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Last free release of 2014!

2 Dec


It’s the final free release of 2014!
If you like it, tweet me @RayDaleyWriter


A request

3 Nov

If you see my titles for sale anywhere other than Amazon, PLEASE inform me RIGHT AWAY!

Only I make money off me!

New free ebook out!

18 Mar

And it’s not even the first of a new month yet!
This one had been in development for two (count them!) whole years.
Yes it’s short but there was a lot to research to get a certain aspect factually correct.
Today is this stories 2nd birthday. Happy birthday, story! or
Panic Over Metropolis by @RayDaleyWriter #free #Superman #fanfic #ebook

New ebook now available! (Yes, it’s early)

28 Feb or\
My #free March #ebook release is 3 hours early because my monitor is misbehaving so I wanted to make sure you got this months release online all okay.
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The Release Reshuffle

25 Feb

I was going through my finalised releases for this year late last night and decided to move a few titles around from their original release dates.

I’ve now bumped a Military SF title up to next months release.
What was going to be next months release will now come out in April.
And the original April release has been pushed back to December.

Obviously I could have gone ahead and done these releases without saying I’d moved them around, you (by “you” I mean my wonderful readers) would have been blissfully unaware and without a care in the world, simply happy to have a new e-book by me to read. But I like to tell you what’s going on behind the scenes of my little writing & publishing world.

It may be a very small world. Population 1, in fact. Yours truly.
The reading world, however, is quite a bit larger.
I happen to know that on Feedbooks alone, 8383 people have downloaded my most popular book.
One of my erotica titles. ;-P
Oddly enough, the same title is my most downloaded on Smashwords too. 1083 people have taken it from there.

Anyway, now you know roughly what will be coming on Saturday.

I’ve been reviewed! By someone I read!

13 Feb

Your actual Tom Lichtenberg only just reviewed my new ebook. Someone I like is a fan? COOL!

Here’s what he had to say about “Waking Up Different” (A 5 star review, no less!):-
Another fun story by this always entertain writer. Recommended!

He also said this on his blog:-
A fun short story of cryonics by the always entertaining sci fi writer and Doctor Who story teller Ray Daley, Waking up Different is free from Smashwords as are many of his stories. It’s like free candy for light-hearted science fiction fans! And who doesn’t like free candy?

Thank you for your kind words Tom. My new release will be next month but I’ll be featuring on Farther Stars Than These on the 20th of next month too. My flash stuff is also on 365 Tomorrows & Linguistic Erosion. Feel free to read it.

Or follow the blog. Or my twitter feed, @RayDaleyWriter

This months free ebook release is up!

1 Feb

#new #free #sf #ebook or

This months free release “Waking Up Different”, hope you enjoy it!