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I Understand That It’s Been Quiet This Month

21 Sep

Please be aware, I am neck-deep in the Submission Challenge, trying to stay on top of my scheduling. Also, one of my trade training colleagues died yesterday so I’m dealing with having to notify people on Facebook of her passing.

It’s not an easy time.

In the RAF, once you know someone, that’s it, you know them for the rest of your life. Yes, I may not have seen her since 1993/4, but service friends are forever.

I’m not going to share any challenge updates here, I’ll do a full post on everything on October 1st. I will also do a “So This Was September” as not all news is challenge related.

Try to bear with me, I haven’t abandoned you, I’m trying to motivate all the people who have joined me in the challenge as well as keeping myself going too.

So this was August 2019

1 Sep

I’ve made 155 new submissions. 141 rejections. 6 acceptances.
3 withdrawn, none not received as of yet.

Shots Of Repatriated Bastard & Sam, I Am both sold on Jan 21st to Jouth Vol 2.
Two Tickets To The End Of The World (Unused) was accepted by CafeLit.
(Please note, this was not a sale. No money was involved)
The Subaudibles sold on Mar 18th to Aurora Wolf.
The Parting was sold on July 18th to Electric Athenaeum.
A Million Light Years From Home was sold on Aug 19th to Escaped Ink.

There are currently 32 stories out in submission:-

I’m still hopeful that Tuck & Roll will be published this year, 2 yrs after it was sold.

The Razors Edge is now out in issue 1 of The Weird And Whatnot.
Two Tickets To The End Of The World (Unused) is available to read for free at CafeLit.
The Subaudibles is available to read for free at Aurora Wolf.
How Have The Mighty Fallen? is now out in Insignia Vol 7.
The Parting is now out in Issue 2 at Electric Athenaeum.

One story has been placed on hold as the market may use it later this year.
I’m still in the reading queue for two submissions currently.

EDIT:- Jouth Volume 2 is officially postponed until further notice. As I’ve announced it elsewhere, I was going to be Editor. This is the news I was waiting to tell you.

This month I announced that I’ll be trying to submit 1 story a day every day for a month in September.

Wish me luck!