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September Submission Challenge!

17 Aug


Next month (September) I am going to be submitting 1 story every day for the entire month.

If you’d like to join me in this attempt, the markets are listed below. Obviously you’ll need at least 30 pieces of SF (flash & short stories) written & ready to sub. If you are a Science Fiction writer who really wants to start subbing stories or already are, why not take the challenge?

NB:- All markets are listed on Submission Grinder.

01 – F&SF
02 – Clarkesworld
03 – Speculative City (DO NOT BUMP)
04 – Daily Science Fiction
05 – Trouble Among The Stars
06 – Asimovs
07 – Analog
08 – Flash Fiction Online
09 – Every Day Fiction
10 – Interzone
11 – Beneath Ceaseless Skies
12 – Three-Lobed Burning Eye
13 – Liquid Imagination
14 – Electric Spec
15 – Not One Of Us
16 – Strange Horizons (after 4pm BST) OR The Future Fire
17 – Strange Horizons (before 4pm BST) OR The Future Fire (Market available to bump 1 day only)
18 – Chrome Baby
19 – Anotherealm
20 – Syntax & Salt
21 – Strange Fictions
22 – AGNI
23 – Sirius Science Fiction
24 – The Weird And Whatnot
25 – Monsters, Movies & Mayhem
26 – Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores (Sept 21-28) OR
Weird Tales (Themed stories only)
27 – Compelling Science Fiction OR F&SF (or bumped market)
28 – Mithila Review
OR Clarkesworld (or bumped market)
29 – The Overcast
OR Daily Science Fiction (or bumped market)
30 – Aurora Wolf (can be bumped)

SPARES:- Translunar Travelers Lounge (Sept 15-Oct 15)
Deadman’s Tome (horror)
Andromeda Spaceways
Who Knocks?
Tales from the Moonlit Path
Aphotic Realm
New Orbit Magazine

Please note. As F&SF, Clarkesworld & Daily Science Fiction have fast turnaround times, I will be subbing to them more than once each during the month. Consequently, this means some of these markets may get bumped unless I’ve specifically stated not to.

As only Speculative City (who are open for a very short period in Sept) & Strange Horizons can not be bumped, this means all of the other markets can either be bumped 1 day or to the bottom of the list. This means every day will be covered by a market.

It is my personal intent to sub back to F&SF, Clarkesworld or DSF as soon as they send me a reply back. This means markets WILL get bumped down the list. As is always the case, no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

EDIT:- I have removed Vestal Review as they now appear to be charging to submit. I don’t believe a writer should have to pay anything to submit their work, hence this removal. I’ve bumped Aurora Wolf in favour of Beneath Ceaseless Skies who are a better paying market. Nothing personal, folks. I’ve sent you my work before and you’re lovely to write for.

FURTHER EDIT:- I have already confirmed I will be doing this challenge again in January of 2020. If you want to join us, either drop a comment here or tweet me @RayDaleyWriter with the hashtag #SubmissionChallenge to let me know you are interested or actually taking part. I’m asking everyone to be on the look-out for markets opening or that are already open during January of 2020.

Why not make it your New Years Resolution to submit more stories?


So this was July 2019

1 Aug

I’ve made 131 new submissions. 121 rejections. 5 acceptances.
3 withdrawn, none not received as of yet.

Shots Of Repatriated Bastard & Sam, I Am both sold on Jan 21st to Jouth Vol 2.
Two Tickets To The End Of The World (Unused) was accepted by CafeLit.
(Please note, this was not a sale. No money was involved)
The Subaudibles sold on Mar 18th to Aurora Wolf.
The Parting was sold on July 18th to Electric Athenaeum.

There are currently 29 stories out in submission:-

I’m still hopeful that Tuck & Roll will be published this year, 2 yrs after it was sold.

The Razors Edge is now out in issue 1 of The Weird And Whatnot.
Two Tickets To The End Of The World (Unused) is available to read for free at CafeLit.
The Subaudibles is available to read for free at Aurora Wolf.
How Have The Mighty Fallen? is now out in Insignia Vol 7.

One story has been placed on hold as the market may use it later this year.
I’m still in the reading queue for two submissions currently.

There’s some news which hasn’t been officially announced yet, so I’ll share that when it’s live.

EDIT:- This news is currently on hold. Sorry about that.

I’m really please to have finally sold The Parting after 8 failed submissions. As soon as I get a solid publishing date, I’ll let you know, as we’re currently in pre-publication edits.

Summing Up Camp NaNo Jul 2019

1 Aug

I set a goal, and I beat it. I deliberately set it lower than normal as I’d struggled during last camp, and I knew I would be losing at least half a day to an eye clinic visit. This month’s camp wasn’t helped by the crazy heatwave. Fortunately for me, I had built a decent lead before it got insanely hot which allowed me to miss a few days.

What follows are my daily check in posts.

01 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 1. Daily count 2010 words. Total count 2010 words.
02 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 2. Daily count 2560 words. Total count 4570 words.
03 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 3. Daily count 2452 words. Total count 7022 words.
04 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 4. Daily count 2810 words. Total count 9832 words.
05 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 5. Daily count 1830 words. Total count 11662 words.
A real struggle to get going at all today. It was almost a 0 words day.
06 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 6. Daily count 2174 words. Total count 13836 words.
07 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 7. Daily count 3668 words. Total count 17504 words.
08 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 8. Daily count 1336 words. Total count 18840 words.
I wasn’t able to make as much from that idea as I had hoped, but I got over the daily word count.
09 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 9. Daily count 2850 words. Total count 21690 words.
Half way, fuckers! Yes. Downhill all the way from here.
10 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 10. Daily count 2063 words. Total count 23753 words.
11 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 11. Daily count 0 words. Total count 23753 words.
Taking a mental health day so nothing written today. It’s extremely important to care for your own mental well-being, so I decided a day off was exactly what I needed today, being several thousands of words ahead of schedule.
12 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 12. Daily count 4606 words. Total count 28359 words.
A good story, golden age style off a simple title.
13 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 13. Daily count 1495 words. Total count 29854 words.
14 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 14. Daily count 3194 words. Total count 31553 words.
For something which literally only had a title, I did well today.
15 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 15. Daily count 0 words. Total count 31553 words.
Decided against putting unnecessary pressure on me & my body. It was either minor heatstroke or heat exhaustion/severe dehydration causing the light-headedness. Either way, I chose not to write today. I had written something by hand at the hospital but I’ve chosen not to count it as I didn’t type it up.
16 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 16. Daily count 0 words. Total count 31553 words.
It was crazy hot for me again today. No writing done.
17 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 17. Daily count 1002 words. Total count 32555 words.
I can conclusively say this had been the single worst Camp Nano ever for interaction (lack of), cheats, and cabinmates who don’t leave feedback or encouragement. I won’t be taking part in a July Camp again.
18 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 18. Daily count 1506 words. Total count 34061 words.
19 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 19. Daily count 2308 words. Total count 36369 words.
20 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 20. Daily count 1169 words. Total count 37538 words.
21 Jul – Camp Nano Jul ’19, Day 21. Daily count 3133 words. Total count 42166. WIN!
Confirmed win. Somehow I managed to eff up my totals somewhere along the line but I’ve done full word counts & checked, that is my correct total.

As you can see, on several days I didn’t write, and I stopped as soon as I broke 40,000 words, which was my original goal. I chose not to extend the goal any further, mostly due to the heat.

On a few days I got so hot I was having dizzy spells when I tried to stand up. I didn’t write on those days.

And no, I won’t be taking part in another summer camp again. The heat and the general attitude of camp mates in 4 different cabins showed me no-one really cares any more.

I wrote 19 new stories, a few of them are garbage & will probably be deleted. A decent amount have potential for submission.

I’m pleased to say I made a sale during camp which really picked me up at exactly the time I needed it. More about that in the end of month summary!