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So This Was February 2023

1 Mar

I’ve made 54 submissions.47 rejections. 3 acceptances.1 story being held.

SALES & ACCEPTANCES:-A Tollbooth On Mars was sold to Amazing Stories, Jan 1st, ’23.
The Boxing Men was sold to Dark Matter Magazine, Jan 24th, ’23. [REPRINT]
Empty Chest was sold to Spring Into SciFi Anthology Series, Jan 29th ’23.

The Stiff In Pod G was sold to Medusa Tales, Jul 23rd ’22.
Four Women With Swords was sold to The Lorelei Signal, Dec 11th 22.

These were the final 2 unannounced sales from last year. I did have permission from Lorelei Signal, I just forgot to announce.

CAVEAT:-Be aware, I am now adding stubs for titles which have sold, but I’ve not yet received official permission to announce as sold yet.

There are currently 37 stories out in submission:-

I Made A New Friend Today was released at Eidolotry Digital #2. PsychoToxin Press. 1st Jan ’23.
A Monster Under Every Bed was released at It Came From Under The Bed, Jan 13th Jan ’23
A Tollbooth On Mars was released at Amazing Stories, Feb 6th, 2023.
Sidekicks was released in A Hero Of A Different Stripe, Feb 16th 2023.

LESSONS LEARNED:-(This is a new segment, I’ll be adding tips for myself for future blogs.)
Add sales as stubs as soon as those are received. Temp entries until announced then replace with official info.
Add releases when info is received to Shape Of Things To Come, so I don’t forget.
Add stubs to Shape Of Things To Come for unannounced sales.
Create entries for the Submission Challenge each day, as they come in or go out.
I removed the Stories On Hold section as I didn’t want any markets to feel pressure to buy stuff.
I moved the entry for Tuck & Roll because I’m tired of working around its constant delays.

The Boxing Men will be released in Dark Matter Magazine, Mar 1st, ’23. (DTBC)
Empty Chest will be released in Spring Into SciFi 2023 collection, Mar 21st, 2023.
Total Immersion will be released in The Bards and Sages Quarterly, Apr 2023. (DTBC)
The War Machines will be released at Utopia Science Fiction, Apr 2023. (DTBC)
Spun Yarn will be released in Bullet Points, 2023. (DTBC).
The Dragon Readers will be released in 99 Fleeting Fantasies, winter 2023. (DTBC).
Madam Midnight Fucks Shit Up will be released in Synthetic Reality Magazine, Issue 9. (DTBC)
The Stiff In Pod G will be released in Medusa Tales (DTBC)
Unannounced sale to market (not listed in sales yet). (DTBC)
You Have Summoned A Demon will be released at 34 Orchard, 2024. (DTBC).
Tuck & Roll will be released. (DTBC).

There’s some other stuff coming, I can’t officially talk about it yet. Just know it IS coming.

When I get more solid dates on the date to be confirmeds, I’ll announce them.
Publication of Madam Midnight was pushed back due to illness of the Synthetic Reality Mag editor. That may be delayed by at least 2 months.
The Stiff In Pod G is also in a void right now, I know as much as you do there.
A few publications have been pushed back. Some stuff I can’t talk about because they aren’t announced yet.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS:-I’m not setting any resolutions for 2023. I just want to write, submit, and hopefully sell stuff.
I did write a story this month, but haven’t typed it up yet. So no word counts.