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Locating Springfield, A Simpsons Theory.

6 Apr

Can we use science to locate Springfield? Simple answer? YES.
Triangulation, the method of using 3 known points to find a location.

In the episode “Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood” Bart points to New York, a fixed geographical location.


Point 1 established.
We then have the street where Bart & Milhouse are standing. Point 2.


This point however is difficult, if not impossible to identify within the town.
Point 3. If we can define the relative location of Mr Burn’s house (in West Springfield) to Bart’s location, you have your 3 points.

Sadly this theory is killed for several reasons.

1) It’s impossible to tell where Bart is when he points.
2) Bart’s knowledge of geography is unreliable.
3) Bart is a known prankster, he could be pointing anywhere.

So while actual science MAY allow us to locate Springfield, the lack of data prevents it.

Happy Monday.

Simpsons Idea

2 Mar

Four Funerals and a Wedding.

Before you get started & tell me “This was an Itchy & Scratchy episode title!”, yes, I already known that. I Googled it.


At the nuclear plant Mr Burns is talking to Smithers about a new aquisition he had made that is supposed to make him live longer. The archeologist who went to get it was infected with a sleeping sickness that manifests itself as having appeared to have killed the victim when they are in fact only sleeping & paralysed. It also slows the heart down.

The archeologist arrives in Mr Burns’ office as Burns is castigating Lenny, Carl and Homer for goofing off during work. She shakes hands with Lenny, Carl and finally Homer thinking each one is Mr Burns until Smithers arrives and points to Mr Burns who finally shakes her hand.

She gives the item (an urn) to Burns but it crumbles away to dust once it is put in direct sunlight. Burns starts to get angry and insists that Smithers throws things at the archeologist, Lenny, Carl & Homer until they all leave.


That night at the Simpson house Bart tries to persuade Homer to let him stay up in order to watch a zombie movie, as Homer says yes Marge overhears them and tells Homer if he’s going to let Bart watch the movie he has to stay up and watch it too.

Both of them stay up, Bart esculates the situation by insisting they watch with all the lights off asking if Homer is scared or a chicken. Homer agreeds but is petrified, Bart is equally as scared and had hoped Homer would over-rule him and say no and insist the lights stay on which Bart also wanted.

Outside the house there is a thunder & lightning storm, mirroring the scene they are watching in the movie. It shows a previously established dead body starting to sit up, rising from the dead. On the tv, there is thunder, lightning then you see the zombie start to walk. Seconds later an overhead power cable next to the Simpson house is hit by lightning, leaving Bart & Homer in complete darkness.

They both remain at opposite ends of the sofa for the rest of the night in pitch black, each refusing to move or come to the other in fear it might be a zombie. In the morning they are shown both wide awake, neither having been able to sleep.

The following day Bart gets up and goes to school, on the tv you hear Kent Brockman reporting about the “death” of the archeologist and they cut to an interview with Dr Nick Riviera who confirms she is dead.

Cut to Burns & Smithers hearing end of the same news item, Burns sees the archeologists face on the tv and has some kind of desire infliction and regrets her death. He tells Smither how secretly he thought she was quite beautiful and that he could have easily “married a woman like that”.


Cut to the next day in Moes Tavern where Homer, Lenny, Barney & Moe are sitting together. Eventually after several drinks and conversation they realise Lenny isn’t there. So they go to his apartment (Carl has a key) and find him “dead” on the couch. An ambulance is called and again Dr Nick declares Lenny dead.

According to the terms of Lennys will he asks that Homer and Carl spend a 24 hour period with his body in order to ensure he doesn’t get buried alive, something he has a morbid fear of. Homer turns up at the set time but Carl is a no-show, Homer tries to telephone him but gets no answer. Lenny is already sitting in an open casket and during the stormy night (again like the zombie movie) he sits up and scares Homer who thinks he is a zombie.

Homer runs off to try and find Carl.

At Carls apartment Homer lets himself in (key under a flowerpot by the door) only to find Carl “dead” on the couch. He calls Dr Nick who again declares Carl “dead” and tells Homer to wait as the ambulance men are on strike. Just as the sun is starting to rise, Carl revives, appearing to wake from the dead. Once more Homer runs off, this time going back to the Simpson house.


Back at the Simpson house it’s morning and Marge comes down to find Homer seemingly asleep with his eyes open on the couch. She tries to wake him and can’t, she fears the worst and discovers he is “dead”. Bart & Lisa come in, Lisa is told to go and call for the Doctor. Again, she calls Dr Nick.

Not wanting to upset the kids too much about their fathers death she sends Bart & Lisa to their rooms but Bart is fascinated by the idea that there is a dead body in his home. He goes down the stairs to hear Dr Nick declare Homer officially “dead”, Dr Nick then leaves.

Marge is in the kitchen crying and Bart is messing about with Homer, putting his “corpse” into all kinds of weird positions saying how Homer is a cool zombie. Homer then sits up and Bart faints.


Back at the hospital the archeologist is being given a final check over by Dr Hibbert and she revives, explaining the sleeping sickness. He realises her symptoms are the same as what Lenny & Carl had so calls the tv station. Kent Brockman announces about the sleeping sickness so Homer realises Lenny & Carl weren’t zombies.

Bart is told Homer wasn’t a zombie by Lisa when he comes round.

Burns & Smithers go to the hospital to visit the archeologist where Burns realises he really has fallen in love with her and asks her to marry him, she agrees knowing how rich and old he is.


At the wedding Homer teases Bart by constantly pretending to be a zombie. As Reverend Lovejoy gets to the “do you take this woman” part, they suddenly realise Mr Burns has died. Smithers says perhaps it’s the sleeping sickness. Dr Hibbert is there and says no, he’s dead. The wedding suddenly becomes a funeral.

And that’s as much as I had. I think it’d make a good episode, especially if Fox want to kill off another big character and don’t want to tip their hand too early.