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New release done.

31 Mar

Smashwords — The Time On The Island — A book by Ray Daley.

First of the new month, that means ebook freebie day.  Hope you all enjoy reading it!

Good to go

27 Mar

Just finished the cover for “The Time On The Island.”

Found some nice public domain clip art and coloured it in myself. I generally make all my own covers for my ebooks using the very user friendly Paint.NET program which is available for free.

Here’s a sneaky peek for all you loyal blog readers.

Ray Daley - The Time On The Island

The book (just over 3k words long) will be up on 1st April 2013.


Nothing happens for ages and then ……….

27 Mar

Received an email today.

My flash story “The Keepers, kept” will be appearing on the front page of the Linguistic Erosion flash story site on April 7th.
I’ll put up a URL when it’s live.

Off to hospital tomorrow, I assume it’s just my pre-op check up to save time on the day of the actual laser surgery.

Fairly sure next months freebie will be “The Time On The Island”, I’ll work on sorting a cover over the Easter weekend.

Right, now I REALLY should type up those “Write Now” notes that have been sitting in the notepad over a month.

And it’s nice to see likes from readers and followers, I am checking out your blogs too even if I’m not leaving any comments. If you take time to read mine and I get an email telling me so then I will at least return the favour and check your blog out.

Remember if you want to read my work just make your way to Smashwords, Feedbooks, Kobo, Itunes, Barnes & Noble (their online site), Diesal, the Sony ereader site or Amazon which is the only place I am currently selling my work.

Everywhere else it’s free and always will be.
There are now over 52 titles available, at least one for every week of the year!

Drought over!

26 Mar

I wrote a short story earlier, a piece of Doctor Who fanfic just over a thousand words but it felt longer when I was writing it.

Oddly enough it’s not even about my favourite Doctor either. It’s not even about someone who was the Doctor in my own lifetime, it’s about Hartnells Doctor. Odd that.

The basic idea is what would happen if Susan had never gone to the school where she meets Ian & Barbara.
I’m not exactly sure why I gave her access to psychic paper (part from it being an easy mcguffin that solved several problems) but I did. I also recycled an idea I saw them use when Polly & Ben were assistants before Hartnell regenerated.

Hopefully I’ll use it as one of this years monthly free ebook releases.

A General Heads-up

26 Mar

Or an update about what’s going on in my particular world in plain English.

Being ex-RAF (6 years served) I do tend to drop into military jargon quite frequently without realising it so I will try to translate for the confirmed life-long civilians amongst you.

And I now know people are reading this, I’ve seen several comments. Thanks to all of you for taking those precious moments out of your own life streams to read about mine.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before that I suffer from glaucoma, I was diagnosed in the late 90’s so I’ve been living with it for well over a decade now. I’ve recently been sent a date for a new and improved laser procedure (no, not for corrective vision!) to help with my symptoms.

This won’t effect my monthly free ebook releases next month as I’m scheduled for mid April.

I haven’t written anything new since the last week of February. I had a couple of ideas, neither of which I decided to commit to paper. Both have lasted through many sleeps so if I decide either one has the legs to stand alone then I might write it.

I submitted another story to Linguistic Erosion yesterday, no news on that front as of yet.

I’m hoping my motivation level picks up so I do start writing before the end of the month. It’s not an issue as far as the monthly free releases go, I’ve got 20 possible releases which are all completed and ready to go, only requiring covers and blurbs to be made which is never a long or difficult job.

RIP James Herbert

20 Mar

He was probably the first “real” horror author who I read. Almost certainly it was “The Rats” and without him I would have never discovered horror books or authors like Stephen King or Shaun Hutson.

He was a great source of inspiration for my own creative horror outlets, I haven’t written many but I have tried my best to follow in his very large footsteps.

You will be sadly missed.

Grrr? Fuck yes!

9 Mar

Well, after 6 weeks of waiting to hear back from 365 Tomorrows I got a no.

It “may be due to a need for editing, a theme that does not fit within the scope of the site, or the fact that we have recently accepted a story similar to yours”.
I think the last case of affairs as they put up a time travel short a few days back.

I can’t see what was stopping them holding it a few more days then putting it out.
As I’d reached the 6th week of waiting without hearing I was certain they were going to take it. I can’t believe their queue for reading is 6 weeks long, especially as the large percentage of stuff they publish is by the writers who work for them.

No nepotism there at all, is there?

Oh, and if anyone from 365 Tomorrows reads this, please do TRY to defend it.
It’s unreal how much of your own staffs work you put on the site.

I think that’s me on a break for the time being, bit too miffed about 2 rejections.
I can spend more time reading. Currently enjoying “Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom” by Cory Doctorow which is a crapload better than “For The Win” (also by him).