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Latest Kindle Stats

1 Mar

As I’ve done every previous yr, I kept stats on my Kindle for how long I charged it, how long it charge lasted for and when it was charged. Details as follows:-

Nov 20th(2014)-Jan 18th. 58 days (new record). 7.5hrs
Jan 19-Apr 2nd. 74 days (new record). 14hrs
Apr 3rd-May 2nd. 30 days. 12 hrs
May 3rd-Jun 14th. 43 days. 12hrs.
Jun 15th-Aug 20th. 67 days, 12 hrs.
Aug 21st-Nov 27th. 100 days (new record). 12hrs 20 mins.
Nov 28th-ongoing.

So the Kindle was charged 7 times in the year.
Those charges last for a total of 69 hrs and 50 minutes.
An average of about 9.15hrs per charge.
Also an average about 53 days per charge.

I set 3 new records last year for how long a charge lasted.
Records of (sucessively) 58, 74 then 100 days.

I am still keeping stats this year but I’m not sure how long I’ll carry on keeping them.


Kindle stats, even more info!

9 Jan

As I did in 2013, I noted down when I was charging my K3 Kindle (keyboard, wifi only).

It’s now well over 3 years old and still going strong.
These are when I charged it, how long it was charged for & how long the charge lasted for.

Jan 1st – Jan 20th, 20 days (6hrs)
Jan 21st – Feb 25th, 36 days (12hrs)
Feb 26th – Mar 21st, 24 days (12hrs)
Mar 22nd – Apr 21st, 31 days (No charge time stated, assuming 12 hrs?)
Apr 22nd – May 13th, 22 days (12hrs)
May 14th – Jun 24th, 42 days (9hrs)
Jun 25th – Jul 31st, 37 days (13hrs)
Aug 1st – Sep 4th, 35 days (12hrs)
Sep 5th – Oct 6th, 32 days (12hrs)
Oct 7th – Nov 21st, 46 days (No charge time stated, assuming 12 hrs?)
Nov 22nd – Still on going, currently 49 days [was 40 days at Dec 31st] (12hrs)

Last yrs record longest charge length was 10hrs 40 mins lasting 42 days.
That wasn’t the longest time it was charged for, it was just the longest any charge lasted.

I charged the Kindle 11 times in total over the year, it spent 124 hrs on charge, an average of 11hr 27mins.
Last yr it gave me an average of 33 days per charge.

Comparing that to last yr, A average of 24.5 days per charge. It’s an average charge of 8 hours each time.

First freebie of the year!

1 Jan or
It’s the 1st ‪#‎free‬ ‪#‎ebook‬ of 2015!
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Last free release of 2014!

2 Dec


It’s the final free release of 2014!
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A request

3 Nov

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Kindle stats, more info

1 Jan

Last year in September I compiled some stats about battery life of my Kindle (K3 keyboard wifi only, now over 2 yrs old) here:- Kindle reading stats.

Now 2013 is over I’ve taken down the calendar and am going to check out how often I charged the Kindle over a year, how long for (if listed) and how long that charge lasted.

Jan 1st – 7th. As the charge had been made in 2012, no time info was written down. 7 days.
Jan 7th – 27th. No charge time listed. 20 days.
Jan 27th – Feb 19th. Estimated 7hrs on charge. 24 days.
Feb 20th – Mar 10th. 9 hr charge. 19 days.
Mar 10th – Apr 2nd. No charge time listed. 24 days.
Apr 3rd – May 12th. 12 hr charge. 40 days.
May 13th – May 30th. No charge time listed. 18 days.
May 30th – Jun 21st. 8 hr charge. 23 days.
Jun 21st – Jul 6th. 7 hr charge. 16 days.
Jul 6th – Aug 6th. 7.5 hr charge. 32 days. Kindle battery totally flat.
Aug 6th – Sep 2nd. 10.5 hrs charge. 28 days. (possible indexing drain on battery after loading 75+ books on)
Sep 2nd – Sep 28th. 10 hr charge. 27 days.
Sep 29th – Sep 23rd. 12 hr charge. 25 days.
Sep 24th – Nov 19th. 12 hr charge. 27 days.
Nov 20th – Dec 31st. 10hrs 40 mins charge. 42 days.

15 charges during the year, 4 of those had unknown durations but assume at least 3 hrs on each as per Amazon instructions.
A average of 24.5 days per charge. It’s an average charge of 8 hours each time.

First free ebook of the year (contains ADULT themes, not for kids!)

1 Jan

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Kindle reading stats

24 Oct

I’ve been keeping a log (on my door calendar) of how long a charge lasts for on my Kindle (K3 keyboard, wifi only) and I’ve been doing that for over a year now. This month I decided to try and do a more precise breakdown and logged how long I was using my Kindle for on a daily basis.

So I noted what time I started reading, when I stopped and noted those down in terms of minutes.

Initially the Kindle was charged for 12 hours.

It was used over a 25 day period before the “please recharge” warning started appearing. (Please note, you CAN continue to read after that message appears, anything up to 5 days more. There will be another message, when you see that you’d REALLY better recharge unless you want to lose the Kindle)

In that 25 days, 6 days were 0 (zero) usage, ie:- no reading time at all. Probably the days I was really tired.

Over the course of the 25 days I read for 1389 minutes or 23 hours and 15 minutes.

On average this was reading for 55 minutes and 56 seconds per day over 25 days.

This is on a Kindle that is almost 2 yrs old, is charged for at least 8hrs when it needs to be recharged, is kept in good working order and protected from the cold (as cold will MASSIVELY sap your battery life VERY quickly as I discovered late this month when the cold kicked in and I lost almost 1/3 of my battery charge in a day) as best as possible (I recommend wrapping it inside something warm like a wooly hat or scarf so it’s not sitting in an ambiently cold room) and does not have an excessive amount of books loaded onto it (I recommend having no more than 800 titles or the indexing feature will sap your battery right down).

Hopefully these figures will be useful to other Kindle owners. Let me know?