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Fact into Fiction

20 Jan

I’ve used real things to write fiction before.  For example my story “The Sniper” used a real event that happened to Hitler (his encounter with Henry Tandey) to write an alternate timeline.Smashwords — The Sniper — A book by Ray Daley.

So I read something a few days ago and it stuck with me. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

And this particular story was VERY strange. IBM wipes supercomputer’s hard drives in bid to stop potty-mouthed machine uttering obscenities | Mail Online.

A computer that SWEARS? Oh yes! I want me some of that!

But they decided it was a bad thing and wiped the hard drives so it’s now back to where it was.

And thusly was a new idea for a story born.  It’ll end up on Smashwords as the swears in it preclude it from being sent to any of the flash fiction sites.