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2021 Awards Eligible Work

18 Jan

The following works are eligible for the Nebula & Hugo Awards in the short story category.

Lost Souls. Daily Science Fiction. January 27th, 2021.
Grandmothers Shoes. Bards And Sages Quarterly, April issue. March 30th, 2021.
Overground. COLP:Underground. May 23rd, 2021.
Fixing Broken Dreams. Stupefying Stories. May 28th, 2021.
The Message. Stupefying Stories. June 4th, 2021.
For Sale: Used Time Machine. No Refunds! Stupefying Stories. June 7th, 2021.
The Witless Protection Scheme. Flash In A Flash newsletter. June 25th, 2021.
Letters From the Phased Photonic Travel Company. Utopia Science Fiction, Vol 2, Issue 6. June 30th, 2021.
Exactly the Wrong Shade of Green. The Lorelei Signal, Jul-Sept ’21 Issue. July 5th, 2021.
Fair King, Fell Low. Silver Blade Magazine, Issue 50 – Summer 2021. July 15th, 2021.
Too Hot to Handle. Stupefying Stories. July 29th 2021.
Officer Down, Permanently. Sanitarium Issue #4. August 13th, 2021.
Rescue Me. Shelter Of Daylight, Autumn 2021. September 24th 2021.
Party Of Five. The Lorelei Signal, Oct-Dec ’21 Issue. October 4th, 2021.

[This is an ongoing thread, updates will appear as stories are released.]

So this was 2020

1 Jan

I’ve made 356 new submissions. 317 rejections. 16 acceptances. 4 withdrawn, 0 not received.


36 Hours In The Space Force sold to B Cubed Press, Jan 20th 2020.
My Summer Holiday, By Billy Mesner (Aged 5) sold to Trouble Among the Stars, Jan 20th 2020.
Fillers accepted by Again, Hazardous Imaginings, Feb 20th, 2020.
Mushnik’s Guitar sold to Aphotic Realm, Feb 21st, 2020.
The Shaming sold to Tell-Tale Press; Nebu Carnvale, Feb 28th, 2020.
For The Duty sold to Space Force; Building A Legacy, Mar 22nd, 2020.
The Scars Of War sold to Chrome Baby, Apr 13th, 2020.
The Dionesian Wave (reprint) sold to Tell-Tale Press, Apr 24th, 2020.
The Passing Of Witchcraft sold to Satyr Central, Jul 21st, 2020.
Electric Feet, Manual Street sold to Kasma SF, Jul 26th, 2020.
Lost Souls sold to Daily Science Fiction, Aug 30th, 2020. (1st Pro Sale!)
And The Lord Taketh Away sold to The Colored Lens, Sept 2nd, 2020.
Grandmothers Shoes sold to Bards And Sages Quarterly, Sept 16th, 2020.
Stranding Room Only sold to Abyss & Apex, Oct 3rd, 2020.
One Of Us Is Lying sold to Sirius Science Fiction, Nov 8th, 2020.
The Symptoms Of Lawn Tennis (reprint) sold to Flash In A Flash. Oct 10th, 2020.

There are currently 38 stories out in submission:-


A Tooth Fairy Dreams… Aether And Ichor issue 5. Jan 1st, 2020.
It Takes A Dragon. Flash Fiction Magazine. Jan 12th, 2020.
My Summer Holiday, By Billy Mesner (Aged 5). Trouble Among The Stars issue 5. Feb 5th, 2020.
Super Fake. Future Syndicate II. Feb 6th, 2020.
Bastard Space. Wordland 8, Time We Left. Mar 1st, 2020.
Mushnik’s Guitar. Aphotic Realm Magazine #9, Interstellar. Mar 26th, 2020
(REPRINT) The Dionesian Wave. Tell-Tale Press. May 4th, 2020.
For The Duty. Space Force: Building The Legacy. May 19th, 2020.
The Shaming. The Starship Logs Vol 3: Nabu Carnevale. Tell-Tale Press. Jun 1st, 2020.
The Scars Of War. Chrome Baby (Bairn 93). Jun 30th, 2020.
The Passing Of Witchcraft. The Angry Noodle (formerly Satyr Central). Aug 12th, 2020.
Electric Feet, Manual Street. Kasma Magazine. Sept 1st, 2020.
Summer At Camp Long Drop. Ghostlight, The Magazine of Terror: Fall 2020 (#6). Sept 10th, 2020.
Detecting Rogue Time Travellers (Practical Exam), On Time, Sept 30th, 2020.
And The Lord Taketh Away. The Colored Lens #37 Autumn 2020, Oct 15th, 2020.
One Of Us Is Lying. Sirius Science Fiction, Nov 8th, 2020.
(REPRINT) The Symptoms Of Lawn Tennis. Worth 1,000 Words: 101 Flash Fiction Stories by 101 Authors., December 5th, 2020.


36 Hours In The Space Force will be released in Tales From The Space Force. (DTBC)
Lost Souls will be released at Daily Science Fiction, 2021. (DTBC))
Grandmothers Shoes will be released in Bards And Sages Quarterly, Apr, 2021. (DTBC)
Tuck & Roll will be released in Automobilia, Aug 1st, 2021.
Stranding Room will be released at Abyss & Apex, Jan 2022. (DTBC)

When I get more solid dates on the date to be confirmeds, I’ll announce them.


The 4th month of the year long subs challenge is now over. Only 9 more to go.

I got 9 new ISFDB credits this year:-
A Tooth Fairy Dreams… (2020)
And the Lord Taketh Away (2020)
Mushnik’s Guitar (2020)
Super Fake (2020)
For the Duty (2020)
The Scars of War (2020)
Electric Feet, Manual Street (2020)
Summer at Camp Long Drop (2020)
One Of Us Is Lying (2020)

My total of new stories written this year was 54.

My 2020 writing stats:-
Stories completed=54
Longest story=5995 words
Shortest story=270 words
Camp Nano April ’20=4 stories; 6,741 words
Camp Nano July ’20=20 stories; 33,122 words
NanoWriMo ’20=Did not officially take part. 2 stories. 2,955 words.

Total words written=88,033.

Summing Up:- Made 2 pro sales, sold 1st reprint. Pretty happy with this year.

GOALS FOR 2021:- Sell a translation, make at least 1 pro sale, sell at least 1 reprint.

December 2020 Submission Challenge Summary

1 Jan

From this point on, I won’t be posting a log of monthly stats.

I had just spent 20 mins formatting and preparing this post, then WordPress lost 99% of it.

31 subs, 1 acceptance, 1 withdrawn, 29 rejections.