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I have a brain!

2 Dec

I know so because I had it scanned this morning.

I had an MRI scan! On my actual brain!

That totally wasn’t the single most oppressive and claustrophia inducing experience I’ve ever had. NOT.

Left home just after 8:20am got to hospital just after 9am (pretty good considering the morning traffic in that area), had to find my own way to the MRI department because none of the volunteers were on duty at that time in the morning. Fortunately I’m REALLY good at reading signs and following directions so I made my way to the reception.

Waited about 5 mins there, then went through, got weighed (to make sure you ain’t too fat to get scanned – I passed easily) then was asked to get mostly naked as you can’t wear ANYTHING metal. So much for me wearing my tracksuit bottoms. I should have gone with my lycra running leggings. Anyway, disrobed, put on a backless gown (this is just for a head MRI, by the way) then sat in the waiting room.

And got bored. I think I actually went in eventually long after 10am (scheduled appt was 9:30am but they saw at least 3 emergencies before me), had the procedure explained, given earplugs (it’s bloody noisy) then had a thing put less a centimetre away from my face, very claustrophobic.

Then told to lie still for 15 mins. In a room where you’re all alone with only the noise of the machine making magnetic scans of your head for company. I nearly freaked out in the first five minutes, it was a bit difficult to breath but I just relaxed and started counting off minutes (eventually). I counted 11 mins by the time they took me out.

After that it was just go back out to a cubicle, get dressed and bugger off home.

It was gone 11am by the time I got home.

Health Update

22 Oct

Nothing related to writing or much else, I know some of you reading will see my references to visiting the Eye Clinic/Hospital all for my glaucoma.

Today I had a Visual Fields Test, wasn’t good according to the Consultant.

Results are VASTLY different from over a year ago so she’s booking me in for an MRI scan.

On my brain.

I’ve had one before (about 10 yrs ago when I was having major issues with cluster headaches) so it’s not a big new scary thing to be doing. It’s just different to the normal tests and treatments I go through for my eyes.

Hopefully they will get me in and scanned sooner rather than later, I hate waiting for things like that.
I’ll report back when I get an actual date for it. Or after I’ve had it done.