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2 Sep

New day, new month, new #free #ebook release! 2nd link is better for Android users.

Smashwords — The Last Day With My Friends (In The Marble Orchard) —a book by Ray Daley.
The Last Day With My Friends (In The Marble Orchard) – Ray Daley | Feedbooks.

Astronaut Zombie, An idea inspired by reddit

21 Aug

Astronaut Zombie.

Shot of “Astronaut” doing spacewalk on moon.
Another known Astronaut sees him & tries to hail him on the radio, no response.
He tries again to no avail.

He makes his way over to the other “Astronaut” who has been walking away from him the whole time.
The Astronaut makes a few small jumps and lands just behind the “Astronaut” who he taps on the shoulder.

The “Astronaut” slowly turns around. His helmet shield is not raised.
It’s fully open. Open to space.
And the “Astronaut” is clearly not a living human being.
He is a desicated husk. A zombie.
Who starts to bite and grab at the Astronaut.


(Sometimes you just can’t turn your inner writer off)