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Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 52.

24 Dec


It’s the blog entry I was never expecting to write.

Week 52’s story now complete, about 3 hours work including research and eating dinner and annoying people ringing the house. 1914 words, and the anthology (as far as stories go, at least) is NOW FINISHED!

The big proof

23 Dec

I’m doing the job of proofing everything that isn’t going into the anthology. I did 30 stories today, managing 21 yesterday. So 51 in 2 days, which isn’t too bad.

Tomorrow is the start of week 52. I want to try and get the story banged out as soon as I can.
We’ll see how it goes.

Bladerunner poem, because it’s awesome

21 Dec

When you wish on a Nexus 6, It’s not something you can fix,
DNA is set in stone, Nexus 6 will die alone.

Burn the candle at both ends, killing humans with your friends,
Human beings are such slobs, Send out Gaff retiring Skin Jobs.

Set a thief to catch a thief says the spiel, Deckard is a Replicant – he’s not real.
Rush to Earth but you don’t know why, before too long it’s time to die.

Anthology Assemble!

19 Dec

Actually, it’s now done.

I just put it all together, the 51 currently written stories along with a table of contents and an introduction explaining the whole idea behind the book.
Just week 52’s story to write, the afterword and then the stats of what I wrote each week.
Oh, and a cover.

Then the anthology will be FINISHED! And ready to be released into an unsuspecting world.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 51.

17 Dec

All finished with this weeks story, 1842 words in about 2 hours.

Bit of an odd idea but it was weird enough to not allow me to sleep before I handwrote most of it.
I just had to come up with an ending, and that came fairly easily just now.
A kooky golden age style story that I’m pretty happy with.

1 week left, and I already know what I’m doing for that.
We’re almost done!

All done, for now!

16 Dec

Smashed out those 2 bits of story typing up that were outstanding.
151 words and 410 words respectively.

Both need work but are finished, at least.

Not sure what next weeks story will be yet, hopefully one of the outlines I already drew up this yr.
We’ll see, I guess?

More new stories!

16 Dec

Just knocked out 1221 words, a new Bladerunner piece.
Struggled to write the end last night but nailed it just now.

Two things to type up then chilling until tomorrow.