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Mystery solved

30 Sep

The mystery of recent “eyelid flicker/spasm” is now pretty much solved.
It’s not anything that Doctor said.

The chalazion in my right upper eyelid got a bit bigger and slightly inflamed, that’s what’s causing it.
Hopefully like the one in my left lower eyelid it’ll work itself loose and come out of it’s own accord.

Just got to try and not rub my eyes too hard.

This is my own diagnosis, not that of any trained professional.
PS, this post is primarily for me, to allay my fears of what the Doctor said it MIGHT be.
Looks like she was wrong.


November update!

29 Sep

Another freaking Doctor Who story written (& finished!)
I was watching 2 guys interview Steven Moffat & got a serious idea that I HAD to get written.
I wish it had a stronger end though.

So for November that’s now 1 story for each week to release.
FIVE! 4 Who stories and one for Armistice day.

With all this free fiction I am spoiling you.

Nearly October, releases ahoy!

28 Sep

Just a few more days away from another new month.
This October will see the release of TWO (count them!) new and original pieces.

I was able to write something fairly recently, which, as a horror genre piece will suit October perfectly. Both October stories are oriented towards being enjoyed on Halloween.

My thoughts are to release the newest one on the first of the month and the older one at the end of the 2nd week of the month.
So October will be a Twofers month!

One story is just shy of 1800 words and the other is just over 1800 words. So you are getting 2 fairly decent length pieces (by flash fiction standards) for free in a month. As yet, neither piece has a cover. I have an idea for both, just got to actually make them.

It’s nothing compared to the number of releases coming in November though!
You’ll get FOUR then!

Please don’t be thinking this will become a regular thing though.
Normal service will resume in December, only 1 release then.

Death On The 7:15 from Roehampton, A Flash Fiction Story By Raymond Daley

27 Sep

“Ladies & Gentleman, this is your Station Master speaking.

Due to maintenance on lines to the North, the 7:15 Roehampton train calling at Becknell, Barchester, Fulhampton & Murmansk has been cancelled. There will be a replacement bus service arriving outside the station serving all stations to the North in precisely 30 minutes. We apologise for this delay.”

“Phew, that was a close one. They nearly got me that time”

Quick update before bedtime

23 Sep

Another new story both started and finished.
For an idea with next to nothing in it I wrote just over 1600 words.

I’ll leave it a few days before I try any editing.
For a change I was actually fairly okay with the ending.

Touched by the hand of Bradbury

22 Sep

Over the last few days I’ve been watching various things that Ray Bradbury did.
The first was a poem he performed on a tv show where he appeared with Arthur C. Clarke (I believe it was for the launching of Voyager 1).
The second was a talk he delivered about writing at a Californian University.
He gave some great advice about how to start writing.

To write a short story every week for a year, to learn and refine your craft.
At the end of the year you would have 52 stories but at least a few decent ones.
He said he started writing at age 12 and didn’t try to write a novel until he was 30.

I was inspired by him to go through some of my older ideas (I have several little piles of ideas, two lots are handwritten and one is a typed set of ideas and frameworks) and try to finish one.

I’m a little under the weather currently due to a throat infection which is also making me sick too.
I will try to finish the idea off that I picked out.

I’ve also been asked to beta-read a book and have volunteered myself to beta at least 3 more but I am waiting for those to be sent to me.

Nothing much else to do until my VF & Clinic appointments next month (which I have an actual date for now!).
Signing off for now.

All right?

19 Sep

Are you all right? I’m okay.

I wrote a short this morning based on a dream I had in the early hours. About 1200 words or thereabouts.

I’m glad I remembered it, sometimes dreams are hard to remember. I had to wing the ending because I woke up before there was any resolution so I made up an up-beat not-quite-ending.

I’m going to have some lunch now, I’m well hungry.


You be good now!

Slightly orange

17 Sep

Back from my check-up, my pressures were still pretty low. Still got a lot of the orange dye on my eyes which I’ll wash off shortly.

Have to go back next month as someone forgot to schedule me in for Visual Fields but that’s not a bother.

Read a Brian Aldiss story whilst waiting and also wrote a bit more of the story in my jacket notepad.

A quick life related heads-up

16 Sep

I have my post-op (laser surgery) check-up at the Eye Clinic tomorrow so if I don’t receive any actual treatment I should be back online a few hours after coming home. If there’s any actual treatment, it’ll be longer and I’ll be back online by Wednesday.

I wrote something new (again!)

16 Sep

Finished my new story, just shy of 1700 words.
Not bad for an idea that literally came from nowhere.
At least it’s another vampire story written.

And I still have that idea from yesterday to work on too.


I wanted to watch Moon, instead I half watched it while writing the story.

I’ve never worked in any kind of idea like that before (despite having done vampires twice prior to this), I just hope people like it.

Off to bed now, another productive day over.