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No more fighting

6 Mar

Just got done writing a highly enjoyable piece of fic based on Red Riding Hood (with my usual SF twist, of course) which weighs in at 1300 words. I really had fun writing it. Once I got the idea, it just caught me so much I had to write the whole thing straight away.

What a difference from the story I started yesterday and fought with for over four hours, not finding an actual ending, only to come up with a resolution once I was in bed (which I had to handwrite & type up this morning). If you can’t write an ending, write a resolution, which is the next best thing.

For after all, we have revisions and editing in which to fix it.

Playing with The Doctor

15 Feb

“Everyone inside!”

“Listen stranger, there are 380 million people on this planet. And you’re suggesting we all get inside that tiny blue shed? Who are you, some kind of mad man?”

“That tiny blue shed is a TARDIS. Gallifreyan technology. By the look on your face, you’ve already heard of us? Good! Because I’m The Doctor, and I’m definitely a mad man with a box. Now everyone, get inside! Nobody dies today, because I say so!”

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.

7 Feb

10 glass dalek

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.
Part 10, The Glass Dalek.

The Glass Dalek was created especially by Davros (whilst hiding at Tranquil Repose), both known as International Bastard and Maker of the Daleks. The Glass Dalek contains a human who is gradually being turned into a Dalek.

Don’t feel sorry for him. He’s stuck in a Dalek. And not even a cool looking Dalek either! Do him a favour. Smash him into a billion tiny pieces with a ruddy great big hammer before he becomes an actual Dalek.

This Dalek may get your show cancelled. You will NOT get to Blackpool. Ever!

Avoid! Glass is super sharp.
Oh, and Daleks are bastards, obviously.

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.

7 Feb

8 barnardos

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.
Part 8, The Barnados Dalek.

Caution! Contains children!

As every adult knows, the best kind of children are the ones you can give back to their parents at the end of the day. Not about to happen with this Dalek as it contains orphans, and not the grimy faced, chirpy, loveable orphans either.

These particular orphans have taken rejection by society extremely badly and turned to the ways of a Dalek. Look at that kid on the left, he can’t WAIT to get out of that wheelchair and into a pimped out ride like a Dalek.

These orphans are just fighting each other for the chance to get inside a Dalek, this is EXACTLY the kind of temperament that utter bastards like Daleks are looking for every day!

Likely to ask you for a donation to charity. Almost certainly won’t take no for an answer.

Avoid. Unless you want to adopt a Dalek.
(This is a bad idea.)

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.

7 Feb

2 dalek emperor

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.
Part 2, Dalek Emperor.

The good thing for you about this particular Dalek is he’s fixed to the ground, this one won’t be chasing you anywhere, he certainly won’t be exterminating you either.

The flip side of that, this Dalek is TOTALLY in charge of ALL the other Daleks, when he says jump they say “Don’t be stupid, Daleks can’t jump!” But when he says “Exterminate!” They say who, where, when and why aren’t we killing them already.

Which doesn’t just make him a bastard, he’s the King Of The Bastards.

AVOID! Unplug him if you can.
Staying the hell away is the best plan.

I was then but now I’m not

4 Feb

I started out today looking at an outline for a novel, I was thinking about breaking it down into bits for chapters.

That lasted about an hour, then I had food, then did “stuff” (read nothing) then I had an idea and started writing.

And about an hour or so later I’d finished this weird take on Peter Pan. Quite a unique idea, 1570 words.

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.

1 Feb

3 The_Cult_of_Skaro

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.
Part 3, The Cult Of Skaro.

As with all cults everywhere, these Daleks are complete bastards.

They don’t want you to drink the Kool-aid. They just want you to be a pig-slave.

Or to help them create a Dalek/Human hybrid. No romance, either. Tossers!
They’ve got names. But not good names, like Tom, or David, or Matt.

Weird Dalek names like Jast & Sec. Which frankly sound more like sex toys.

They don’t care if you live in the park, they will kill you or enslave you. Which ever moves them closer to getting off Earth. Despite coming here several times, Daleks DON’T like Earth. Magnets upset them. And Earth’s a big old magnet. Which is good for us, and bad for Daleks! Sucks to be you, Daleks!

Likely to use mind-control & human slaves. Cults are bad, m’kay?