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6 Feb
As a writer, it might surprise some of you to know that not only do I suffer from Imposter Syndrome, I also have horrible bouts of self doubt and crippling depression.
Then I’ll say stupid things on twitter.
They almost always aren’t true, it’s merely paranoia, self-doubt and the black dog whispering in my ear.
Then you have people who see you doing this, and try to set the world to rights.
The world has lovely people in it. They want to help you. Let them.
Depression is a liar. Don’t listen to it.

Update on my daily update.

12 Feb

Got a no from Clarkesworld. That’ll be my last try with them. I don’t do SMF, sorry.

Daily update

12 Feb

Short Eye Clinic visit (there and back in just over 2hrs), currently not written anything for this weeks Bradbury Challenge but I’m not feeling it right now.

I’ve just had some food & submitted a flash short to Clarkesworld. I’ve tried them once before but Neil is a hard chap to impress so I hope he thinks this one is good enough.

Dealing with rejection

28 Feb

I think the best way to deal with story rejections as an author is to expect them to be rejected when you submit them.

Don’t send them thinking “They’re definitely going to publish this!”.

This way if they don’t, you aren’t disappointed. If they do, it’s a pleasant surprise.

I got a rejection from Clarkesworld today.

But I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Neil Clarke for taking the time to read my work and letting me know it wasn’t what they were looking for right now.

Worth a try and I can always try again in the future.

Keeping busy and psychiatry

25 Feb

Submitted “The Mason Procedure” to Clarkesworld, should hear from them within the next 2 days.

Total finished “The Ground Beneath My Feet” including proofing. Got a beta reader ready for it.
Also wrote another micro flash piece which I was inspired towards during the proofing process.

I’ve noticed that the endings of my stories reflect my mood at the time of writing.
Upbeat endings reflect better moods.
Sombre endings reflect darker moods.