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Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 44.

29 Oct

Just finished this weeks story, worked long into the small hours of this morning desperate to finish but tiredness finally got the better of me somewhere just shy of 3am UK time.

2450 words, frankly it felt pretty terrible and poorly implemented.
I’ve really been losing it, creatively speaking, over the last few weeks.
My output doesn’t feel as good any more. I don’t know if I’ve got more critical or just aren’t writing as well.

I’m just happy to be finished for the week.


The Princess & The Pee, a flash fiction story

22 Oct

The Princess & The Pee, a flash fiction story by Ray Daley.

“Look, it’s bloody cold in this castle!”
“You couldn’t get up and use the garderobe?”
“I’m on top of 57 mattresses. I’d need a ladder to get down!”
“But still, you couldn’t have used the chamber pot?”
“It was on the floor! I’m half a mile off the damn ground! I just drank too much mead!”
“I’m totally burning the top 3 mattresses then!”
“Yeah, I’d burn 5 at least.”
“Just promise me it won’t happen again?”
“It’s a cold castle! It wasn’t my fault!”
“I’ll get you a fire in here then.”
“I’d just burn the whole bloody place down. I envy that Snow White, she’s got a lovely cottage in the forest.”
“It’s not right, shacked up with 7 men. So, we’re burning 5 mattresses?”
“5 sounds safe.”
“And putting the chamber pot on a rope so you can pull it up next time.”
“There’s not going to BE a next time.”


Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 43.

22 Oct

Just finished this weeks story, an idea I had about 4 days ago. I’d written down the outline (quite detailed, long enough to be a short story on its own!) and written 4 lines of basic dialogue which was the end. Then I didn’t feel like writing, and felt I had no decent ideas.

I went with this one anyway, choosing to push through lack of motivation and a low emotional state.

It’s 1551 words and it’s finished. Currently it looks like a crapload of exposition and a shitty rushed ending.
How I’ll feel about it when I come to do more thorough editing is another matter.
At least I’m done for this week.

There’s still “Hesketh Heath” (title still subject to change), which is my attempt at a Jane Austen parody, still unfinished but close to it, still sitting on the desktop with 2 other ideas.

My current lack of motivation says they can both go and fuck themselves sideways with a cactus.
That’s how little I felt like writing today.

Yay, writing!

17 Oct

643 words on the subject of child stardom.
Quite funny and quirky.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 42.

15 Oct

Just finished this weeks story but am currently stuck for a title.

It’s 1597 words. And fairly okay. I had the idea last week but the ghost story I came up with then just couldn’t wait.

Hopefully I’ll think of a title soon.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 41.

8 Oct

I was up early today, I’d hand written this weeks story in bed in the early hours.
Just typed it up doing edits and rewrites on the fly as I always do with type-ups.

1725 words on Ghosts.
I had had 2 other ideas which are still by the computer and may be used later.

But this one was so clear, I HAD to get it down quickly.
Good story, good solid ending too.

Keeping busy!

7 Oct

Just typed up the story I handwrote in bed last night.
647 words, not too shabby. Good ending too!

And now I’m going to enjoy some dinner.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 40.

1 Oct

Just finished this weeks Bradbury Challenge story, 861 words from a reddit prompt.

Not great, not awful, quite short so it might need some work in the near future.
Hopefully at least 200 words worth taking it over 1k.

I’m just happy to have written and finished something again.
Only 12 weeks left!