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I found an old poem

30 Apr

Invasion. © 17/06/02 R.P.Daley.

So why invade Earth?
It’s only a tiny blue sphere.
Its natives pollute it like hell,
Who would want to go there?
The humans think they are so smart,
What they jokingly refer to as art.
Their lives spent seeking a thrill,
Finding more obscene ways to kill.
The best thing we chose to decide,
When they invented war, we would hide.
Will they ever guess or suppose,
We are right here under their nose.
They are too busy watching the stars,
Inventing Little Green men from Mars.
We’ll appear with our speeches rehearsed,
Why invade when we lived here first!

The End.


Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 18.

30 Apr

This weeks story just finished, 437 words.

Not a lot but it was a simple idea that didn’t need much to express it.

Writing (or not) Update

28 Apr

I’ve had a couple of days turning ideas over in my head.

First one was about space tigers from 2 days ago.
2nd one was about a door, yesterday.
3rd one was about Ronald Reagan, also yesterday.

Typed up a vague outline of the 2nd and 3rd yesterday.
Managed to type up an extremely vague outline of the first one today.

They don’t have endings. Or beginnings. Or any kind of reason to happen.
Those will need to be found.

I’ll probably write one of my ready outlines on top of the computer for this weeks Bradbury Challenge.
Next months free ebook release is all ready to go including cover.

And that’s where I am right now.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 17.

25 Apr

I just completed this weeks story. 1382 words.

Damn but that was hard.

I’ve had a migraine for the last 2 days and my motivation level wasn’t just zero, it was below that.
I looked at my pile of ideas, none of them set my mind on fire.
Fortunately I spotted something today when I was looking at TV show titles and BANG.
That was it. I suddenly had the idea and had to write it no matter how shitty I was feeling.

It’s done now, it’s out of the way.
We’re still on course to completion.
I’ll have some dinner and a drink, see if that improves my head or not.

The Misunderstanding. A Flash Fiction story by Ray Daley.

22 Apr

The tower creaked as the howling wind whipped around its base.

“Do it now?” the womans voice called down from far above my head.
“Yes! Now!” I shouted back.

“Watch out below!” came back the cry of the female voice from high above my head. I took a few steps back. Then a few more. Then started running as I heard the whistling sound rapidly approaching me.

‘What the hell?’ I thought to myself. ‘Is that bitch bombing me?’

The was an almighty BOOM as something hit the ground about fifty feet away from me. It had landed at the base of the tower. I walked over slowly to investigate.

It was what had probably been a boy, he was pretty dead now though. If the fall hadn’t killed him, the impact definitely did.

“What the hell did you do?” I shouted up at her.

“That’s my son. Isn’t that what you wanted? My heir?” she called down.

“Jesus Rapunzel, you stupid crazy bitch! That’s not what I meant when I said ‘Throw down your hair’! H. A. I. R. “

Writing update, finished something!

18 Apr

Finished off a story I’d started in late March.
I’d noted down roughly how I wanted it to end, implementation wasn’t easy.
So I fudged it.

At least it’s finished now. 880 words.
Not entirely awful but it’ll never win any prizes either.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 16.

18 Apr

This weeks story has just been finished.
2223 words about spaceflight & alternate Universes.
It’s been done in SF movies MANY times before but I hope my take on it was original enough.

I was struggling to find any motivation on Wednesday & Thursday.
Fortunately once I started today it felt relatively easy to complete with the outline I’d written back in January.

Health/Writing Update

17 Apr

Managed to damage my right hand yesterday, I think I was gaming too long and gave myself either RSI or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
Either way, it’s now uncomfortable to use a mouse and a bit difficult to type with both hands.
Fortunately I CAN type with my left hand.

Gonna try and rest it as best I can.

Still haven’t made a start on this weeks Bradbury Challenge though, which this will now make tougher.
I had no motivation yesterday.
Hopefully after food today I will write it.
I guess we’ll see later.

Writing Update

14 Apr

Just knocked out a little short story (465 words), based on a simple misunderstanding and a famous saying.
Edited on the fly, ending worked quite well in my opinion.

News On An Update, It’s Good!

12 Apr

Remember THIS blog entry from me?

Had some good news today, not sure if I can share any details as yet so it’s just going to be listed as “good news” until I know that I can reveal more.

Well now I’ve had the Okay to tell you what’s occurring!

One of my horror stories has been accepted by The Sirens Call eZine! SQUEE!

Yes, horror isn’t a genre I am traditionally known for which is why this is a big deal to me. It’s not a paying gig but they are a good site and it’s cool exposure.

As yet the release date isn’t finalised, I’ll let you know when I find out.