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Dealing with rejection

28 Feb

I think the best way to deal with story rejections as an author is to expect them to be rejected when you submit them.

Don’t send them thinking “They’re definitely going to publish this!”.

This way if they don’t, you aren’t disappointed. If they do, it’s a pleasant surprise.

I got a rejection from Clarkesworld today.

But I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Neil Clarke for taking the time to read my work and letting me know it wasn’t what they were looking for right now.

Worth a try and I can always try again in the future.

Keeping busy and psychiatry

25 Feb

Submitted “The Mason Procedure” to Clarkesworld, should hear from them within the next 2 days.

Total finished “The Ground Beneath My Feet” including proofing. Got a beta reader ready for it.
Also wrote another micro flash piece which I was inspired towards during the proofing process.

I’ve noticed that the endings of my stories reflect my mood at the time of writing.
Upbeat endings reflect better moods.
Sombre endings reflect darker moods.

I’m writing!

22 Feb

Finished a flash short earlier and completed another flash piece a few days back so I’ve managed to actually finish 2 whole things in the space of a week. Still working on my Ray Bradbury inspired piece “All The World In Wax”.

Probably am going to release “First One There Dies” as my next months freebie on Smashwords & Feedbooks. I’m struggling to write much over a 1000 words per story at the moment, some are barely reaching the 500 word mark.

It’s fair to say at this point NanoWriMo is definitely not on the cards.
Things may change by November.
Heck, I could be banging out 5000 words tomorrow for all I know.

I’m gonna watch another movie then turn in with Enders Game to read.
Here’s hoping something inspires me.


19 Feb

Currently waiting to hear back from 365 Tomorrows about my last flash submission, is it a yes or is it a no.

Trying to decide which of the current finished pieces will be next months freebie release as an ebook. No clue what I am going to set free as of yet. (Possibly “First One There Dies”) Hoping to finish “All The World In Wax” soon but it’s proving to be a bit of a difficult birth.

Still trying to recover from this eye infection which is making life less than easy but I am trying my best to stay on top of things. I just want to get better enough to have my laser surgery.

With my eyes, some days are better than others. There is always pain, I have to live with the fact that’s never going away. It’s just coping with it, some days aren’t that bad.

Writing when it happens

16 Feb

It was insanely early this morning (about 4am) and I’d been sorting through some Ray Bradbury anthologies when I had an idea and started writing.

The last few shorts I’ve started have been exactly that, just stuff I started then left in-progress.

This was different, it was a fully formed idea so I managed to write the whole thing with a few tweaks afterwards. I’m not exactly sure that the ending portrays what I want it to so I’m going to have to ask around my Facebook friends for a beta reader or two to see if they come up with my intended meaning or not on their own.

The chances are it’ll either be next months release or sent to one of the two flash sites that have already published me. (365 Tomorrows & Linguistic Erosion)

The Dream Of Space Flight

9 Feb

The Dream Of Space Flight, a flash fiction story by Ray Daley.

Ever since the birth of mankind, we’ve looked at the stars and wanted to go there. Every human wants to be Space Traveller.

This is not a dream.

Every human has ALREADY achieved that dream.

Right now as you sit reading these words you are on the largest spacecraft mankind has ever known, travelling through space.
Greetings fellow Space Traveller!

The dream is a reality.
Wake up and live it.

Writing the garbage (again)

8 Feb

When you write, there’s an inner debate every time.
‘Is this actually any good and should I bother writing it down?’

There occurs the moment of choice.
Do you write something you are fairly sure is going to be rubbish or do you do nothing? Is it better to just be writing, even if it IS trash or do you wait until something better occurs to you.

Personally I prefer to try and write down almost everything.
Note that ALMOST.
I’ve had ideas that I’ve trashed before ever committing them to paper.

It’s not easy to recognise a bad idea and doubt is probably the worst demon that lives inside a writers head.

At least if you are writing then you are being productive.

February ebook release

1 Feb

Smashwords – Artificial Intelligence —a book by Ray Daley.
Artificial Intelligence – Ray Daley | Feedbooks.