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Solutions to problems you didn’t know existed

30 Oct

Hello! Welcome to the end of October.

I’ve been having some back issues recently, possibly sciatica. So I decided to invest in a comfortable large sized cushion for my computer/writing chair. It’s where I spend most of my day when I’m not sleeping.

So I started by setting a budget, didn’t want to spend any more than £10, ideally.

When I looked at cushions before (in Coventry indoor market) the cheapest I saw were about £25 and weren’t very big at all. So I ignored those and tried Primark (mostly as it’s on the way back to the bus stop). Located “Homewares” and found some decent sized cushions. Picked a fairly dull grey coloured one.

£8 so well within budget, plus the bag they put it in also fitted my toaster I’d been carrying around the city centre for the last bloody hour which was even better.

I gave the chair a good wash and wipe down (it’s leather) before I went to bed and I put the cushion down when I booted up earlier. It fits almost the entire seat and actually also allows me to seat with my back on the back of the chair so good lower lubar suppport too.

Very comfy, very nice to sit on. Quite happy now.


What’s currently in submission #7

15 Sep
As the last one was at the end of August, I thought I’d update you.
What’s currently out in submission?
The Concentration Camp (subbed to Persistant Visions)
Even Stevens (subbed to AE)
Junkie (subbed to Blind Spot)
An Improper State Of Mind [subbed to Mind Candy]
Rumpelstiltskin; The Early Years (subbed to Timeless Tales)
A Head Of Steam (subbed to Edge Onlines Fantastic Trains)
The Girl On Platform Two (Subbed to Gallery of Curiosities)
Summerland (subbed to Occult Detective Quarterly)
I Want Candy [subbed to Gathering Storm]

Hotmail Login error fix

30 May

A word of warning/advice to those finding they are having certification issues logging into what used to be Hotmail.

An error occurred during a connection to Invalid OCSP signing certificate in OCSP response. Error code: SEC_ERROR_OCSP_INVALID_SIGNING_CERT

That error, as above.

I found that as soon as I removed the old Hotmail URL & used the Outlook one, that problem went right away.

So if you are getting that problem, Google the Outlook URL, login and bookmark that. You should have no more certification issues.

Hotmail as an entity went bye bye a while back, replaced by Outlook. It’s probably why this happened, Microsoft simply stopped updating the settings for it.

Hope this helps, it fixed it for me.

An Update!

30 Jan

First things first, an apology. Sorry for neglecting the blog. Normally I’d check in more often than this but various things have kept me distracted.

Righty, on with the actual update.

There’s no New Years Resolution this year. I am going to be doing a few things, but they aren’t solid, date based or goal based things so I’m not classing them as actual resolutions.

Submitting More Stories.
I’ve set a new routine around submissions now, if you follow me on twitter@RayDaleyWriter then you’ll already know that whenever I receive a rejection I have decided that I will submit a story to a new market within 24 hours of receiving that rejection.

I also want to try and submit at least 1 or 2 stories per month, to get more stuff out there in the world. I know it’s sort of the scatter gun approach to submissions but something’s got to be taken eventually. I’m hoping more subs equals more chances of making a sale. And not more chances of getting rejected.

Write On A Regular Basis.
One of my twitter friends said her resolution was to write 1 story a month, each month. Admittedly, I’ve already gone way beyond this in the past with a story each week for a year. But as I’m not always in the right mindset to write, 1 a month sounds more than possible for me. I’ve already completed 9 stories. So that’s me up to September already.

Read More.
To be a good writer, Stephen King (amongst others) says you should read a lot. That’s not a massive problem for me.

Summing up.
Currrently there are 7 stories out in submission. One is in the process of being withdrawn as it has been with that market for 2yrs with no progress so they are officially getting shitlisted once I’ve had it confirmed they’ve withdrawn it.

And now you’re all caught up again.

Hunting With The Robotic Lions’ Pride (Flash Fiction)

7 Aug

Hunting With The Robotic Lions' Pride

“We’re fighting Lions today? You DON’T say? You see this bit of paper? Oh, you can’t read? Well it says I’m too ill to go into combat today. Yeah, sorry about that. You all have a LOVELY time! Love you, miss you, bye now!”

(waits until they’re out of earshot)

“Hope you DIE SOON!”

(looks around)

“I guess there’s about to be a whole lot of widows, needing to be comforted? And just me to do it. It’s a dirty job, but I think I can manage.”

A Saint Patricks day story!

17 Mar

So everyone thinks they know the story of how St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland.

This is completely untrue. Cars hadn’t been invented then. He tried to send them harshly worded letters but eventually realised snakes can’t read. So he just grabbed a massive great stick and swung it like crazy until all those snakes got the heck out of Ireland.
And this is why England now has snakes.
Thanks, Saint Patrick!
Happy Saint Patricks day.

An announcement.

16 Mar

I’ve redacted this status many times. But I’ve now reached the point in my life where I genuinely don’t care what people think any more. Your reaction is either “So what, big deal” or anything else.

So I am outing myself.

To save you “accidently” stumbling across it on Reddit then feeling the need to inform the rest of the world. Or noticing I am now a member of a LGBT writing group here on Facebook.

Yes, I am a transvestite. Crossdresser. Whatever.
Or was.
I retired “her” a long time ago.

If you didn’t know by now it’s either because I didn’t think I COULD tell you or I didn’t WANT to tell you.

I am no different today than I was yesterday.
You are just slightly better informed about me.

You now belong to one of two groups.

GROUP 1 – You already knew, I told you. Or EJ did & I confirmed it.
GROUP 2 – You are just finding this out now.

Things you need to know.

A definition:- I am a straight man who likes dressing as a woman. Or I used like dressing that way.
I am NOT gay! I love girls. So much so, I occasionally was one.
Yes, my mum did know. Yes, I did ask her not to say anything.
(I assume my siblings had their suspicions). Prior to this post only one of them knew, who I asked to say nothing.
Yes, I am slightly schizophrenic. She is not me, I am not her. We share the body and brain.
Yes, I HAVE met Eddie Izzard. (Once only, coming out of the ladies loos in the Way Out Wine Bar, a tranny club in London.)

I was a professional model! As a girl! I appeared on billboards & in magazines!
I worked in Madame Jojo’s (the club featured in “Kinky Boots”) for a VERY short time. Yes it paid quite well. Yes I spent every penny.
I dressed for a lot of my whole RAF career, at High Wycombe. They never caught me. (Well Cpl Andy Hitt ALMOST did, I am sorry I lied to you!)
I was once offered a part in the Annie Lennox “Little Bird” video. (I had to turn it down, I have regretted this every day since.)
This is why I keep posting the link to it. Now you know.
No, I can’t tell you which “Annie” I was going to be. I narrowed it down to two.
I will not take your wife/girlfriend/female partner shopping. (Unless it’s LJ; in which case been there, done that)
Number of RAF people who knew (at the time), 5. 2 MOD civvies after the fact. (You are now trying to work out if you are one of those 5, aren’t you!)
Yes, you can ask me stuff. I reserve the right to answer what I want.
Yes that is me on the front cover in the picture (outside the Winter Gardens in Milton Keynes), yes I was still in the RAF when this was published. No, it’s not my best picture.

Yes, they did sell this in High Wycombe. I saw it in several news agents. Yes, I was laughing my arse off the entire time.

I have been and still am Ray Daley, formerly SAC R. P. Daley and sometimes that bird I refer to as Racheal.
It’s a crapload of identities to fit into one brain.

I offer no reasons other than this, a thought I lived with for 4 years.
“I wanted to be myself. I had no idea who that was.”

I still don’t.

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