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So you think you own everything I’ve released?

13 Mar

Oh no you bloody don’t!

Yes, it’s me, your friend and humble author, sweary Ray!

So back in 2012, I was pretty active in the Goodreads forums and took part in an anthology that was eventually published on Amazon.

It was (and still is) called “A Splendid Salamagundi“.

My contribution was a VERY short story called “No World For Vampires“, which until recently even I didn’t have a copy of in my own archive.

I’ve since corrected this massive oversight.

This book has won the Indie Book Bargains award for best anthology for 2012!

I don’t own a copy of “Salmagundi” but will do once I get all my ducks in a row & get it off Amazon. I’ve since gone on to appear in another anthology from Crimson Cloak Publishing called “Steps In Time” (my story is called “The Waiting Room“) and I’ll be featuring in “Deserts Of Fire” later this year.

That’ll be my first proper paying gig as the two above stories were given for free.

Obviously there’s all my free stuff on Smashwords & Feedbooks. There’s “Survival” (for sale exclusively on Smashwords) and my other pay titles available solely through Amazon.

There’s stuff online too at some of the free flash fic outlets. If you check my Goodreads profile there are a couple of exclusive stories on there as well as things on my blog & my Facebook feed.

Best Books of 2012

A Splendid Salmagundi
Best Anthology

A request

3 Nov

If you see my titles for sale anywhere other than Amazon, PLEASE inform me RIGHT AWAY!

Only I make money off me!

What I’m currently up to

23 Sep

Not a great deal, to be honest.

I wrote a piece just under 600 words today which I submitted to the 365 Tomorrows flash story site to see if they would print it (online).  It’s only the second time I’ve tried submitting to any sites.  The first was a rejection.

I’ve also got a story in a competition @Goodreads about witches that was a complete pig to finish as it had to be over 1500 words, a target I really struggled to hit.

Inversely the 600 word limit was hard to stick to for 365 Tomorrows & required a lot of tweaking to bring it in under the maximum.

I think it’s better just to write for yourself and have no limits set out, just write as much or as little as you feel works to tell the story that was in your head.  I’m still working on “The Time On The Island” which I started because I liked the idea but even when I started it I had no real idea where it was going or why.  I do have a rough idea on an ending, it’s a matter of reaching it though.

I would like to try and finish “The Night Bus” and “Panic Over Metropolis” before the end of the year if that’s at all possible.  I do know where both of them are going, Night Bus is literally almost finished.  I’m not exactly sure why I keep pulling away from writing the final parts, they are set in stone in my head and I know how to do them.  It’s just doing them.

“Panic Over Metropolis” requires more development, I have to work out a sequence of crimes that get worse and worse culminating in the ending I pitched when I came up with the original idea.

I would like to start getting all my handwritten notes for all my development ideas typed up so they are ready to go when I get time to work on each one.  Lots to do, it’s finding the motivation.

My last 3 ebooks are all finished for the rest of this years monthly publishing deadlines.