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Bladerunner poem, because it’s awesome

21 Dec

When you wish on a Nexus 6, It’s not something you can fix,
DNA is set in stone, Nexus 6 will die alone.

Burn the candle at both ends, killing humans with your friends,
Human beings are such slobs, Send out Gaff retiring Skin Jobs.

Set a thief to catch a thief says the spiel, Deckard is a Replicant – he’s not real.
Rush to Earth but you don’t know why, before too long it’s time to die.

More new stories!

16 Dec

Just knocked out 1221 words, a new Bladerunner piece.
Struggled to write the end last night but nailed it just now.

Two things to type up then chilling until tomorrow.

Me and Blade Runner.

10 Dec

I have a big place in my heart for the movie, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen most versions of it now (all bar 3 I believe) and I am more than familiar with both the world and its inhabitants.

Which is probably why I chose to write what eventually turned out to be my first piece of Blade Runner fanfic Blade Runner Time Line.
This was a project, I discovered there wasn’t a great deal of information known about Doctor Eldon Tyrell so I thought to myself that someone needed to correct this oversight.

And then decided that someone should be me.

So sure enough, I wrote a complete life history of the good Doctor including the creation of the various Nexus types right up to the moment Tyrell is killed in the movie. His story DOES continue after that but you’d have to read the Jeter books to find out more.

Having created a nicely detailed timeline which originally was just going to be my research for writing, I then actually wrote the story I’d intended to create when I started to compile the timeline. This story became my 2nd piece of Blade Runner fanfic The Process, a story about earlier Nexus models and how they were detected before the Blade Runner unit were formed.

I then rested on my laurels for a good while.

Until I got another idea a couple of days ago which I finally typed up today. It’s called “Father Figure” and it’s more about Eldon Tyrell (yes, again!) and an earlier Nexus model. It’ll be released eventually or submitted to the flash market, hopefully sometime next year.

This does not mean I am finished writing about Tyrell or the Blade Runner universe.
There are more stories to be told, more characters to explore, many more questions to answer and to ask.

I hope I have time enough.

End of the drought

8 Dec

I’d been struggling this month. Not to get ideas but to actually finish something.
I hadn’t started and finished anything since the 7th of November so when I finally committed pen to paper AND managed to reach THE END that was the first story I’d completed in just over a month.

Since starting to write seriously a little more than 2 years ago that’s been the single longest period I’ve gone without managing to finish a whole story.

It’s not exactly long, it was only 2 sides of A5 note paper but the fact was it got finished and it felt easy to do.
It literally just fell out of me through the pen onto the paper. Those are the stories I really like too.
And it was a Blade Runner piece.

Then to have that really cool Doctor Who dream (details on my Facebook status) just felt like a reward.