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Some writing related news

29 Aug

Thing #1 – My story “The Catch” will be live on the Were-Traveler website this weekend. I’ll put up a link as soon as I get one.

Thing #2 – I signed a contract with Insignia for an anthology appearance with them recently. More news when I know they are going to press. I just read & returned edits on the story. I’m very happy with it.

Both of the above are paying gigs. Neither are huge pay days but a cheque is a cheque.

Thing #3 – I’ve had a story accepted into The Fairytale Collection: The Knight Sky.

Thing # 4 – I’ve also had a story accepted into an anthology which will be a Guinness World Record. I’ll be getting a certificate for it and everything! Providing we make the numbers by the end of the month. We have ALREADY broken the current record but we’re looking to destroy it.


Well it’s not BAD news, I guess?

14 Jul

GOOD NEWS! My story “Witch Hunt” has been shortlisted for the next round of reading for the Weirdbook “Witches” anthology!

It’s not about the money

8 Apr

I’m writing this blog entry in the interests of openness and transparency.

First, a bit of admin.

I just made my first story sale of the year, to Insignia.
Another anthology. Woo!

Okay. Admin over.

Writing for me isn’t just about making money.

While it is nice to get paid for your writing, I’m pleased that anyone finds my work of a good enough quality that they want to include it in a book with other stories.

Yes. Honestly.

After nearly 2 years of submitting stuff I am still surprised when I receive an acceptance letter. I’ve become so used to “Sorry, unsuccessful” (because no-one’s ever been mean enough to send a “Fuck off, die, and stop writing forever” email yet) emails that they are now my daily bread and butter, almost part of my weekly routine now I am submitting so often.

I’m sure that if you asked any now famous writer how many rejections they used to receive on a regular basis, their face will drop, their heart will beat a little faster and you’ll become their new worst friend. Then they’ll snap out of it and tell you how they too got umpteen rejections before making it big.

It’s never all no. It’s the odd yes and that makes it worth carrying on submitting stuff.

Which is ironic, seeing how I was thinking that I was going to stop submitting stuff at the end of this month if I hadn’t made sale.

Try. Keep trying. Say why not.

Things can happen. You’ve got to work for them though.

I am hardly the worlds greatest writer but that was my third sale for money.