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General Update

31 Jan

It’s cold, wet, windy and generally bloody miserable out there today.

And I have a headache, just above the right eye. They seem to be happening there more often, yet I was given an all clear on the head MRI.
My solution is to have a chocolate biscuit, drink some flavoured water and chill the BLEEP out.
And if that doesn’t work, the bed is only 5 feet away.


Cool! This water is purple! (Strawberry & Kiwi flavoured. Nummy num!)
Please note, water only appears purple when viewed from above due to refraction of light.
This note has been bought to you by Physics! Physics, keeping you bored since always!

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 5.

29 Jan

Finished not long after midnight having written 1183 words.

It was an idea from the 26th that I’d scribbled down to avoid forgetting it. I think it worked fairly well and conveyed everything I wanted it too.

Zero desire to write today but I’m going to try to knock out a few paragraphs on “Survival” to get it a bit closer to completion. It was good to see the prepper tag attracted some attention to the blog, I’d also like to thank the people who responded to yesterdays post on depression as well.

I think the only way to cope is to try to keep living, focus on something you love.

I’ve got my writing and my goal to complete The Bradbury Challenge at least once.

I think we forget the benefits of such simple things, like a good hot meal when hungry, a nice cold drink when thirsty, a refreshing hot shower.
Even some soothing or ambient music to distract the mind from the jumble of daily life. All things that can lift you both physically AND mentally. Douglas Adams used to swear by the hot bath to relieve his writing-related anxiety.

The one thing I’ve noticed amongst people who have depression is we all appear to be high functioning creative types.
Any way, I’ve achieved my goal for today (and this week). Hopefully I can get a bit more writing done later.
I think lunch beckons first. Then a hot shower, once there’s some more hot water. ;-P

Still busy writing, kinda

28 Jan

As usual with the old depression issues and mood cycles, I’ve been up and down a bit this last week.

Wrote a short early this morning whilst in bed which I typed up (after several hours procrastinating) this afternoon.

A finished story of 213 words. Add that to the pile of completeds in the Bradbury Challenge folder.

If any readers of the blog have any ideas on how to cope with the lows, I’d love to hear from them.
I don’t get manically depressed, just incredibly low. No desire to write, or go out, or see anyone, or speak, or do anything.

Writing silly things about God

28 Jan

In the beginning, God created science fiction writers.

Then subcontracted them all for ideas at 5 cents a pop.
This TOTALLY explains why the Universe is in such a damn weird state.

In the beginning God said “Let There Be Light“.
Moments later someone complained & said
“What colour do you call that? I can’t even READ with it!”
Readers. We’re never happy.
Unless we’re reading.

Today I…

22 Jan

Typed up 5 finished stories. 3 went into the Bradbury folder.

Still have Survival to complete. Maybe tomorrow. Right now I’m hungry.

Settling the account for today.

Back From The War – 678 words.
The New Law – 432 words.
Marriage Vows – 372 words.
Week Five – 647 words.
Rewriting History – 840 words.

Five stories typed up, 2969 words in total.
Not a lot as none of them are very long but decent days output.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 4.

22 Jan

Done in an hour or there abouts, written literally just after midnight.

I didn’t need a prompt or an image, I already had an idea and it wrote out pretty easily.

I’ve also decided, any other new stories that I don’t publish online are going in the Bradbury folder. It might be week 4 but I already wrote 6 stories with one underway and incomplete and a few more on the tv to be typed up.

It’s going to be a productive year!

A thought on sleep and dreaming

19 Jan

The memory of a subconcious brain is a weird thing.

It can remember EXACTLY what a junior school friend looked like in 1978 as you are sleeping in 2014.
(That’s thirty six years for the hard of maths! 36!)
But then sometimes you’ll present it with data it can’t remember.

I know roughly what a digital sampler SHOULD look like.
It certainly doesn’t look like a portable record player.

But it was quite funny when the music teacher gave me that when I asked for a digital sampler.
Admittedly they actually hadn’t been invented in the year I was asking for one.
(Having since checked, Wiki says yes they had.)
So it was quite funny to be given a portable record player with a completely serious look saying “Yes, this IS what you asked for.
My brain is odd. And I have to live in it.

“This is the city. I work here. I carry a badge. I carry a badge.”