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Story Generator

15 Sep

I got this from somewhere but forgot to take note of where. It’s not mine, but it’s useful.

I. Story
In a (setting), a (character) faces a (situation).

II. Setting (choose one)
_ generation ship
_ space station
_ Mars
_ distant future
_ fantasy realm based on (choose one)
_ Mesopotamia
_ Egypt
_ Persia
_ Greece
_ Rome
_ Israel
_ Mayans/Aztecs
_ contemporary America (specify a presidential administration from Eisenhower to Obama)
_ Atlantis
write two adjectives describing this setting:

III. Character
M _ F _ (choose one)
age range: (choose one)
16-18 _
19-22 _
23-30 _
30-45 _
45-65 _
65+ _
(choose one) _ good _ ambivalent _ bad
write three adjectives describing this character:
class (choose one)
_ upper
_ middle
_ lower
affiliation (choose one)
_ insider
_ outsider

IV. Conflict
(select up to three plot elements from the following list for the character to deal with in this setting — the writer gets to choose up to an additional two)

_ religious conflict
_ romance
_ war
_ murder
_ betrayal
_ natural disaster
_ man-made disaster
_ non-human intelligences
_ conspiracies
_ false accusation
_ political intrigue
_ familial relationships
_ supernatural (if you choose this one, pick one or two from the following list)
_ ghosts
_ ritual magic
_ dreamquests
_ channeling
_ telepathy
_ telekinesis
_ precognition
_ athletic competition
_ lawsuit
_ brainwashing


Now, fit all of your choices into the story-format sentence given under Story and send them to the writer in need of a plot.

So Why Did I Release A Story About Steve Irwin?

21 Feb

Some people might come across the links (below) or

in the course of their ebook browsing.

They might wonder, what made me write this story?

I’ve always been a massive fan of Steve Irwin’s, from the very first time I saw him on TV.

The guy had a love for life, a love for what he was doing and a love for his friends and family. Steve Irwin was a genuinely nice man. And that’s a rarity in this day and age.

I don’t want people thinking I wrote this to cash in on his memory. Far from it, in fact. The ebook is free, the cover was a creative commons image so also free. I’m not making ANYTHING from that story.

I wrote the story as part of my “Year Of Living Bradbury“, and I missed Steve terribly. It didn’t help that I lost my oldest sister to cancer that year too, so it made me think of people I cared about.

I may never have met Steve, but I liked him. I cared about him. He was passionate, and that kind of passion is infectious. He made me care about what I was doing.

He made me see that even though the path wasn’t easy and people weren’t beating my door down to buy my fiction, I had to keep on trying, to keep on going until I did make it. And I have made it.

If anyone who knew Steve (or Terri or Bindi) do happen to read this, let them know, I wrote that story because I wanted to express how Steve inspired me. I wanted to capture his essence, feel his presence once again, even if it was something I was dreaming up.

I wrote Steve how I perceived Steve. He might not have sworn as much (probably me typecasting the Aussies there, sorry) but I do feel that his passion for what he was doing wouldn’t have changed what happened.

We can only dream about what might have been. In my case, I chose to write about it.

This story is my thanks to Steve for what he gave us. His unabated passion.

We miss you Steve Irwin.

Let There Be Books!

3 Dec

I’m releasing this statement now, knowing I do have the job as of next year.

I AM going to maintain the 1 release per month schedule as it has existed for over three years now.

I’ve already selected 12 titles, all of which were written during 2014 as part of The Bradbury Challenge. These were extras, almost all of which have been out to submission but weren’t taken for one reason or another.

Mostly “not the right fit“, as I recall.

These aren’t rejects. They were always going to have some sort of home, and now that particular home will be by way of Smashwords and Feedbooks.

I do have plans for another (free) anthology next year as well, stuff that has already appeared either on Facebook, or here on the blog, or even on Twitter.

I’m not sure when that’ll be put out. But short of being dead, there will be free ebooks released by me next year.

I’ve been scribbling

1 Nov

Happy November from the UK!

We had some trick or treaters last night. Fortunately my brother had the foresight to buy some goodies while he was out and about during the day.

All in all we had 13. The last two came at 9pm, but they were with 2 adults. They got everything that was left.

During the course of the night an idea had been turning over in my head. I finally decided to write it down when I was so tired, I’d already turned the computer off.

So onto paper it went. Just over 300 words after the minor revisions I did during type-up. It’s perfect for somewhere like 365 Tomorrows (and I haven’t sent them anything in quite a while too), possibly Daily Science Fiction.

I finished something else I wrote a couple of days ago, it still needs work. A couple of characters need names, that’ll improve it a little.

This months free ebook will be put out later today too. It’s an alternate history story I wrote as an extra as part of the Year Of Living Bradbury.

You have a lovely day.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 52.

24 Dec


It’s the blog entry I was never expecting to write.

Week 52’s story now complete, about 3 hours work including research and eating dinner and annoying people ringing the house. 1914 words, and the anthology (as far as stories go, at least) is NOW FINISHED!

Anthology Assemble!

19 Dec

Actually, it’s now done.

I just put it all together, the 51 currently written stories along with a table of contents and an introduction explaining the whole idea behind the book.
Just week 52’s story to write, the afterword and then the stats of what I wrote each week.
Oh, and a cover.

Then the anthology will be FINISHED! And ready to be released into an unsuspecting world.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 51.

17 Dec

All finished with this weeks story, 1842 words in about 2 hours.

Bit of an odd idea but it was weird enough to not allow me to sleep before I handwrote most of it.
I just had to come up with an ending, and that came fairly easily just now.
A kooky golden age style story that I’m pretty happy with.

1 week left, and I already know what I’m doing for that.
We’re almost done!

More new stories!

16 Dec

Just knocked out 1221 words, a new Bladerunner piece.
Struggled to write the end last night but nailed it just now.

Two things to type up then chilling until tomorrow.

Apologies to my loyal readers & followers

15 Dec

I’ve been overlooking the blog recently and I’d like to apologise to those who like to read it.
I have been doing stuff, then mostly saying what on twitter.

I’ve been writing bits and pieces. Two things that are unfinished and not typed up, something I started on the computer and haven’t finished. I’m running out of creative steam, it appears.

I’ve made a solid decision on next year, there’s going to be no actual resolution for the first time in 3 yrs.
I’ll keep to the 1 story per month free releases as they are all already written and ready to go (but currently needing covers so Januarys release MAY get delayed!) but this year has really taken it’s toll on me both physically and mentally.

If I were to look at this year in realistic terms, I’ve been balancing TWO resolutions. The Bradbury Challenge and to release 1 free ebook every month. One is achieved, the other has 2 items left to do for me to call it a success.

I’m trying to spend what little free time I have getting the anthology ready so i can release it as quickly into 2015 as possible. Watch this space!

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 50.

10 Dec

Just finished this weeks story, an idea from last year! My take on the darkness behind a simple nusery rhyme, and not a very common one either!

3033 words in total. A bit of a toughie with all the back story but I hope it reads better than it felt to write. At least I’m into the home straight now. Just weeks 51 and 52 left.

Wish me luck. I’ve come too far to fall at the last few hurdles!