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What’s popular?

31 Oct

As I’m doing a new release tomorrow I thought I’d look around & see what my most popular title is across the various distributors. D/l stats where available:-

Smashwords – Death Wears A Black Basque, 427 d/l’s
Feedbooks – What You Never Read In The History Books, 2,334 d/l’s
Itunes – What You Never Read In The History Books
Barnes & Noble – Death Wears A Black Basque
Kobo – Peril At The Pop-up Library
Diesel – Will You Carry Me?
Sony – The Sniper

Just finished

23 Oct

The Grandfather Army.

I’d started it several months ago then stopped after writing the inital idea down.

Over the last week or so I’ve watched a couple of old war films but after watching “The Way Ahead” (starring David Niven), I finally got around to finishing it today.  It’s the 3rd title I’ve published in less than a week and the 4th story I’ve finished including the flash piece I wrote as an early birthday gift for EJ.

Smashwords — The Grandfather Army — A book by Ray Daley.

No plans to do anything for at least a few days now.

Working on….

7 Oct

A piece about reality tv that I started a while ago.  I’m working under new meds that hurt, a headache, the right eye giving me a ton of gyp in general and a bit of a creative drought as far as finishing this piece and writing new stuff goes.

I have to go and see my employment advisor tomorrow, hopefully he’ll be understanding about my health and general state of well-being.  I’ve got to do the new meds until the end of the month, hopefuly things will get better as far as the pain I am in is concerned.

On a totally unrelated note……

3 Oct

I’ve written 2 short flash pieces today or rather, this afternoon and this evening.
I also found a flash short I was convinced I’d either lost or not typed up at all.  And I parted out a couple of pieces.  So I have 8 things all done ready to go towards the start of a new (third) anthology.

You have to write the garbage!

3 Oct

Not everything you write is going to be any good.  In fact a large percentage of any writers output is going to be garbage.  Not good.  Crappy. Awful.  Boring.  Dull.  Uninspired.

But now and then you are going to hit creative gold, but to reach it you have to mine through level after level of detritus.