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Summing up Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017

24 Jul

Let’s start on a high, shall we? It’s day 24. And I have a VALIDATED WIN!

Here’s the breakdown for stats purposes.

Official goal was 40,000. This remained unchanged for the entire time.

Day 01:- 5178 words written, 5178 total.
Day 02:- 1926 words written, 7104 total.
Day 03:- 1829 words written, 8933 total. Bit cheaty here today, mapped out future plot.
Day 04:- 1951 words written, 10884 total.
Day 05:- 2150 words written, 13054 total.
Day 06:- 2122 words written, 15156 total.
Day 07:- 2663 words written, 17819 total.
Day 08:- 2714 words written, 20533 total. Just over half way to goal.
Day 09:- 2125 words written, 22658 total.
Day 10:- 1837 words written, 24495 total. Low count, Eye Clinc appt today.
Day 11:- 2078 words written, 26573 total. Struggled today.
Day 12:- 2302 words written, 28875 total.
Day 13:- 2307 words written, 31182 total. Over 30k, less than half the month gone.
Day 14:- 2123 words written, 33305 total.
Day 15:- 1569 words written, 34874 total. Hardest day yet.
Day 16:- 0 Words written, 34874 total. Took the day off to avoid burn out.
Day 17:- 1347 words written, 36221 total.
Day 18:- 700 words written, 36921 total. Worst day so far for actual output.
Day 19:- 1291 words written, 38077 total.
Day 20:- 2979 words written, 41056 total. Official win on day 20!
Day 21:- 2194 words written, 43250 total.
Day 22:- 2907 words written, 46157 total.
Day 23:- 1344 words written, 47501 total.
Day 24:- 2516 words written, 50017 total. Fully validated WIN.

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017 details

28 Jun

I’ve been working on my ideas for this, fleshing the story out a bit.

My feelings are that the story is moving towards novel territory. So 50,000 words or a touch more.

The initial feeling was I was doing five chapters of 10,000 words each but breaking those down into 4 sub-chapters, each of which was 2,500 words long. Basically this was to break a long chapter down into something managable.

I don’t think this is going to work, as the piece currently stands.

I’ve got something to write about for each of the five different chapters the book takes place over (each chapter basically being a year long). I’m not sure if each of those things can run to 10,000 words but there are other things that I can use as filler material.

Currently the goal has been set at 40,000 words which I think is totally do-able without any need to stretch what I’ve got. If I think I’ve got enough once the option to change the goal is available, we’ll see how the actual writing is going.

Six Too Few started out as a short dream which I woke up from. I didn’t immediately write it down. In fact I avoided writing it down over 4 days until I finally reached the point where I had to get the damn thing out of my head.

And now it’s set to potentially be a novel. Mind you, I said that about “On Reaching The Beach“. And that died on its arse within less than a week.

I’m honestly excited about writing this story. Everyone I’ve spoken to about it, I felt enthusiastic telling them the outline. I’m deliberately not counting what I already wrote, so when the Camp starts it’ll be interesting to discover how much I wrote for the opening.

In my own eyes, I’m going to try and stick to the NaNoWriMo ethos and reach my goal before the end of day 30. I’ll try to find out what the exact rules are before the start of day 1.

I’m not sure if I’m going to blog during the Camp period. We’ll see.

Wish me luck!

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017 heads-up

21 Jun
Almost all the notes for “the Assassin story” are typed up.
To help people track it, the current working (non-spoilery) title is “Six Too Few“.
Please DONT ask plot related questions. Merely setting the maths question to people gave away a ton of info I’d rather have kept in my head.
I’m going to be writing this as Camp NaNoWriMo for July. As yet there is no fixed length for the story despite me already setting a goal on the Camp page, this is subject to change and may get shorter or longer.
I know how long the book takes place over, and that entire time WILL taken place within the context of the piece. If I can write enough, it might (with emphasis on the word MIGHT) become a novel. I still haven’t made a hard decision here yet!
I’ve probably already got the same amount of notes I had for Impossible Lean which did run out of steam towards the end. With the world I have and the things that happen in the main city, I honestly believe there is enough material to write 50k and not feel like I padded it out.
July is a 31 day month so I am not sure how the regular NaNoWriMo rules apply with the extra day.
I still need to decide if the seasons of the world do follow ours, with longer nights and temperature changes too.

Summing up Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 (with deleted scenes for blog readers)

2 May

So I decided to try doing Camp NaNoWriMo this year. Because I actually knew it existed now. My goal was established before I started.

Here’s the goal post I made in out cabin:- I’ll be writing at least 30,000 words, ideally 1 story a day (of 1000 words) or more. 

30,000 words in 30 days, a fairly achievable goal.


Day 1) It’s 12:40 UK local time, or just after lunch. I just wrote 1705 words. So I’m ahead of my goal. And I had a great laugh writing “Lemmy Goes To Mars“.

Day 2) 21:17 UK local. Just got done writing for the day. 1962 words today giving me a total of 3667.

Day 3) 13:40 UK local. 1982 words written, 5649 in total.
Very happy today.

Day 4) 2225 words today for a total of 7874. (After proofing)

Thankyou to the Manic Street Preachers. I misheard a line in “A Design For Life” and it made for an excellent idea to write. It even ended up going in a slightly different direction than I had originally intended, but it felt right and it felt organic.

Day 5) I’ve already passed my day 10 target. 2482 words written today for a total of 10356. All from a dream about a hug.

Please note, I wrote an extra 8 words in later edits. This is why Facebook & twitter numbers are different. These totals will be out by at least 8 from here onwards. I will be showing the CORRECT amount here in the blog.

[Subbed “We Three Kings” to UFO 6, an anthology of funny SF]

Day 6) Today I wrote 2050 words for a total of 12,406. First day using an image prompt which panned out well.

[Claimed my win for 2016, The Impossible Lean, my first novel! Received a no back from Broadswords and Blasters on “Party Of Five”]

Day 7) 2160 words written for a total of 14,566.
The thing says at this rate I’ll reach my goal on April 15th.

[No’s back from Cicada on “Practical Magic…” and Mad Scientists Journal on “The Thinker”.  “Practical Magic” subbed to Podcastle.
“Uncle Ping” subbed to Insignia.]

Day 8) 2106 words for a total of 16,672.

[“Uncle Ping’s Evening Farewell” has been accepted by Insignia for their Asian Cyberpunk/Dystopia anthology! It’s also officially my fastest sale ever, in less than 24 hours.]

No automatic alt text available.
Day 9) 1680 words for a total of 18,352.
Day 10) 2907 words today for a total of 21,259.
[A no back from UFO 6 on We Three Kings. Subbed “In Search Of The Elusive Nigel” to Mithila Review.

Day 11) 1829 words today for a total of 23,088.

Day 12) 3114 words today for a total of 26,202. It’s the anniversary of the day I joined up next week, so I wrote “Uniform”, using my memory of recruit training.

Day 13) 1392 words today, for a total of 27,584. A weird story about dogs, by a dog. I don’t even like dogs, so I’ve no idea where that came from. Personally I blame Madonna.
Day 14) 1580 words today for a total of 29,174. Close, but no cigar! I’ll hit and pass my target tomorrow then. That’s gonna hurt my OCD for the rest of the day.
Day 15) 1355 words written for a total of 30,259.
And that, dear cabinmates, is a WIN!  Win on day 15.
[A polite no back from Podcastle on “Practical Magic”. The Dionesian Wave subbed to When You’re Strange (CASFWG). Mistaken Identity (subbed to Timeless Tales).]
Day 16) No writing done.
Day 17) No writing done.
Day 18) No writing done.
[Rejections received from:- SONOFAWITCH! For “Witch Hunt”, Electric Spec For “Where’s The Dog?” and Stories for Homes Vol 2 For “Welcome To Your New Home”. The Legend subbed to Fireside Fiction. The Thinker subbed to Daily Science Fiction.]

Day 19) No writing done.

Day 20) Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 win verified and claimed. No writing done.

[Final edits & rewrites on “The Parting”]

Day 21) No writing done.

Day 22) No writing done.

Day 23) No writing done.

[An official no from SONOFAWITCH for “Witch Hunt”. Subbed Witch Hunt to Weirdbook.]

Day 24) No writing done.
Day 25) 3552 words today, for a total of 34,313.
Day 26) No writing done.
Day 27) No writing done.
Day 28) No writing done.
Day 29) 2900 words today, for a total of 37,213. I typed up a couple of completed hand written stories to bring up my overall total today.
[“The Parting” subbed to Lightspeed for their fantasy call.]
Day 30) 1100 words today, for a total count of 38,313.

[A no back from Bete Noire on “The Next Best King”.

So after 30 days I wrote a total of 38,313 words. I wrote 19 stories.

Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 Rules

22 Mar

Okay, as promised, here is the post about Camp NaNoWriMo.

In order to have a little order, I need to establish rules and guidelines, these are they.

OBJECT:- To write at least 30 stories of 1000 words (or more) in length in 30 days.

This does NOT mean that I have to write 1 story every day.

Not writing a story each day WILL NOT deem the challenge to have been failed. Failure is to not write 30 stories in total, with 30,000 words (or more).

There is no daily goal, just a goal for the whole month.

Between the period of midnight April 1st 2017 and 23;59:59 I MUST write 30 stories totalling 30,000 words.

If by May 1st I have not done this, I have failed.

I am allowed to write stories longer than 1000 words, there is no upper word limit.
I am allowed to write several stories in one day whose combined word counts are equal to or greater than 1000 words.

Stories can come from image prompts or word prompts.
I cannot use stories I have already started & merely type them up or finish them.

Stories do not need to be spellchecked or proofed but MUST be word counted using a wordprocessor and an online word counter which must both state the story is 1000 words or longer (not including the title, the date, my name or THE END).

And that’s the bottom line, ’cause Stone Cold said so!

(cue breaking glass effect)

Summing up 2016

31 Dec

So to sum up my year:-

Started (and finished) a new job.
Wrote a novel in 28 days (it’s still in edits!).
Submitted over 25 stories.
Sold nothing.
Received 2 free contributor copies of an anthology I’m in.
Wrote 87 new short stories.
Moved house.
Tried & failed NaNoWriMo.
Got older.

NaNoWriMo 2016, Lessons Learned

6 Dec

So I thought that now we’re almost a week into final month of 2016, I’d tell you how my NaNoWriMo went this year. It failed.

I did not write 50,000 words of novel. In fact, I bailed on day 4.

On day 1 I wrote 2212 words.
On day 2 I wrote 2288 words.
On day 3 I wrote 1730 words.

I called my failure on day 4 having written a total of 6230 words towards a new novel. So why was this?

I called the close of play for several reasons.

1) I knew I couldn’t sustain a narrative with only 1 character.
2) I hadn’t done any prep work.
3) The research was digging into my writing time.
4) I decided too late to actually take part.
5) I’d not long moved house.

So what did I do for the rest of NaNoWriMo?

I left it a few days before deciding I’d still like to write stuff, so I went the NaNoRebel route aiming for 50k of anything that’s not a novel.

How did I fare with that task? Again, I failed.

To be precise, I wrote 20 complete short stories totalling 28,887 words. While this may not be 50k, I counted it as a personal victory for me.

It’s 20 stories that I didn’t have before November.
20 stories I can potentially send out to submission.

I didn’t write every day. But I made a lot more words than I expected to.

I don’t see my not hitting 50k for either reason as an actual fail.
I’ve written stuff that didn’t exist before. I wrote anything at all!
That’s a big thing for me, considering how my brain gets on certain days.

What I’m saying is, take what you will from your NaNo experience.
You might not have written a novel, or reached 50k but what ever you DID accomplish was through your own hard work.