January 2023 Submission Challenge

24 Nov

The rules are simple. Submit at least 1 story to a paying market during the month of January. If you wish to sub to more than 1, that is your choice. These are my selected markets, they should all be open, they are all paying. If you wish, you can sub a story every day. That’s my challenge, if you want to try it as well, feel free. This is a mixture of SF/Fantasy & Horror markets because I cover all those genres.

It’s been a lot harder compiling the list this time as so many markets have either shut completely or changed their sub schedules. I haven’t listed Daily Science because I can’t confirm if they are open or not. If you submit to one of the markets listed below, READ THE GUIDELINES! I will perform another check mid December to ensure all these places ARE still going to be open.

If you take part, do try to blog about it because I love hearing everyone’s experience trying the challenge. Pretty much everyone who ever took part has sold a story but I can’t guarentee success. Write good pieces, fit the right story to the right market & submit. I’ve made a pro sale (which counted towards becoming a Full SFWA Member) from this challenge so it does work.

The whole point of the challenge is to get you used to submitting, matching stories to markets & frequently having to do that with no warning that it’s not the market you expected. If you have questions, or want to take part you can get in touch with @RayDaleyWriter on Twitter or scream into the void because I don’t check Facebook as often these days.


01 – Fantasy Magazine (short & long form) https://adamant.moksha.io/publication/fantasy/guidelines OR The Fairy Tale Magazine https://www.fairytalemagazine.com/submissions
02 – Clarkesworld http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/submissions/ OR Cosmic Root & Eldritch Shores https://cosmicrootsandeldritchshores.com/submissions/
03 – Flash Fiction Online http://flashfictiononline.com/main/submission-guidelines-flash-fiction/ OR Cosmic Horror Monthly https://www.cosmichorrormonthly.com/submissions/
04 – F&SF https://www.sfsite.com/fsf/glines.html OR Hexagon Magazine https://hexagonmagazine.ca/submit/
05 – Interzone http://ttapress.com/interzone/guidelines/ OR Planet Scumm https://www.planetscumm.space/submit
06 – Amazing Stories https://submission.amazingstoriesmag.com/guidelines/ OR Tales from the Moonlit Path http://talesmoonlitpath.com/submissions/ [Bloody Valentine theme]
07 – Analog https://www.analogsf.com/contact-us/writers-guidelines/ OR Wyngraf https://wyngraf.com/submissions/
08 – Electric Spec https://www.electricspec.com/Submissions.html
09 – Beneath Ceaseless Skies http://www.beneath-ceaseless-skies.com/submissions/ OR Sci Phi Journal https://www.sciphijournal.org/index.php/submission-guidelines/
10 – Dose Of Dread https://dreadstonepress.com/submissions/ OR Fusion Fragment https://www.fusionfragment.com/submissions/
11 – Radon Journal https://www.radonjournal.com/submit
12 – Bourbon Penn https://www.bourbonpenn.com/submissions
13 – Apex Magazine https://apex-magazine.com/submission-guidelines/
14 – 34 Orchard https://34orchard.com/guidelines/
15 – The Dread Machine https://www.thedreadmachine.com/submit/
16 – Horror Library (Dark Moon) http://www.darkmoonbooks.com/Submissions.html
17 – Factor Four Magazine http://factorfourmag.com/submissionsinfo/ OR Dark Void Magazine https://www.darkvoidmagazine.com/submissions
18 – Escape Pod https://escapepod.org/guidelines/short-fiction/
19 – The Future Fire http://futurefire.net/guidelines/fiction.html
20 – Brilliant Flash Fiction https://brilliantflashfiction.com/submissions/
21 – Asimov’s https://www.asimovs.com/contact-us/writers-guidelines/
22 – James Gunn’s Ad Astra http://www.adastrasf.com/submissions/short-fiction-submission-guidelines/ OR The Other Stories https://theotherstories.net/submissions
23 – Strange Horizons (before 4pm GMT) http://strangehorizons.com/submit/fiction-submission-guidelines/
24 – Penumbric https://www.penumbric.com/subs.html OR Metaphorosis https://magazine.metaphorosis.com/guidelines/
25 – Bards & Sages Quarterly https://www.bardsandsages.com/contact_us/fiction_submission_guidelines OR The Arcanist https://thearcanist.io/tag/submission-guidelines/
26 – Nature: Futures http://blogs.nature.com/futureconditional/2015/04/19/how-to-write-for-nature-futures/ OR Not One Of Us https://not-one-of-us.pub/about/guidelines/
27 – Mythaxis https://mythaxis.co.uk/submissions.html
28 – Three-Lobed Burning Eye https://www.3lobedmag.com/submissions.html
29 – Dream Of Shadows https://www.dreamofshadows.co.uk/submission-guidelines OR Newmyths https://sites.google.com/a/newmyths.com/nmwebsite/submissions/sub-2
30 – Anotherealm http://anotherealm.com/faq/submit.php OR The Mesozoic Reader https://farthertrees.wordpress.com/mesozoic-reader/
31 – Dark Recesses https://darkrecessespress.com/?page_id=29


Allegory https://www.allegoryezine.com/submissions
Aphotic Realm https://aphoticrealm.com/submissions/
Apparition Lit https://apparitionlit.com/submissions/
Chrome Baby http://robindunn.com/chrome-submit.html
Compelling Science Fiction http://compellingsciencefiction.com/guidelines.html
Flash Point SF https://flashpointsf.com/submissions/
Giganotosaurus http://giganotosaurus.org/submission-guidelines/
Infinite Worlds https://www.infiniteworldsmagazine.com/submissions
Mithila Review https://mithilareview.com/submission-guidelines/
The Colored Lens http://thecoloredlens.com/?page_id=8/
The Dark Magazine http://thedarkmagazine.com/submission-guidelines/
The Lorelei Signal https://www.loreleisignal.com/Guidelines.html
The Periodical, Forlorn https://www.periodicalforlorn.com/submission-guidelines
Timeworn Lit https://www.timewornlit.com/submit
Underland Arcana https://www.underlandarcana.com/submissions/


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    […] If people are interested in taking part, the rules & market list are HERE […]

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