Patrolling In An Afghan Wonderland (A military parody xmas song!)

24 Dec

Merry Xmas to one and all!

Patrolling In An Afghan Wonderland (Full version)
By Ray Daley. (Royal Air Force, retired)

Sands too bright, it’s just glistening
Past the wire, Dickers listening,
The desert is shite, Looks crappy tonight
Patrolling in an Afghan wonderland

Gone away, the gozome bird
Here to stay, the radar dome bird
But it feels so wrong, As we go along
Patrolling in an Afghan wonderland

In the compound we can’t build a snowman
Pretend we’re not eating Biscuits, Brown
Ask us if we’re worried, We’ll say no man!
Just tell us that the war is drawing down?

Later on, We’ll conspire
Get the brass to call a ceasefire
They’ll stand us all down, Then pass the beers round
Patrolling in an Afghan wonderland

Sleigh bells ring, Are you listening?
With AK’s; ISIS bristling
Can we please go home? Leave this place alone,
Patrolling in an Afghan wonderland



Far From The Blogging Crowd

19 Dec

Hello blog readers, and sorry. I’ve been neglecting you again.

It’s for a good reason, I’ve been hard at work finishing my beta comment edits on the 2nd novel.
Those are now done and I am over half way into audio edits.

Over 26,0000 words proofed. But I am far from done.

I’ve decided to put a storyline back that I had in mind but didn’t use as I was writing. It’s not difficult to reincorporate, it’s deciding where to locate it that’s the toughest job. For that I have to do word counts for all of the chapters then see which is shortest.

I’m happy because it means I’ve actually got one of my two novels close to full completion.
I’m hoping to get it done before the year is done.

Dreams For The New Year

14 Dec

This is by no means a “TO DO” list, nor is it a list of New Years Resolutions.

It’s been a few years since I’ve made any resolutions at all because I’d gotten to the point where I’d achieved pretty much everythng that was possible to me.

The following are desires or milestones I’d like to reach in 2018 if possible.

Sell a story for pro-rates.
Earn any SFWA credits at all.
Make more sales than 2017.
Be published outside the SF genre.
Edit & complete at least one of my “finished” novels.
Win NaNoWriMo in November.

I don’t think any of these are outside the realms of impossiblity.

What’s currently in submission #10

11 Dec

As the last one was in early November I thought I’d update you.

What’s currently out in submission?

The Concentration Camp (subbed to Persistant Visions)
Even Stevens (subbed to AE)
Junkie (subbed to Blind Spot)
A Head Of Steam (subbed to Edge Onlines Fantastic Trains)
Summerland (subbed to Occult Detective Quarterly)
I Want Candy [subbed to Gathering Storm]
Witch Hunt (subbed to Weirdbook) [at their request]
REDACTED subbed to ANON. (This is still on-going, sorry!)
Muse [subbed to WolfSinger Cat Tails anthology]
Life In Small Places [subbed to Red Dashboard]
Follow Your Father (poem) [subbed to Red Dashboard]
Memories Of The Yakuza [subbed to Insignia anthology]
Hostile Take-over [subbed to Augur]
King For A Day [subbed to Pulp Literature]
Even Stevens [Subbed to Outlook Springs]
Distant Drums [subbed to Parsec Ink]
The Plan [subbed to Red Rabbit]
The Doomsday Machine Retires [subbed to Third Flatiron]
Checking It Twice… [Subbed to Things In The Well]

Please note, the redacted ones are for anonymous submission.

18 stories & 1 poem now out there.

I’m pleased to announce that Astounding Outpost published “Call Girl”, it’s now for sale in their Neural Nets anthology on Amazon.

Vote for my story! (Please?)

5 Dec

My SF AI story “Call Girl” is now free to read at Astounding Outpost :-

If you want to support my writing please vote for it here:-

A free story & request for support!

1 Dec
If you enjoyed reading my story “Call Girl” (read it here:- then please consider voting for it here:-
It might win me some money, which would be lovely.

Award Eligible Work 2017

24 Nov

The following works are eligible for a Nebula Award. Feel free to nominate me.

Short Stories:-

The Dionesian Wave (When You’re Strange; An Anthology of Strangers)

There are a few pieces still unreleased that may make it out before the December 31st deadline. If that’s the case, I will update this post.

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