Every Day Fiction, Veterans didn’t make the cut sadly. They liked it but didn’t think there was enough characterization, they got the themes though so I achieved my main aim.