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This month, novel thoughts

4 Jun

I made the choice not to try #Pitmad with the novel this month. It really needs a proper full run through for grammar at the bare minimum. I’d still quite like to put the balloon race back in as a bit of a distraction from the main plot, it might make for a good bit of drama at its natural conclusion during year 5.

I’m still not sure about Mama Swan, as cool as she is, the plot doesn’t really need or can’t justify another character and their plot arc. While it will be fairly easy to include the various aspects leading up to, including & after the balloon race, it’s still quite a lot of work to find the right sections to insert it into.

If I can get that done before September, it’s possible I’ll try to pitch it again then.

#Pitmad, Lessons Learned

8 Jun

So I took part in my first #Pitmad on twitter yesterday.

I made plenty of mistakes, which I’m going to share here so you can avoid making them when or if you decide to try it for yourself.

Mistake #1 – I didn’t know #Pitmad was even taking place that day!

I spotted the event fairly late in the day. #Pitmad only runs for for a 12 hour period, if you are going to take part and want to have your pitch seen for the longest possible time, be ready to get in when it starts. Mark your calender!

Mistake #2 – I didn’t have a pitch in place.

I literally had to find my novel query, and massively tailor that to fit in a tweet with the hashtags. If you know #Pitmad is taking place, have your pitch ready & waiting.

Mistake #3 – I didn’t nail my pitch down on the first tweet.

I made a comment to someone about my novel, I felt it sounded better, more of a hook. That actually turned out to not be the case.

Mistake #4 – Know what to do if you get an agent like.

As it’s my first rodeo, I had NO CLUE what to do when I got a like from an agent. Luckily for me, the agent had posted instructions on their profile.

Mistake #5 -Send the agent your FINISHED novel.

Oh yes, I did that. I made the mistake of sending the first 50 pages of an earlier revision. I had to dig myself out of that hole by apologising for my mistake and sending the first 50 pages of the finished version.

These were my mistakes, and I hope you don’t make them when you decide to try #Pitmad for yourself. Either make your own mistakes, or learn from mine and don’t make any at all.