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What’s currently in submission in 2018 #10

29 Nov

As the last one was in October (I forgot to put that up here at the time, I’m really sorry) I thought I’d update you.

What’s currently out in submission?

OIS Nov 18

Acceptances:- How Have The Mighty Fallen to Insignia & The Razors Edge to The Weird & Whatnot. I’m guessing neither of those will come out this year.
Rejections:- 211 in total, at moment of making this post.
Publications:- Nothing this month.
Withdrawals:- None this month.

33 stories now out there.

What’s currently in submission in 2018 #9

29 Nov

As the last one was in September I thought I’d update you.

What’s currently out in submission?

out to sub oct 18

Acceptances:- None this month.
Rejections:- Again, too many to count.
Publications:- Not According To Design is out!
Withdrawals:- None this month.

35 stories now out there.

Patrolling In An Afghan Wonderland (2018 version)

27 Nov

Patrolling In An Afghan Wonderland
By Ray Daley.

Sand’s too bright, it’s just glistening
Past the wire, Dickers listening,
The desert is shite, Looks crappy tonight
Patrolling in an Afghan wonderland.

Gone away, the gozome bird
Here to stay, the radar dome bird
But it feels so wrong, As we go along
Patrolling in an Afghan wonderland.

In the compound we can’t build a snowman
Pretend we’re not eating Biscuits, Brown.
Ask us if we’re worried, We’ll say no man!
Just tell us that the Op is drawing down?

Later on, We’ll conspire
To ask IS, for a ceasefire.
Will the brass stand us down, then pass beers around?
Patrolling in an Afghan wonderland.

Sleigh bells ring, Are you listening?
With AK’s; the country’s bristling
Can we please go home? Leave this place alone,
Patrolling in an Afghan wonderland.


Summing Up NaNoWriMo 2018

23 Nov

It’s day 23, and I have won.

I made the call to take part quite late into October, so I had about a week and a half to prepare, fortunately I knew I wasn’t going to be writing a novel, I was taking the rebellion route of short stories.

I’ve won 2 camps with short stories, so I had a fairly high expectation of success.

Planning:- I took a few days to find some outlines, ideas & image prompts. I didn’t find 30 because I didn’t expect to be writing one story every day. My hope was to go well over the daily word count.

Doing the damn thing:-

Day 1 & 2, I wrote a superhero origin story. I’d had the idea for this a few yrs ago so I had a decent outline to work off. 4635 words in the 2 day period.

Day 3, An idea about a spaceship. Another one I’d had a while back, it wrote fairly easily. 2463 words.

Day 4, An idea I had after getting a cold call to the house by phone. 2072 words.

Day 5 & 6, A fairystory retold and reimagined. 3910 words.

Day 7, Another superhero story, but told from a totally different point of view. 2658 words.

Day 8, They say write what you know, so I used some of my military experience. 2625 words.

Day 9 & 10, I’ll admit, I struggled to write anything. 713 words.

Day 10, I managed to find my stride later in day 10. 2346 words.

Day 11, Quite an easy day off a good image prompt. 2094 words.

Day 12, A weird story off something I kept mistyping. Well, it made me laugh. 1340 words.

Day 13, Another fairly easy day off an image prompt. 2430 words.

Day 14, My first day where I wrote nothing. 0 words.

Day 15, Another of my odd survival stories. 3272 words.

Day 16, It started out as a western, & went a totally different way. 1996 words.

Day 17, Me rewriting Day Of The Triffids, I guess? 1743 words.

Day 18, An experiment in story tellling, but in a new way. 2255 words.

Day 19, The first story was just odd. 1702 words. As was the second. 4002 words.

Day 20, Not the first time I’ve gone with a weird idea. 2165 words.

Day 21, Rather than write nothing, I wrote something short. 620 words.

Day 22, A prison story. 1690 words. And something about a maze. 3003 words.

Day 23, And a short story about space to finish. 1090 words.

Total word count 50824.

So This Was October…

13 Nov

We’ve already reached the end of the tenth month of 2018.

So what’s happened so far?

SALES:- I’ve made 4 sales so far. To Third Flatiron; “The Doomsday Machine Retires” for their Monstrosities anthology, to WolfSinger Publications; “Muse” for their Cat Tails anthology, to Mythic Magazine; “Not According To Design” and most recently “The Girl On Platform Two” to Jouth Anthology.

ACCEPTANCES THAT AREN’T SALES:- I’ve also had an acceptance from Insignia for Volume7 of their up-coming flash anthology. This wasn’t a sale, there’s no money involved.

SUBMISSIONS:- I’ve already submitted 228 stories this year.

REJECTIONS:- I’ve had 208 rejections so far.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS:- Insignia Volume 5 is now on sale. Mythic Magazine is also on sale. Jouth Anthology is also now on sale.

My latest credit is still to go up on ISFDB.

My total of new stories written this year so far is now 84.

I’ll apologise that this has appeared a little later than it normally would on account of how I decided to take part in NaNoWriMo in the last few weeks of October. I’m doing okay so far, I’m still a little ahead of schedule but struggling daily with motivation.

More on that in a proper post next month.