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Finding America (flash fic, from a reddit prompt)

14 Aug

“And so we walked off, to look for America.

Sadly, after walking for thousands of miles we gave up on ever finding this dreamlike place. Little did we know it was already beneath our feet, we merely had to look down.

But we had spent our whole journey looking forward, to the horizon.

America, no more.”

A request

3 Nov

If you see my titles for sale anywhere other than Amazon, PLEASE inform me RIGHT AWAY!

Only I make money off me!

A poem from a reddit prompt

23 Sep

There Is No Planet B, By Ray Daley.
(from a reddit prompt)

We sent a bunch of missions, just about fifty-three,
Fired ’em off all off into space, bound for Planet B.
Built those rockets; built ’em good, Named from A to Zee,
Shot them into darkest space, Aimed at Planet B.
We’ve been sending missions there since 1963,
Hoping we find a sign of life on good old Planet B.
We looked out with our telescopes, and guess what did we see?
We killed all our astronauts, there IS no Planet B.

Just Write!

7 Sep

I’ve been keeping busy.

Wrote a weird WW2 related story last night, 905 words. Didn’t work out how I planned but sometimes that’s a good thing.

Just wrote a short off a prompt from reddit, 1179 words.

One where I wasn’t 100% sure of the ending but it seemed to gel together okay.

I’d rather be happy I’ve written and finshed something even if it’s not great than have not finished or have not written at all.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 34.

20 Aug

Not long finished this weeks story, inspired by another reddit writing prompt.

Came out at 1410 words. Not long, but long enough to say what I wanted it to.
Not entirely terrible, not great either.

It won’t set the literary world on fire.

At least I am done for this week.
Now I’ve got to get my head into the right frame of mind to attend my oldest sisters funeral tomorrow.

This isn’t going to be easy.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 10.

5 Mar

I just finished writing this weeks story, it was 615 words off an image I spotted on reddit.
I wish it was longer.

Super tired now, so off to bed.

Co-workers, a free flash fiction story by Ray Daley

17 Jan

By Ray Daley

Despite their very different backgrounds and cultures, two coworkers find enough common ground for mutual respect and a pleasant chat. Only one of them is human.

“Hey Deke, back from prayers already?”
“Hallo Marcus, yes. Prayers are over for today. God is satisfied.” said Deke.
“Good to know man! That God is a tough one to please. Did you catch the game yesterday night?” Marcus asked.
“Sorry, no. I was at study, must to be learning the English more better.” said Deke.
“Just say ‘must learn English better’, okay Deke?” said Marcus.
“Thank you for your help Marcus. You are a good man.” said Deke.
“Not a problem, my friend. Are you still coming to the barbeque this weekend?” asked Marcus.
“Sure am, my mate is looking forward to meeting you and your offspring.” said Deke.
“You know there’s going to be meat, right? That’s not going to be a problem like the last time?” asked Marcus.
“No, am in shame still. Have special tablet now, will fix all okay. No go crazy any more.” said Deke.
“Hey, it’s okay man. We weren’t to know chicken would set you off like that. There won’t be any there this time, I promise! By the way, Mister Baker came by the line earlier. He was real pleased with your progress, says he’s never seen anyone take to the welding line quite like you.” said Marcus.
“I am pleased to make him happy Marcus. Is not easy for one like me to find work here, trying best to make new home.” said Deke.

An alarm buzzer sounded all across the factory.

“Time to go back to work, would shake hands but would take too long. Would be late! You are good man! See you at weekend!” Deke said, smiling as he left the break room.
“You ain’t so bad yourself Deke, for a twelve armed creature from Centauri Two.” Marcus said to himself as he headed back to work.


Authors Notes:- The bit at the top in italics was a writing prompt from reddit. I didn’t actually HAVE to write anything else this week as I’d already completed the Bradbury Challenge but I couldn’t resist knocking a quick story out and figured why not pop it on the blog for folks to read.

So here it is.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 2

9 Jan

Week 2.

I’m deep into the new story which I started writing today.
I’m about 2 hours in and it’s getting fairly heavy. 2444 words!

It came from a reddit prompt and is turning out to be a bit of a difficult birth so far.

I won’t be surprised if it goes over 3 thousand words.
At least I have 6 more days to finish it.

Well, I am done on it today. It’s been a long one.
Back to the coal face tomorrow I guess.

reddit NO MORE!

12 Dec

I have officially removed all my ebook links from reddit after reading the newly mooted user agreement.
They can officially go and screw themselves.
My content is MINE.
I wrote it. It’s MY copyright.
Not yours because you think you might be able to make a buck out of it.

If anyone is going to make money out of me, it’s damn well going to be ME.

If you are a writer and have ANY books currently being advertised through reddit I strongly urge you to delete/remove those posts before January. All mine are gone as of today. I removed them. My choice.

And that’s about it for this month!

29 Nov

Patient Review

My last free Doctor Who ebook for this month!
If you like it, why not Tweet me @RayDaleyWriter

Please be aware, next months (December) release will NOT be on the 1st of the month.
It will probably go out on the 6th.
There will be only ONE release next month.
This month was special, being the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary AND Armistice Day.

I will almost certainly NOT be doing this kind of weekly release again.