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What You’ve Done This Year

4 Dec

I thought as I am close to my last release of the year I would take stock and actually write down a list of everthing I’ve released, self-published or had published elsewhere this year.

Here goes:-

ebooks released through Smashwords & Feedbooks
Letters Home (Jan 1st)
Artificial Intelligence (Feb 1st)
The Mason Procedure (March 1st)
The Time On The Island (March 31st, April release)
Moments In A Crowd (May 1st)
First One There Dies (May 7th)
All The World In Wax (June 1st)
Dinner With Grandma (June 30th, July release)
Alan Rickman Will NOT Die (Aug 1st)
The Last Day With My Friends (In The Marble Orchard) (Sept 1st)
The Realisation (Oct 1st)
Service Provider (Oct 20th)
The Short Trip (Nov 1st)
Echo Beach (Nov 8th)
The Gallifrey Five (Nov 15th)
Visiting Hours (Nov 22nd)
Patient Review (Nov 29th)
The Ground Beneath My Feet (Dec 6th, to be uploaded on Friday)
18 titles.

Flash Fiction published

365 Tomorrows
Return From Red Zone – Jan 12th
Salary Man – May 28th
2 titles.

Linguistic Erosion
The Man Who Was Twelve Bears – Jan 16th
Ground Zero – Jan 19th
The Last Mighty One – Jan 24th
The Keepers, Kept – April 7th
The Armstrong Moment – May 15th
Come In Number 13, Your Time Is Up!- Aug 20th
6 titles.

The Dream Of Space Flight – Feb 9th
Never Apart Until Then – May 3rd
The Pioneer – Jun 30th
Daddy I’ve Fallen For A Monster – Aug 4th
The Seven Mistakes A Ninja Makes – 23rd Aug
Death On The 7:15 from Roehampton –  Sept 27th
The Least Haunted House In The World – Oct 25th
7 titles.

33 complete stories released this year.
Almost 4 per month.

So what was your total?